Buddy is our special boy from Ch Warree She Devil and Ch Cherabah Ironside born the 28th April 2003.


A white boy with brindle markings, he has titled in both Australia and New Zealand with ease.

Buddy is consistently appreciated by Breed Specialist judges.


Buddy has been DNA tested and is clear for L2-HGA & HC.


March 2004

Easter 2007

March 2008

March 2008


Specialty awards include

Runner Up Best in Show & Dog Challenge under Mr J Mace - JANASTAFF (UK) at NNSW SBTC September 2007 Champ Show  

What a cracker, quality dog of breed type, bang in the standard & very well balanced, cracking head and expression, neat rose small ears, 

correct bite, dark round eyes, good muzzle, straight front & well boned, well up on pasterns, well sprung ribs, good muscled body, level topline, 

well angulated rear quarters, neat tail, moved with drive up & down the ring, in cracking condition, handled and shown to perfection. 



Runner Up Best in Show & Dog Challenge under Mr T Trimble - STONEHEART (AUST) at SBTCQ June 2007 Champ Show  

Brindle and white pied dog entering the ring with a fantastic outline, a dog with no exaggerations and a classic shaped head deep 

and strong throughout with no loose skin, dark eye with lovely rose ears, straight front showing no weakness at all, 

level top line with a good spring of rib, good turn of stifle and a pump handle tail, 

put down in fantastic condition it was a pleasure to award him the CC.


Runner Up Best in Show & Dog Challenge under Ms T Amos - VERYSHARP (AUST) at SBTCQ June 2006 Champ Show

A quality dog, very impressive on the stack, very clean in out line, correct bull & terrier blend with no exaggerations as should be! 

Pigmentation good with only slight ticking. Quality head with strong clean muzzle, good scissor bite with 

correctly placed canines, eye colour dark with correct shape, ears small & neat, thin to the feel. 

Clean, correct front, no shoulderness at all, could have a tad heavier bone for a male (a little light in upper arm), neat & upright feet. 

Sound in body all over, good spring of rib, with no length of loin, good tuck up with strong correct hind quarters, moved correctly & sound from all angles. 

Turned out in tip top condition as should be, handled to an advantage & showed well to take the class 

& go on to take CC DOG,RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW, a worthy winner.


Best in Group under Mr C Leyden - HARDROAD (QLD) at Brisbane Valley Kennel Club

5yr old brindle and white pied dog, cracking head shape devoid of exaggeration, 

strong clean muzzle with correct bite, dark eye, neat ears showing expression, level topline, a sound mover. 

Clean all over and dripping in black pigment, a clean breather on sound feet, was shown fit, hard, with enough terrier temperament. 

This dog is not hiding behind pretty markings or a gram of extra weight, 

proudly awarded him BOB from a scorching class and then Best in Terrier Group.


Challenge Dog under Mr H Coble - SURESTAFF UK at SCSBTC (NZ) April 2006

Pied of excellent type who, for me, stood out in this class, demanding attention. 

Good defined head, neat ear, dark eye and lovely alert expression. True front, shoulders flowing into well

muscled body and exhibiting nicely sprung rib. Handler allowed him to show himself off. Moved parallel and with drive. CC


Best Intermediate in Show and Reserve Dog Challenge under Mr H Carter - SEASTAFF UK 

at the SBTCQ June 2005 Champ Show

Great head shape, dark eye, neat rose ears, clean lip, straight front, tight feet, level topline, short in back, 

correct angulation, well balanced dog in fit condition, moved & handled very well. RCC well done.


Reserve Challenge Dog and Opposite Australian Bred in Show under Mr L Lunn - MILGARTH UK  @ SBTS NSW March 2008

critique coming soon


Reserve Challenge Dog and Opposite Open in Show under Mrs A Baxter - BOLDHART VIC @ SBTCQ December 2007

Brindle and white pied dog up on leg. Classic head and expression with a short clean muzzle deep stop and dark round eye 

complimented by neat well set rose ears. Straight front with good bone but would like more depth of brisket and forechest. 

Ribbed well back but could have more spring. Short coupled level topline and well muscled hindquarters. 

Moved and showed very well. RDCC & Opp Open In Show


Reserve Challenge Dog and Opposite Intermediate in Show under Mr M Smith - WILLOWSTAFF UK September 2005

White/Brindle. Well put together and in fit condition.  Excellent body properties with correct rear angulation and bend of stifle.  

Front action suggests a hint of rotation indicating lack of upper arm.  Head of super proportions housing correct dentition.  

My type of dog, who just lost out on movement to the Challenge Certificate winner.  RESERVE CHALLENGE CERTIFICATE – well done.


Reserve Challenge Dog and 2nd Open Dog under Mr T Brindley - CABRINDLE @ SBTC OF NNSW - September 2008

A white/brindle pied dog put down in a fit condition with no exaggerations in head or body. 

He has a nice lengthy muzzle and a correct bite. He has good angulations, 

especially in the rear quarters where he is well let down in the hocks. 

Good movement holding a level top line. Easily awarded him the Dog Res. C.C.


Reserve Challenge Dog and 2nd Open Dog under Mr Colin Powell @ NSBTC - NZ - BOWTMANNS UK November 2005

A shade lighter version than my first placing, but the first thing you notice is the cleanness and balance of the dog, 

beautiful head and expression, strong yet clean through, straight front and great feet, short back and level top-line, 

muscular thigh’s, hard and fit, moved well, Res CC.


Reserve Challenge Dog and 2nd place Open Dog under Mr R Vann @ NSBTC - NZ - VANORIC UK  March 2006

Pied dog, very similar to first and a very close decision between the two, all the same attributes as first with super head 

being strong and deep through, well placed ear and expressive, dark eye, plenty of rib and powerful backend, 

sound throughout but not quite as fit as first. Again moved and handled very well. Res Dog CC

 Best Open in Show under Mr N Berry - RENDORN @ SBTC OF NNSW - September 2008

Mahogany brindle with predominant white markings.
Nicely constructed without exaggeration. Clean front, would like a little more head expression. 

Neat ear carriage, clean mouth, tight lips, Well sprung rib cage with good tuck up.

Best Intermediate in Show under DR S Hemstock - JOLIHEM UK at ACT & D SBTC October 2005

Another classy brindle & white pied – sire to Res CC winner so same comments apply. 

Typical head and skull, correct in all respects. Forelegs perfectly straight and well boned, pasterns upright. 

Missed out in the challenges as preferred lay of shoulder & reach of CC & Res. CC. Plenty of rib, strong body, level topline held 

when on the move. Muscular and well defined hind quarters. Another good mover. 

Handled well to Best Intermediate in Show.


Best Puppy in Show at SBTS of NSW under MRS K Tittle - ALPAKA UK

White with blocky headpiece. Nicely placed, small rose ears, round dark eyes and first class bite. Arched neck leading 

down to good shoulder placement. Straight front legs and tight feet. Ample rib with level topline, short in coupling, 

well bent stifles. Moved well. Best Puppy in Show.


Best Minor Puppy Dog at Brunswick Valley Kennel Club under UK Judge Mr J Ford.    

Wt/Br/Pied. Nice type of pup, nice head, good bite, straight front, level topline.  Hindquarters coming along, 

turn of stifle, good type, should do well in the ring. Shown and Handled well.


2nd place Open Dog - SBTCQ December 2008 under Mrs C Trimble - STONEHEART VIC



2nd place Open Dog - ACT & D SBTC  March 2008 under Mr J Byrnes - LACKYLE IRE

White dog with brindle head. Very nice head shape, rose ears, dark eyes, bite ok. 

Nice stop, lovely clean front, good feet, well off for bone, good rib cage, nice tuck up at rear, well muscled back end, moved well.

2nd place Open Dog - SCSBTC (NZ) April 2006 under Mrs M Coble -SURESTAFF UK

Very attractive pied with mahogany brindle markings, a really balanced animal who appealed to me quite a lot. 

Not the biggest of heads, but classy. Dark round eye giving super expression and really small neat ears which he used well. 

Coat a little coarse but not enough to detract attention from his obvious quality. 

Responded well to his handler, moving freely.


2nd place Intermediate Dog Class - SBTC of NNSW September 2005 under Mrs J Smith - WILLOWSTAFF UK

White/brindle - Another excellent type of dog who possesses many of the attributes of 1 and could easily change places on another occasion. 

Head of superb proportions, body well balanced, in fit condition with good rear quarters and a sound mover. A quality dog that I liked very much.


2nd place Puppy Dog Class - SBTCV Champ Show March 2004 under Mr A Mitchell  - HOPLITE UK

A dog in excellent overall balance, masculine without coarseness. The head scored highly and it was well off 

for bone with short coupled body and well bent stifles. I owe the exhibitor an apology. I saw a dry dark grey nose 

and outside the ring the dog showed that the pigmentation is perfect - a shiny black nose. 

Mystery unresolved but I don't think it cost him a place.


2nd place Puppy Dog - ACT & DSBTC APRIL 2004 under Mr P Stanway - WAYSTAFF UK

Brindle white pied. Another very nice dog. Very good head shape, straight front, strong hindquarters, 

level topline & movement OK. Just preferred the overall balance of No. 1 at the moment. 

Two nice pups in a strong class – well done both.


3rd placed Junior Dog - SBTC of Qld June 2004 under Mr B McKnight - BELNITE UK

White spotted dog brother to winner. Colour broken on excellent head. 

Balance thru sporting a clean outline including well shaped quarters.




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