03/04/99 - 11/12/09 





Oscar's first show at 

3 months & 2 days - 1999

7 months old

Junior in Show - 15 months

Best in Group - Armidale Feb 2001

 Oscar at 5 & 1/2 years old

Nov 2004

June 2008


Specialty Show Career Highlights

Challenge Dog, Runner Up Best in Show and Best Australian Bred in Show
SBTS NSW March 2002 Mr A Waters ASHSTOCK UK
Reserve Challenge Dog & Opposite Australian Bred in Show  
SBTS NSW Championship Show 2001 Mr David Levy UK Alidav
Best State Bred in Show  
SBTCQ Championship Show 2000 Mr & Mrs Beaufoy UK WYREFARE
Best Junior in Show  
SBTS NSW Championship Show April 2000 Mr T Hehir Ireland MOINDEARG 
Best Puppy of Breed  
British Terrier NSW October 1999 Mrs J Hobbs RSA CROSSBOW
Best Baby Puppy in Show  
SBTCQ Championship Show 1999 Mr W Goldsworthy NSW

Best Bodied  




Ack. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society of NSW Inc.
72nd Championship Show March 2002
Judge - Mr Alec Waters - Ashstock UK
Challenge Dog, Runner Up Best in Show and Australian Bred in Show

Impressive looking red dog, very attractive head, with round dark eye, deep skull, well defined stop, nice to see a clean lip, plenty of underjaw, and hard obvious cheek muscles, and blunt short foreface. His front is clean and straight, he has ample rib, a level topline, held on the move, extremely good hindquarters with bend of stifle, a well balanced compact quality dog, and I was pleased to award him the Dog Challenge and Runner Up Best In Show.


The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Queensland Inc.
Championship Show June 1999
Judge Mr W Goldsworthy (NSW)
Baby Puppy in Show
"Lovely type, good strength in leg, lovely boning, pleasing head and eye placement, good coat, very promising baby."


British Terrier Club of New South Wales
Championship Show October 1999
Judge Mrs J Hobbs ~ South Africa, Crossbow Staffords
Puppy of Breed
"A lovely in Standard red dog just 7 months old. Good head shape with a deep through skull. Needs a little more head altogether but is showing all the signs that his head is not nearly finished off yet. Nice thin rose ears, dark eyes, excellent bite with big teeth and all the premolars present. Pigmentation excellent. Good front with sufficient bone and attractive feet finished off with correct dark nails. Body outline good with well sprung rib, needs to be hardened up a little. Hindquarters still developing but angulation ideal. Movement excellent, exhibiting good drive from the hind albeit that he is a little close - as his musculation develops in that quarter this should improve. Level topline maintained on the move. Very well presented. Overall a very good dog indeed, and won the class easily. Awarded Best Puppy against the Puppy bitch winner."


The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society of NSW Inc.
Championship Show April 2000
Judge Mr T Hehir ~ Ireland, Moindearg Staffords
Junior in Show
"Deep red, dark muzzle. Beautiful head shape. Everything in correct proportion. Very clean front. Level topline which he held on the move. Good hindquarters, showing plenty of drive. Movement a little close behind, but still very satisfactory."
Ack: The Stafford News Autumn/Winter 2000


The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Queensland Inc.
Championship Show June 2000
Judges Mrs B Beaufoy ~ Dogs Mr J Beaufoy ~ General Specials Wyrefare
State Bred in Show
"Most beautiful red of correct size and fitting well within the Standard. Very good head with dark rims to his expressive round eyes giving to a great expression. Good stop, neat ears and muzzle of correct length and proportion. Correct spring of rib and bend of stifle. Presented in top condition. A lot of dog in a small space. Would like to have taken him home"


The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society of NSW
71st Championship Show - October 2001
Judge - Mr David Levy - Alidav UK
Reserve Challenge Dog and Australian Bred Dog
A very typical red dog with a domed skull, neat enough ears and excellent mouth.
A square front, deep brisket, excellent spring of rib and a level topline held on the move.
A very balanced and standard dog with strong bone throughout.
ACK - Stafford News Jan 2002


SBTCQ Championship Show June 2002
Judge - Mrs Doreen Pugh - Rocellio UK
3rd place Australian Bred Dog
Red. Made a trio of Champions all worthy of their title. Good head with nice dark round eyes ideally set. Ears rosed, positioned and carried well, all enhancing an appealing expression. Nicely pigmented with good feet and legs. Body of good length with a defined waistline. Moved freely and presented in first class condition.


Queensland Kennel Club Championship Show June 2002
Mr R Pugh - Rocellio UK
3rd place Australian Bred Dog
A lovely all round type of dog which is easily appreciated how he obtained his title. Neat and tidy in the head with good eye colour and set. Ears rosed and well carried.  Excellent front with good boned legs. Maintained a good top line standing and on the move, well angulated hindquarters.  A very competitive class and I have no doubt these three will change places on many occasions. Presented in first class condition and very well handled.


Brunswick Valley Kennel Club November 2003
Judge - Mr J Ford UK
1st place Open Dog Class
Red, straight front, level back, ok eye. Good Condition. Excellent on the move. A worthy champion, but not quite his day today.


Ack. ACT & District Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Inc.
1st Championship Show April 2002
Judge - Mrs Audrey Hubery - Nozac UK
3rd Place Australian Bred Dog

CH BELLEDEN RED WARRIOR - superb red, best one of the day today, punishing head piece, demanded attention, nice pigmentation, black nails, level top line, tail set carried correctly, these 3 will change place on different days.