Long Ranger
Current Projects Overview
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New Bike
  • Just starting to get the shape down
Sheet metal roller
  • 40mm dia roll depending on roller material
  • 750mm span roll
  • Bicycle chain drive
  • Off the shelf parts
  • >9hr burn time
  • Batch or fill as it goes
  • High efficiency
  • Multi use

  • Built, testing continues
  • Self governing
  • Convection draw
Shop Cyclone
  • 'Noddy' compleate and operational

  • Big fiberglass version in prototype stage
  • Suction of high performance vac with 150mm hose
DS/Slope Glider
  • Super high performance 'record breaker'
  • Plug Under construction 2011/4/??
  • Cycle (and other) gps log viewer with a couple of extras
  • View track in google earth with data represented in various ways
  • Waypoint notes and or directions
  • Complete path to run googles fly along path
  • Colour coded tracks to display info such as speed, slope, even power output and more
  • Very interested in comments and suggestions on this
  • I will start a thread on BROL Technical Discussion to discuss CycleView.

  • Email me if you don't have an account but would like to make a comment.
Random path
  • Live - 16/10/2010
  • FTP uploader -
    Now all pages are built and everything transferred automatically.
  • Articles are written in simple text editor.
  • Need more content and maybe some automatic update dates implemented?
silk screen top
Metal Detectors
  • Model 1 - Discrete components, Beat Frequency Oscillator. Simple, Fun
  • Nice tight board, fits inside a small project box
  • 9V battery holder, speaker, switches and all
  • Found a Half Penny on its first time out in the back yard

  • Model 2 - Pulse Induction - All from second hand parts
silk screen top
Advanced prototype 1
  • MBB recumbent
  • Fibreglass frame
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<===Recumbent Cycles Board
<===Jet enthusiast site
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