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Mr Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla, at the turn of the century patented a plethora of new inventions, mostly in the electromechanical field and it is thanks to this man, that all of today's technological amazements are possible.

For it is he, who brought us AC electricity, polyphase/multiphase alternators and the equipment to run on them.
He is the true inventor of radio (not Marconi) and built the worlds first remotely controlled vehicle.
Proposed and was building a system for transmitting the required power to operate any equipment, without wires at great distances from the power source, as well as transmitting and receiving information, and it was also with this system, that he proposed a type of radar (which was based upon the way the sinusoidal waveform would traverse through the earth itself).

Unlocking the key to resonate frequencies (which he seemed fascinated with) was crucial to the advancement of the human race (we could now build radio), the man was crucial to the development of electrical knowledge! and the list of his experiments and patents really does go on and on!.

But there is one patent that would be a system for the utilization of natural electrical energy (which he called radiant energy)...

Mr Tesla, discovered that a metal plate raised at a height from the ground, with a wire connected to it and running down to one terminal of a capacitor, the other terminal of which he would connect directly to ground.

The capacitor would become charged, filled with electrical potential.

He constructed a means of periodically discharging the capacitor through a device and thus harnessing the power of the cosmos.

Mr Tesla, claimed patents for the device and (don't quote me on this) made headline news.

Mr Tesla's discovery it seems, is not quite understood but my estimates are cause and effect!.

The Van Allen belt (or belts) are belts of charged particles that surround the earths atmosphere (check it out on Wikipedia), these belts could be causing the effect, either by...

1.) Stimulating atoms (ionization) throughout regions of the atmosphere.

2.) E fields, generated by the some 300+ thousand volts at the ionosphere has a capacitive effect with the earth.

3.) Stray charged particles from the Van Allen belts.

Otherwise if it's not the Van Allen/s.

1.) The plasmonic effect, created by a light beam striking a conductor with dielectric surrounds (Click here to read more!).

2.) Higgs boson decay, into Z Bosons, W Bosons or Photons, all of which can create electrons.

3.) Radio signals, gamma rays or x-rays set up by lightning strikes (even from miles away).

4.) Terrestrial magnetism, the fact the earth is like a giant magnet (with north and south poles), maybe inducing the charge.

5.) Possibly even extra-terrestrial causes, like the earth (i don't know, please don't quote me on this one!) other phenomenon (planets, pulsars, quasars etc...) of space, may have magnetic fields (like the alfven waves of the sun) and these magnetic fields maybe causing inductance or ionization.

6.) Interstellar nuclear activity, radiations from the sun (including the solar flares) or other planetary phenomenon (black holes, pulsars, quasars etc...)!.

Whatever it is, it's definitely there and Mr Tesla's circuits, work!.
We must take into consideration that the year was 1901 when it was discovered and minus the lightning, there was not much, if any man made radio waves in the air back then.
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Radiant energy an amazing discovery but discovered by an even more amazing man!.

Mr Nikola Tesla, a true genius but too advanced for his time!, born the 4th child of 5 (Dane Tesla, Angelina Trbojević nee Tesla, Milka Sassic nee Tesla - Gacesa was possibly her middle name, click here for more information -, Marcia Kosanović nee Tesla) on 10 July 1856, into the Serbian community of modern day Croatia, to Serbian parents, Father, Milutin Tesla and Mother, Duka Tesla nee Mandic but later moved abroad, after shifting country a number of times he finally settled in USA, still changing location in USA, he had built a number of factories, perhaps the greatest of his achievements (that he WILL be remembered for) is the power plant at Niagara falls, a plaque was placed at the power plant, declaring all the equipment herein was designed and patented buy N. Tesla himself.
But what this site is primarily concerned with, is the "Radiant Energy", early in his entrepreneurial career, he discovered this and made claims for patents on a device to capture or harness this radiant energy, the patent was awarded November 05, 1901, to which i shall now make reference.

The patents claim that a metallic plate P, preferably highly polished or amalgamated, be raised a distance into the atmosphere, the height and surface area of which, will determine the amount of electrical energy captured.
That is to say, a small metal plate, will convey a small electrical charge/current and the higher up the metal plate can be held, the greater the voltage between the metal plate and ground!.

Now with a wire running from the (raised or suspended) metal plate, down to a circuit at ground level (the circuit being at ground level for ease of maintenance and/or construction purposes) and being connected directly to the positive terminal of a capacitor C, the other terminal of which is connected directly into the ground (earth) E.
The capacitor C will charge, the rate of which is dependant upon the height and size of the metallic plate P.

A triggering device of special construction D, is then employed to periodically discharge the capacitor, the trigger normally being made to make/close the connection when the capacitor is at, or very near it's maximum current value (full) and break/open the circuit, when the capacitor has depleted to a point where the remaining current value is of no use!, if the capacitor is of high enough value the triggering device D could be as simple as a "blown/burnt out" bulb (when a high enough voltage has built up in the capacitor, a spark will jump across the gap of the blown bulb and a certain amount of current will be discharged through the receiving circuit), although in this arrangement the capacitor must be of a fairly high voltage and it may not completely discharge, the bulb also has a strong chance of exploding!, spark gaps which are not sealed and are opened to the air, although much louder in their operation are therefor very much preferred!, a sealed spark gap must have an adequate volume to be able to absorb the rapidly expanding gases from the shock of massive currents (currents heat and expand the gases within the bulb).

The potential voltage that builds on the positive plate of the capacitor, will want to flow from the positive to the negative, with this in mind, when the device D closes or makes the connection, a flow of electrons will begin, from the positive through the device D and to the negative, a receiver R, can be placed between the device and the negative terminal of the capacitor.

The receiver R, was normally an iron bound coil (of copper wire) but almost any electrical component could be used (a capacitor with adequate capacitance must be used to drive it though), when a potential voltage difference is placed across a coil of wire (when the terminals of the coil are connected to a power source), a magnetic field is generated by the flow of electrons through it (the current flowing through the wire or coil), this magnetic field increases when the coil is wrapped around an iron core, the iron is very magnetically permeable (it can be easily penetrated by a magnetic field) and could be thought of as a medium for which the magnetic field can support itself upon, thus greatly increasing the magnetic field of the coil (like you or i standing on a crate to increase our height or size and it is the crate which is the medium that supports us).

I will now refer specifically to Mr Tesla's original patents and how the circuit worked!.
The magnetic field generated by the coil as the electrical current passed through it, would act upon a "spring loaded" lever, that would be attracted toward the coil, as the lever moved towards the coil, a latch upon the lever would force a notched wheel (much like a cog in a toy or R/C car) to turn and after the potential in the capacitor was lost (flat, so to speak), the lever returns to it's original location, the attached spring forcing it to, as the lever returned, the latch would slip over the next notch on the wheel without causing any rotation of the wheel, works a bit like the hammer on an automatic handgun.

The original patents (a complete list of Tesla's patents can be found on Pepe's Tesla's page, a link is provided at the bottom of the page)!.
Page 1 (Patent 685,957) Page 1 (Patent 685,958) Page 1 (Patent 11293)

I believe that Mr Tesla's "Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy" was conceived after what he had discovered with his "System of Transmission of Electrical Energy" (Wardenclyffe transmitter tower) which led to the discovery of radiant energy and as a matter of fact, the "Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy" appears in a British patent for "Improvements relating to the utilization of electromagnetic, light or other like radiations effects or disturbances transmitted through the natural media and to apparatus therefor", number 11293, filed on 1901-06-01.

Some improvements can be made to the above diagram, the adjacent image now includes a choke or inductor coil I, placed between the metallic plate and the positive terminal of the capacitor (compare the two images), on high altitude installations it should help prevent the massive surges in voltage when a lightning bolt strikes the apparatus, these improvements are from the work of Mr Hermann Plauson, spark gap S is a safety spark gap and should allow any sudden surges in voltage (such as a lightning strike) to conduct to earth free from any inductive resistances or reactance's, caused by the capacitors and transformer, with low altitudes and in those systems which are instead subjected to radio transmissions, a high voltage diode could be used instead and this will guarantee the continuous charging of the capacitor, however it gives no means to the protection from lightning strikes and the in case of such the diode would most likely be destroyed by excess currents and excess voltages.
I have conducted at length, several such low altitude tests and shall be discussed further on the "Radiant" page (Page 2).

Depending on the chosen installation low or high altitude, the trigger could these days be a transistor or an S.C.R (Silicon Controlled Rectifier), the S.C.R is really an ingenuous little device, constructed something like a diode, with only one difference, a third terminal known as the Gate.
The same problems that effect the diode shall effect the S.C.R, if lightning is to strike the device, all silicon components will most likely be destroyed (unless protected by further means or otherwise rated for extremes above 100 million volts and in excess of 30 thousand amperes!).

Spark gaps are the only thing that could control such high voltage currents in a high altitude installation without fear of destruction to the current controllers and only under certain circumstances should transistors, S.C.R's or vacuum tube "valves" be used to discharge the capacitor/s across the transformer, indeed Mr Hermann Plauson states the use of such devices (silicon devices may need extra protection from high voltage lightning strikes, cathode ray or vacuum tube valves should be able to endure a little more hardship as they are nothing but controllable spark gaps!), although a greater amount of protection must be supplied to the controller and this leads to complications and increased expenses during manufacture, they are therefor considered useful only in most delicately constructed and carefully maintained systems.

I have recently coded a small pascal (O.O.P.) program (Delphi 6) that includes web browsers that are directed at my various radiant energy related websites, should you forget the web addresses... this program will provide you with the shortcuts that will bring you directly to my websites, also included is both a browser which can save it's address for quick access later, this browser can be directed at any URL address and a most useful notepad for note taking about various websites or information gleaned.
The source code is included and can be downloaded individually the executable is a Win32 application and as of yet no Linux equivalent has been developed although i may do this at a later date, both the source and application are compressed into a *.rar file, please download (WinRAR) to decompress!.

Download Application
Download Source

Another person that has made radiant energy devices and is worthy of noting, is Hermann Plauson, who had great success in gathering and utilizing radiant energy (Click here to read more!.).

Go to or SkyDrive for some digital photos and videos of my static and high voltage circuits.
Please note myspace does not allow downloading, so search Google for YouTube "Downloader" (or Click here) most of these sites will allow you to download from other video publishing sites!.

Please see Radiant for more information on these particular static powered circuits!.

Tesla's memorial plaque at Niagara Falls.
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