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Radiant Energy
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The radiant page will attempt to relay the findings of my experiments with Nikola Tesla's radiant energy...
This site has moved to and content here may not be complete.

Go to or SkyDrive for some digital photos and videos of my static and high voltage circuits.
Please note myspace does not allow downloading, so search google for YouTube "Downloader" (or Click here) most of these sites will allow you to download from other video publishing sites!.

I have recently coded a small pascal (OOP) program (Delphi 6) that includes web browsers that are directed at my various radiant energy related websites, should you forget the web addresses... this program will provide you with the shortcuts that will bring you directly to my websites, also included is both a browser which can save it's address for quick access later, this browser can be directed at any URL address and a most useful notepad for note taking about various websites or information gleaned.
The source code is included and can be downloaded individually the executable is a Win32 application and as of yet no Linux equivalent has been developed although i may do this at a later date, both the source and application are compressed into a *.rar file, please download (WinRAR) to decompress!.

Download Application
Download Source

Some old research that has come to light (to my light at least) is that of the plasmonic effect, this effect could have a direct implication to radiant energy and is described in further detail later on this page (Click here to read now!)
Additionally further research has been underway at the CSIRO into this property and a number of exciting applications currently are under development. (Click here to read now!)

A previously undiscovered particle that falls under the predicted patterns described by The Higgs field theory and subsequent particles that should theoretically arise from it, has... according to The CERN been observed in experimentation and has nearly matched every property of the elusive God particle (the Higgs boson).
This recent advancement in scientific discovery could help to explain the esoteric views of the Aether (Ether) theories, that were once held by the scientific community and was referenced by many notable and eminent scientists of the day, such as Lord Kelvin and Sir Isaac Newton but has since been disregarded as a practical view of the observable universe.
To read more (Click here!)

Using the household earth/ground stake, i have found, is not of optimum conditions when experimenting with radiant energy, a certain amount of power termed the "Tingle Voltage" is leaked from the grid and not supplied by the atmosphere, this is also why "low altitude" radiant energy seemed at first to be an alternating current.

With the need for a large metallic surface to be elevated a distance from the ground, i cleaned the galvanized paint from the house roof and connected a wire to it, i repeated this on the garage roof, the two roofs are separated or insulated from each other and no electrical current can flow from one roof to another, this way i can present a larger surface area for the radiant energy to collect upon (the more roofs the better)!.
All of the wires had their ends twisted together to form one single positive terminal, this was then connected to one of the terminals of a device or circuit, the other terminal of which was connected directly to the earth pole on the house (a metallic rod nailed to the house and buried in the ground with a wire attached to it, earth terminals in the power points through out the house are connected to this, or for a safer alternative and to eliminate tingle voltages from your experiments and apparatus, you can drive your own metal rod into the ground, or get a earthing mat buried, it must be at a depth where the earth still contains moisture and check for water pipes and buried electrical cables first, circuits in this connection and in low altitude installations will be acted upon solely by radio transmissions, unless struck by lightning)!.

The amount of power drained from the grid like this is still considerably small and does not necessarily prove the existence of radiant energy, however though, in this arrangement most L.E.Ds will automatically light and tiny sparks can be seen when brushing the terminals together at night or in the dark!.
The majority of power gathered at such low altitudes are from the feeble wattages of man-made transmitters and material or structural capacitance of the roofs that i used, however, i am assuming that as the altitude is increased the effects of these transmitters and of the grid leakage would be diminished!.
Still however, this may not be the case, i have another theory (Click here to read now!) that could suggest radiant energy (high altitude, true radiant energy!) is similar to an AC format (Mr Tesla noted that radiant energy could also discharge a capacitor) but i shall discuss that later (Click here to read now!), along with what "most likely" causes, the ability to charge and discharge a capacitor (based upon a more practical DC theory)! - Click here to read now!!.

I have however, recently acquired the permission of a "rural" land owner to conduct high altitude experiments (300+ feet, my target is, although i plan to go out/up to a mile), the property also has a river/waterway running through it, which i shall drive a earth stake into (buried underwater, with about 30cm protruding above the water level) to provide the best earthing i could ask for (beware of extremely high voltages)!.

The image below displays how the house and garage roofs are connected to ground through a device or circuit C.

Diagrammatic image of house and circuit
In the case of a tingle voltage, electrical energy accumulating on the roof/s from the grid leakage current will flow along the wire from ground or earth through the device or circuit C, and for radio transmissions, current will flow along the wire from roof to ground or earth through the device or circuit C!.

Most L.E.Ds as stated before, will operate when connected by wire between roof and ground (see Fig.1 below), no special support circuitry needed but a couple of interesting things must be noted...
One, the amount of power within the circuit will depend largely upon what type of diode is used, for example, one diode may have 7 volts across the terminals, while another may have upto 30 volts!.
This would be due to the "peak reverse voltage" or "peak inverse voltage" of the diode in question!.

As far as the majority of the circuits displayed on this webpage (radiant.html) they do not show the complete picture of the circuit, at such low altitudes the currents are leaked from the grid supply and these are the primary cause for the energy stored in the capacitor.
The below two images show the complete circuit including the grid (an extremely simplified version of the grid with only two household consumers), i am not suggesting that you should attempt to connect wires to the mains line or grid lines the below images are assuming that you are using or have installed a "multiple-earthed neutral" switchboard (that houses your meters, R.C.Ds or at best fuses) or compatible wiring in your house or residence.
Also i am not able to determine your local grounding conditions and connections such as those displayed here might lead to hazardous situations which could be detrimental to your health!, the earth/ground conductor should be considered a live mains wire and depending on where you live, with a high current value at either 240v or 110v on it.
Power that is delivered to the home via mains or grid lines is first connected through a watt meter and various sorts of protection units before being connected to household power outlets, most homes have a "multiple-earthed neutral" switchboard and this means that all of the wires label as neutral in your house are connected to earth/ground, only a single connection is made to one neutral wire at the switchboard and all other neutral wires are lead off to power points from this one central location.
Houses that conform to this standard have nailed or firmly secured to them at some point, a long metallic conductor that is buried a certain depth into the earth/ground and to this conductor is connected the live neutral mains wire and is done so as a method of protection against hazardous electrical fault currents, in particular, those that would otherwise travel across the human body.
With the M.E.N earth stake connected to every household power outlet as such, fault currents have a connection to earth through which the circuit is completed and the consumers or residents are saved from electric shock or worse.
This image displays a much preferred method of collecting, storing and using this leakage of current, a greater increase to the amount of power leaked is noticed, when compared to a aerial/antenna connection or to television static for that matter and this method could be the most dangerous employment of a grid leakage circuit, once again all conductors should at first be treated as high current, live mains wires!.
I am not able to determine the depth at which the switchboard earth stake is in the ground, but the second earth stake which i, myself have driven into the ground is at 2.65m into the earth.
Tied to the bottom of this earth stake is a length of tube which i had impregnated with many holes along roughly one and a half meters of the tube walls, this tube is tied to the lower part of the stake and extends all the way upto or just out of the earths surface (about 5cm above the surface), these holes, spaced about 10cm apart along the length of the hose and around surrounding the circumference at each location the holes are evenly placed into four parts, the purpose of this is to keep the ground/earth/soil around bottom of the earth stake moist and thusly a better conductor for grounding circuits to.

My L.E.D report (which can be found below!), a small image with diagrams (Fig.5 - Fig.14) of what is possible and what is not possible with L.E.Ds and this grid leakage (please note the displayed voltages are dependant upon the type of L.E.D/silicon/germanium/zener that is used, voltages of upto 70 volts on a television maybe achieved with certain L.E.Ds or diodes).
And please also note, the flyback inside the television may not be rectified, radio transmitter transmissions and grid supply are also an AC sine wave.

Both diodes in Fig.1 and Fig.2 will conduct for at least the first quarter cycle of the alternating currents leaked from the grid supply, depending on the "peak reverse voltage" or "peak inverse voltage" of that diode, if this value is too low the diode may be destroyed and currents will conduct in reverse bias as well, however, it may not be completely destroyed and a certain amount of resistance will be present in reverse bias and if this reverse biased resistance is greater that the forward biased resistance (which it most likely will be), then the diode might still appear to be functioning correctly, i have noted this from personal and now long investigated experiments.

Fig.3 should conduct current in both directions from the grid to the roof, when the sinusoidal voltage drops, the capacitance that is the roof will deliver power back to the supply that is a leakage from the municipal grid supply (town grid supply).

Fig.4 comprises all the elements of Fig.3 but also includes one capacitor and one S.C.R to create an L.E.D flasher or S.C.R Anode-Cathode break over circuit.
The S.C.R will restrict current flow through the receiving L.E.D, until sufficient voltage has risen in the capacitor and "forward break over voltage" is met.
When the S.C.R junctions break down, potential on the positive capacitor plate will flow through the S.C.R, through the L.E.D and to the negative capacitor plate or ground, thus discharging the capacitor and flashing the L.E.D, the S.C.R shall then commute, although the capacitor may not be fully discharged but capacitor voltage has dropped to a value below that of the S.C.R Anode-Cathode break over voltage!.
Figures 1-4 (Block diagrams)
Figures 5-14 (Block diagrams of L.E.D report)

A reference to figures 5 - 14 shall now be made!.
  • Fig.5 is of the simplest form and depicts the dimensions (height, length and width) of the metallic plate P (house roof) that was used, it should also be noted that the potential voltage difference across the forward biased L.E.D L (the arrow of which indicates direction of current flow) is -7.3v (negative 7.3 volts).
  • Fig.6 is an adaptation of Fig.5, the only difference is the L.E.D L is now reverse biased and the potential voltage difference across said L.E.D is now 7.3v (7.3 volts).
  • Fig.7 shows two circuits both of similar construction, the L.E.D R has been connected across the power L.E.D L (in parallel), with polarities identical to that of the power L.E.D, the circuit reacts the same as the circuits shown in Fig.5 and Fig.6, however the voltage difference is shared between the two L.E.Ds and they glow very dimly.
  • Fig.8 is of the most optimal configuration and allows for a greater influx of electrons to the circuit, the amount of power conveyed into the circuit is quantified a number of times! and possible reasons why shall be discussed further down the page (Click here to read now!).
  • Fig.9 is identical to Fig.8 with the exception of a silicon diode SD (almost any diode will do) that has been connected in series between L.E.D L and L.E.D R.
  • Fig.10 is a circuit of special construction and uses the second aerial/roof P2 as the negative source of energy, it should be noted only a tiny amount of power is present in this manner and capacitors will take a much longer time to charge!.
  • Fig.11 - Fig.13 are void and no increase of power maybe noticed.
  • Fig.14 was done merely out of curiosity about "peak reverse voltages" or "peak inverse voltages".

Current increase associated with Fig.3 or Fig.8 is accountable due to the half wave rectified current, reading the potential of the capacitor it can be seen that charging times decrease, with accordance to the increase of currents.
I have conducted experiments which would suggest that power is drained from the earth/ground terminal of "multiple-earthed neutral" switchboards/meters common to households and businesses everywhere, this power is delivered/sold to most of us in the form of a single phase alternating current, conducting along two wires connecting to the house (an "Active" and a "Neutral" wire), as suggested in Fig.8 two L.E.Ds can be connected in parallel and not only operate but shall operate without loss of power (as if no load was put on the first L.E.D), unlike Fig.7 where a loss of power can be noticed (the first L.E.D will lose brightness).
The great relief has come to pass and with common knowledge i have been able to ascertain the facts about radiant energy devices that are employed at such negligible altitudes and therefor are of little use to be experimenting with radiant energy, diodes in all of the images displayed should be considered half wave rectifiers as they conduct with only one half of the alternating electron flow, so for example, diode D in the adjacent image would conduct on half of the alternating current wave and diode L could operate as if no load was placed on it, conducting during the other half of the now reversed current wave!.

Comparing the adjacent/above image with that of Fig.3, it is easily noticed that including the D L.E.D/diode, this circuit also has a capacitor R connected in series with the diode D and depending upon the polarity of D and L the capacitor R will charge with the corresponding sign, for example the capacitor in Fig.15 will charge with positive potential while the capacitor in Fig.16 will charge with negative potential, the polarity symbols (+ and -) indicate polarity of capacitor and the location of where i placed the test leads of my multimeter (the leads are in the same polarity as the capacitor, that is the positive multimeter lead was on the positive terminal of the capacitor).
The capacitor maybe of any value but make sure that the "peak reverse voltage" of diode D is greater than that of the capacitor or at least discharge the capacitor periodically to ensure "peak reverse voltage" is never met, otherwise the diode will break down and the capacitor will cease to charge and remain at a fairly constant voltage.
Capacitors can be explained like a bucket filling with water and see Misc page to read more!.

However man made RF's also make true radiant energy experiments difficult to conduct, all of the AM, FM, UHF, VHF, Satellite Communications etc... that are collected by the aerial must be filtered out and not allowed to act upon any of the instruments that are measuring the effects of the radiant energy! and i have not yet conducted this type of experiment, i am assuming that as the altitude is increased the effects of these transmitters and of the grid leakage would be diminished as they should be dampened or overcome by the greater "force" (voltage) of the earth field voltage, if for example, grid leakage is producing 2v at it's maxima on each point and earth field voltage at any given altitude is 1000v, then the aerial/antenna would fluctuate between 1002 and 998v at a frequency dependant upon not only your local grid supply but the effects of power radiated at those altitudes from your local transmitter stations.
It is assumed that resistance of the air between radio transmitters and the aerial/antenna at such altitudes would be so large as to render any effects from the transmitters to negligible amounts and the greater fluctuations would occur from the grid supply, only future research into these matters shall dispel the facts from the theories!.
However though, radio transmissions could be though of as nothing more than man made radiant energy (like the roentgen tube that Mr Tesla depicts in his patent which produces radiant energy), the transmitters are "radiating" all the time, after all the roentgen tube in the patent is a man made device that can "radiate" electrical energy to a distant receiving station or circuit!.

So with the above statements i proclaim, small currents are leaked from a multiple-earthed neutral grid supply (mains wiring) and are drawn to a structural or material capacitance by either radio transmissions, earth field voltage or other astronomical means, the capacitance of the aerial/antenna would be defined by the area covered, frequency of your local grid supply and the height at which it is held in the atmosphere.
It was previously thought this apparatus was conducting "primarily" radio transmission to earth and storing a charge in doing so, however, after much research into the phenomenon it is found, that this idea was incorrect and according to the statements now made on this webpage, the current are in fact leaked from the multiple-earthed switchboard metering the consumption of electricity, an apparatus has been designed for the utilization for such current and employed as such, the currents from radio transmissions are negligible!.
Where L is an L.E.D which maybe used as an on/off visual indicator, which shall conduct on one portion of the alternating current, S is a diode or half wave rectifier that will eliminate power from returning to the aerial/antenna during the last half of the alternation, this will allow L.E.D L to conduct in forward polarity and allow all positive charges to traverse the conductor and charge the aerial (which has a certain amount of capacitance), while all negative charges will be blocked by L.E.D L but conducted into the capacitor by diode/rectifier S,where after a given length of time it can be discharged and used to do a certain amount of work.
C is a capacitor which is allowed to charge with a certain polarity, the polarity of which maybe controlled by the diodes/rectifiers and in order to operate the receiver R a device D shall periodically bridge or make the connection between the two terminals of capacitor C, the device D shall be connected in series with the receiver R, that way electrons flowing from the positive terminal through the device D must also pass through the receiver R in order to get to the negative terminal.

With regard to changing the charging polarity of the capacitor, as previously stated this can be done through the diodes/rectifiers, if the diodes/rectifiers are reversed a sign of opposite polarity will accumulate in the capacitor.
At high altitudes, circuits of this construction would not suffice!, the extreme voltages would destroy any rectifiers...
These extreme voltages would overcome and effectively dampen the effects of "man made" transmitters!."
Also spark gaps (possibly sealed in glass) would be the only hope of controlling the currents (see Mr Hermann Plauson's patents).

I have recently, acquired permission from a "rural" property owner to conduct high altitude experiments (my target altitude is 300 feet to a mile) with "true" radiant energy (i must be aware of extremely high voltages!) and at these altitudes (as previously suggested) the effects of radio transmission should be overcome and if not i shall keep raising it until they are!.
Local authorities, mainly your nearest airport should be notified, if their not, you may incur quite a large penalty or cost the lives of hundreds of people and thusly spend quite a long length of your life on a government paid holiday with a new best friend (the proverbial, "big bubba" the sodomite), you may want to keep a fire extinguisher handy incase of fires caused from lightning strikes or excessive sparking across spark gaps.

An A.C. radiant energy theory should still, come as NO surprise though, anyone that has followed Mr Tesla's patents will know and i quote "It is well known that certain radiations--such as those of ultra-violet light, cathodic, Roentgen rays, or the like--possess the property of charging and discharging conductors of electricity" (Quoted from Mr Tesla's patent No. 685,958), the fact that it can discharge means that there must be negative ions or a negative polarity present in the atmosphere and like the patent says, it is well known that light propagates as a sine wave!.

An AC theory may at first glance seem ludicrous, but please consider this (if you will).
Minus the effects of any form of grid leakage, step potential or radio transmission be it man made or from natures own (lightning strikes etc), areas in the upper atmosphere may have regions that are more densely packed than others with ions of any given charge.
Such ions could be accelerated in any given direction, if the aerial/antenna is within the path of the charged particles it would facilitate electron transfer between ions and the earth.
If the area of charged atmosphere currently passing the aerial/antenna is positively charged, then electrons would be drawn from the earth but if the atmosphere is negatively charged, electrons would be pushed into the earth (according to electron flow).
As the areas of charged particles in the upper atmosphere are accelerated, the aerial/antenna will be exposed to ion densities of varying polarity and thusly varying levels of electrostatic forces.
Also interestingly, the Alfven waves are magnetic oscillations of the sun which heats up the sun's corona, from 5000 degrees Celsius at the surface to around 2,000,000 (two million) degrees Celsius at the corona, it is suspected that the alfven waves transport most of this energy from the surface out to the corona, which extends out from the surface for millions of kilometers.
August 31 (2007) issue of "Science" describe how they measured these waves and the team believe that more accurate measurements will reveal that the alfven waves are actually much larger!.
Plasmonic effects (described below) are also of a oscillatory nature, which produce an electron flow like an alternating current (Click here to read more!), specially constructed aerials/antennas could exploit this effect and increase the amount of power captured or produced!.

The DC theory is the long standing theory that Mr Tesla himself would have concluded.
Atoms of the upper atmosphere are ionized continually with a certain polarity and even if they were accelerated around the globe (most likely entering lower atmospheres at the poles, creating the northern/southern lights or the aurora borealias/australis), the aerial/antenna would always be exposed to an electrostatic force of a constant polarity, however if ion densities in the area are currently accelerating past the aerial/antenna, then the voltage and/or current values may vary according to the variation of ion density in the atmosphere currently passing the aerial/antenna.

An interesting question to note at this point, is it posssible to move clouds through the atmosphere with rectified voltages of tremendous potential?, based upon the fact that the atmosphere is a well documented insulator and clouds are or rather water vapor are well known to ionize (and eventually the insulation or dielectric property of the atmosphere itself breaks down and produces lighting strike, for noted evidence of this ionization) and should be able to be accelerated and thus moved, take for instance, the studies currently being undertaken at the large hadron collider from the CERN group, whereby a particle is ionized and then accelerated to great potential and velocity through magnetic fields, however it is also well known that a mass can be moved with ionic forces, take for example Franklins Bells and the same on a Google Search

Of course negative ions and positive ions would attract each other and most likely cancel any potential difference of charge on them, which would end in a net charge of zero volts but this doesn't take into account the effects of solar winds, terrestrial magnetism or other forms of particles that are constantly being dumped upon earth.
Any number of effects could cause such ions in the upper atmosphere to either accelerate away from each other or be forced to give up/accept electrons, thus retaining a net voltage greater than zero...
For instance, high speed particles would be absorbed by atoms in the upper layers of the atmosphere thereby changing the energy levels of said atoms and possibly forcing electrons into higher orbital's (around the nucleus), making it easier to tear that electron away from it's nucleus.
For either theory, i should imagine that the voltage would be defined by the "net" value of how many electrons are stripped from the atoms/molecules (the more electrons removed/added the greater the electrostatic force from that particular atom or molecule) and the current should be defined by the amount of ions that one can interact with at any instant of time.
For example, imagine two ions that normally have an electron count of 10 each (ten electrons per atom/nucleus, so that is a total of 20 between the 2 atoms), however 2 electrons have been stripped from each atom, for a total count of 4 electrons from both atoms.
Both of the atoms/ions should have the same amount of electrostatic voltage, but each ion must have both of it's electrons returned (to return it to rest state or zero voltage), so the amount of current for this example, is 4 electrons or twice that of a single ion, because all 4 missing electrons have to be replaced.
If all 10 electrons were stripped, the voltage between the two ions would be identical and it would still be roughly the same "net" voltage, as when only two electrons were stripped (this ignores the energy levels of electron orbital states), however the current, is now 5 times that of the previous example, where only a total of 4 electrons were removed (2 from each atom).

Lightning should also (i conceive) contribute to the varying levels of ion density, as the electron flow from the lightning bolt cancels out any potential difference in voltage between the atmosphere and ground.
The electron flow of the lightning bolt would replace/remove any electrons that were stripped/added to the atom/molecule during ionization.
If locations in the atmosphere are of different potential values, this would also explain why lightning can appear to streak across the sky from cloud to cloud and never hit the earth/ground!.

Research from the 1980's showed that, light waves, under the right conditions can cause an electron flow between a conductor and it's dielectric surrounds.
Some researches speculate that it can not only move massive amounts of data through tiny wires and therefor will become a major player in computer chip manufacture (our processors of the future may operate on light!) but also believe that devices which are engineered to take advantage of this effect, may improve the quality and efficiencies of microscopes, L.E.Ds, chemical as well as biological detectors and finally medical scientist's are also proposing a treatment which could be used to fight or kill cancers.
What some have called impossible, some researches now say that the plasmonic effect could under the correct conditions, alter the electromagnetic field surrounding an object to such an extent, that it would render the space in which it occupies invisible to any would be on looker (that is to say, if you wore a plasmonic suit that produced this effect, you would be invisible!).
Only future research by dedicated personnel, shall reveal the truths of this science.

Surface electrons are loosely held to the conductive material and the electromagnetic light wave causes an oscillation in these electrons that resonantly matches the light wave, researches have managed to force the oscillation to propagate away from the source, like the ripples created in a pond from a falling stone.
The dielectric can be clear and the air surrounding the conductor could be used for the dielectric, it is found that if the dielectric is put into the center or core of the conductor, that the effect is increased significantly, this dielectric could be air, glass or a plastic and the conductor is identical to a microscopic pipe into which the dielectric goes.
Light is then sent through the clear dielectric like light in a fiber optic cable and interacts with the conductor as it travels through the dielectric, thus creating plasmons on the surface of the conductor (electrons/plasmons will only be found on the surface, the reasons why shall not be described and i refer you to Google and Wikipedia, if you want to know more).

Oscillations produced by the light cause areas of high and low density in the plasmons, which travel along the conductor like ripples of positively charged and negatively charged waves, akin to alternating currents flowing through a wire, the rate of change or oscillation is dependant upon the frequency of the light and is therefor much greater than electrical mains supply (50 or 60 thousand changes a second, compared to 400,000 changes a second), due to the incredible frequencies, it is suspected that massive amounts of data could be transferred.

The short coming of such interesting research is that, electron flow only travels a miniscule amount along the conductor but interestingly, unlike a normal conductor where electrons flow in a continuous stream and never catch up to one another, plasmonic electrons bunch together and spread apart creating areas in high charge density and areas of low charge density (that is the process by which the waves or ripples described before, travel along the conductor) and because of these facts, plasmonic circuits are not effected by resistance or capacitance like normal electrical circuits!.

Thomas Ebbesen, while working for NEC research institute in Japan, found that a gold film punched with millions of miniature holes, would allow more light than expected through, when a light was shone onto one side of the film, somehow more light was being transmitted through the holes than what should have been possible and after nine years of what i can only guess was "intense" deliberation, Mr Ebbesen and his team of colleagues come to the conclusion that surface plasmons on the film were intensifying the transmission of electromagnetic energy.

All of this sounds frighteningly similar to what Mr Tesla is describing in his patents "My present application is based upon a discovery which I have made that when rays or radiations of the above kind are permitted to fall upon an insulated conducting-body connected to one of the terminals of a condenser while the other terminal of the same is made by independent means to receive or to carry away electricity a current flows into the condenser so long as the insulated body is exposed to the rays, and under the conditions hereinafter specified an indefinite accumulation of electrical energy in the condenser takes place." (Quoted from Mr Tesla's patent No. 685,957).

Similar research is in process at the CSIRO into this phenomenon with some exciting and ground breaking discoveries that could effect all numbers of electronics and secure communications.
Quote : "Just as the metal rods in your TV antenna convert radio waves into electrical signals and send them to your TV set, metal nano-rods convert light waves into electrical signals. By designing the rods to resonate with the light waves, large electric fields are created that help to pump optical energy into matter. Similarly the emission of light from molecules can be enhanced by first coupling it to a metal nano-rod, which then radiates the light energy more efficiently. In this way the nano-rods act as optical antennas.

Optical antennas can be used to modify the polarization properties of light and change the emission pattern. With our collaborators at the University of Melbourne we have shown how to configure a pair of nano-scale metal rods to radiate light in different directions based on the light frequency, or colour. This can be done using structures much smaller than the wavelength of light. This type of antenna has potential applications in 3D displays.

The optical antennas designs can be based on those used for radio transmission and reception. With our collaborators at the University of Melbourne, we have fabricated and tested a ‘J-pole’ optical antenna that is designed to improve the out-coupling efficiency of light from nano-scale quantum emitters."

You can read the all about what they have been up to by clicking here

The Aether (Ether) in the classical term and not the gaseous vapor previously used as an anesthetic in medical practice, was first described by Plato in 55d, later revised by Aristotle and broaden by Plotinus in the 3rd century to be considered a force that is impervious to all forms of universal resistance.
In early modern physics and engineering the Aether was considered a fluid like medium through which a electromagnetic or mechanical wave could propagate through space and ultimately a perfect vacuum, this theory was disposed and superseded by a series of experiments, the most notable of which has come to be known as the Michaelson-Morley experiment and replaced instead by quantum theory and mechanics... which is where the Higgs field and Boson particle come into question with the previously held beliefs.

Naturally as one theory has basically evolved from another, a number of striking similarities will make themselves apparent to the observer, these parallels in the theories tend to be discussed under different terms between modern texts and early historical documents (research papers and articles) but each typically describe means for certain particles and energies to give rise to certain properties (the Higgs Field and subsequent Boson particle, is said to be the means, that give rise to the property of mass in matter and ultimately weight in a gravitational field).
Yet modern texts describe the Higgs field just like the Aether, as an all penetrating force that has no forms of resistance but instead provides resistance to the flow of matter and energy through space (which we measure as mass), something like a syrup with ball bearings moving through it and a source of heat underneath the syrup to produce convection currents (in water for example, the ball bearings would move about more rapidly and the convection currents would flow faster).

Where the Higgs Boson becomes interesting, more so with respect to Radiant Energy, is within the decay process.
The Boson is said to last somewhere on the order of ten-sextillionth (0.000000000000000000001) of a second and can in two instances (as described and displayed in the image below) decay into free moving electrons, which obviously can also contribute to radiant energy.

The third possibiltiy of the Higgs Boson contributing to Radiant Energy is when it decays into a photon (see image below) and the radiant energy device converts these photons into electrons via the plasmonic effect (decribed above).

Representation of a Hydrogen Atom and a Oxygen Atom within the Higgs feild (my interpretation of it)
Mass is ultimately measured by the effect the particle has upon the Higgs feild, Oxygen, being a more dense substance has a greater effect on the feild (represented in the below image as a phase graph, think the ripples of the big bang).

L.E.D flasher, (Fig.4) adaptation!.
Below is a diagram of a L.E.D flasher circuit, which is an adaptation of Fig.4 but also includes a second capacitor K, that can be discharged through the receiver L.E.D R, by pressing the switch S.
The L.E.D V, will glow until the capacitor K has recharged, capacitor K must be charged before L.E.D R, will begin to flash, capacitor F will charge along with or at the same time as capacitor K, once capacitor K has charged, it will force the transistor to switch and turn off the charging L.E.D V.
Capacitor K is connected to the B (Base) terminal of the transistor, the cathode of L.E.D V is connected to the C (Collector) terminal of the transistor, because the Emitter E terminal is not connected (normally to ground or to a receiver), nothing actually flows across the transistor and stops L.E.D V from glowing, if emitter E was connected to ground, L.E.D V would glow indefinitely and the receiver L.E.D R would never flash!.

Radiant energy is present all day and night and this makes it useful for all sorts of applications!.

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