Video Links

Big Fela Afrobeat Orchestra

zombie video

Fallingwater Trio
Forest Rain

forest video
Big Fela Afrobeat Orchestra

Big Fela Afrobeat Orchestra
feat. Lamine Sonko

System/Stolen Land

Camille O'Sullivan
Devil's Workshop

Camille O'Sullivan
Is That All There Is?

Chupa Chups TV commercial

Fisher and Paykel TV commercial

Camille O'Sullivan
A Good Man Is Hard To Find

Testing a new experimental
Temby saxophone

The Streetsweepers
first ever gig, November 2010

George Telek

West  Papua

Tribe of Jubal

Yung Warriors

Bart Willoughby

Tania Bosak and the Moods Ensemble

VB Stubby Symphony

I am also in the orchestra on this ad,
but good luck spotting me,
I never have!

Making of  Stubby Symphony

I am onscreen briefly at 1.28 talking about
 the challenges of actually getting the bottles to play
exactly what you want when you want!