A collection of pieces that are a sonic exploration of water in 13 different manifestations.

Growing up by the Indian Ocean in Western Australia has always been a profound influence on my work as composer and performer. In Western Australia’s dry climate, each drop of water was always treated as precious, and ever since I can remember has held a huge fascination for me.

The inspiration for this collection of pieces ranges from personal experience to imagination, involving both sensual and analytical evocation of water. The performance of these pieces is a musical interpretation inviting the audience to experience each manifestation. Each piece is designed as both a stand-alone miniature as well as a small part of the larger collection. The images are based on stylised interpretations of the various states of water.

The line between the world of organised musical sounds and the world of natural sounds has for me become increasingly more blurred the longer I have been a musician and a composer. This is also true for the line dividing the areas of “music” and “sound design”. Having worked in many areas of musical creation, the sounds I use are made by carefully chosen objects as well as specifically crafted musical instruments. Often in trying to find an instrument to create the sounds I am after, I am drawn to objects in everyday use. These pieces are the result of this integration of sounds.

Visual stimuli have always been a source of inspiration in sound for me. The visual medium is another method of my creative expression, and one very well suited to working with improvisers, when presented as graphic scores. Part of my own creative exploration has involved the adaptation of standard notation to enhance the interpretation parameters of improvisers. Elements of individuality, chance and spontaneity are opened up through the use of images.

Each score functions as a tool for improvisation of varying degrees. The information ranges from through-composed pieces to improvisations working freely from the image, or a memory of the image. Each piece explores a different balance or mix of standard notation and graphic notation. Text directions also accompany each image as a guide to intention and interpretation.

My challenge is to present improvisers with information in such a way that opens up the path for creative expression and invention. Parameters are necessary to focus the work, and to draw the musician from a rigid to an exploratory use of the information.