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Language Pages

A now slightly outdated look at Indigenous Languages in Queensland Schools

My favourite blog at Transient Languages & Cultures

Cape York Bama Languages Aboriginal Corporation

North Queensland Regional Aboriginal Corporation Language Centre

Family History Pages

NEW - William Walsh's Misdemeanor - with all the details you never wanted to know! Includes witness statements from the Sydney Quarter Sessions, 1827.

Also a page under development about William's daughter-in-law, Cecilia Walsh (nee Brown) who taught at the Marlee School from 1886-1891.

Dee Walsh's letters from London during WWII

and .... Coming sooner or later:

More Family History Pages of the Branchflower,

Nancarrow, Smith and Walsh families in NSW

North Queensland Goings-On

Drum Up Big West African drumming.

The great Palm Creek Festival held in June each year, 20 minutes south of Townsville.

Coming to visit? Check out North Queensland Road Conditions by RACQ

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