"My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge." - HOSEA 4:6


Whenever someone asks for prayer, while chatting, I am asking the question in my mind, “What will I pray for?” I look for keys in prayer. (I love “keys”) These keys are, essentially, directions for prayer. They are things that need to be broken off, cast down, repented of. And contrary to popular opinion, it is not necessarily "just" a person's own sin that causes problems.  There can be other causes.  So firstly, here are the broad area that I look for.

  • Generational Iniquity - Generational grievous sin that has an on-going consequence through the generations. It causes (a) a bias to sin, and (b) it can cause a legitimate curse to come down through the generations.
    • Biases: violence, hate, greed, jealousy, illegitimacy, desire for occult knowledge, control, bitterness, obsession, inability to forgive, shame, addictions, self pity, envy, withhold affection or acceptance, abandonment fear, rejection, etc.
    • Curse:
      • Physical – family defects and physical ailments,
      • Emotional,
      • Mental: Intellectual disabilities,
      • Spiritual: Heart far from God,
      • Familiar (family) spirit handed down, usually on a person, but sometimes in house.
  • Ungodly soul ties
    • People: past sexual partners, divorce, abusers (rape, incest, boss), cults, parents, the dead,
    • Things: Food, presents, animals, jewellery (handed down), sport, money, club, lodges, controlling churches, work),
    • Places: House, significant place, ethnic background.
  • Ungodly vows eg, "I will never get married…"
  • Bitter root judgements ("People will always hate me…") - these are like a vow, but put it onto other people, which somehow forces them to act towards you in an ungodly fashion.
  • Curses such as poverty, ill health, inability to retain a job, childlessness, family history of early death, inability to marry, always a follower, never a leader, marry losers / abusers, born with a label “I am available” or “Abuse me”, insanity, depression, God is always distant, injury prone, etc. These can be from:
    • Someone else, deliberately, through their occult involvement,
    • Someone else, through innocuous speech,
    • Yourself,
    • Generational,
    • Legitimate God-given curse – a “natural” consequence of breaking a God-given rule,
    • Whenever someone is always sick, I look for a curse,
    • Curses are empowered by demons.
  • Occult involvement. This will always cause problems. Always.
  • Ungodly responses to abuse. We must seek forgiveness from God for our ungodly responses. The only person who did not respond in an ungodly manner was Jesus.
  • Deliverance. From experience, I believe that the following will usually require deliverance:
      • Extreme fears and phobias. Always,
      • Involvement in witchcraft,
      • Long-lasting illnesses,
      • Worship of foreign gods in other countries (Do not remove shoes to go into foreign temples. This is an act of worship. Given the choice, don’t go in.),
      • Cutters (But not as simple as just deliverance).
  • Cultural Bondages.
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder (MPD)
      • As a simple starting point, I ask, “Do you have a noisy head?” While I have absolutely no idea what that means, those with DID/MPD do. Almost always there will be childhood abuse of some kind. Beyond that, leave it to experts. Oh, and not all voices are parts!
  • House problems. Praying through houses often brings peace. It can also help to sell it.
    • Cut old soul ties to old owners / tenants and replace to current owners / tenants,
    • Repent of past sin (death? murder?),
    • Revoke curses and words spoken over or against the property / house,
    • Repent for blood spilt,
    • Bind the Strongman over the house and cast out demons. OR…
    • Ask God to send his angels to take the spirit of the person to the place of His choosing,
    • Anoint boundary posts,
    • Bless house,
    • When selling a house, cut the Godly ties to the house, and ask God to attach ties to the new owner - even before the sale! From personal experience, still ask for God's protection over the house.
Now, added to this, it seems that some people can make:

This is in contrast to agreements made unconsciously (by default), through occult involvement. Soul Agreements are conscious and specific agreements made, although later, the person may not remember making that agreement.

There seems to be very little or no reference to Soul Agreements elsewhere on the net (perhaps, look at "demonic contracts" or "demonic agreements"?), specifically referring to praying and renouncing. There is plenty from the new-agers. (They believe that these agreements are made before we are born!) However, I believe that there may be a need to understand that many may have made agreements with demons, and then either forgotten them, or deliberately have had their memories erased. They must be repented of and renounced.


Within all the above areas, there can be certain keys that we have learnt through our or other's experience (not in any order):

  • All Addictions: drugs, alcohol, gambling, smoking, food, exercise, sex, etc, etc. Look for and pray through a generational iniquity of sorcery. Sorcery has its basis in "pharmakeia". See Rev 21:8 and 22:15. The Greek word for "sorcerer" here is "pharmakeia". These "sorcerers" used mind changing drugs. All addictions cause mind alterations.
  • Divorce: When divorce occurs, marriage vows before God have been broken. These must be repented of before God. Even when the other party has been an absolute pig, your part before God has been broken. Repent, and move on. Of course, cut all ungodly spiritual "soul" ties to the other party.
  • Irrational fears and phobias: Any irrational fear (everyone is naturally fearful of snakes or spiders to some degree. This is not irrational):
    • Ask Jesus to take them back to a memory of an event that was the cause.
    • If nothing, it might be generational. Ask about family history. Deal with it through repentance.
    • Cast out spirit of… Always.
    • Fear often hangs out in the gut.  (Remember getting "butterflies"?)  I have asked a number of people who have extreme allergies, whether they see themselves as a fearful person.  Somewhat surprisingly, many do.  Casting out a spirit of fear might clear the allergies.  To date we have not had the opportunity to try this. 
  • Spirit guides: are demons. Always. Where they may have been invited in, repentance will be required before deliverance. They may also be generational familiar spirits.
  • Piercings and tattoos: can cause demonic visitations and other problems. The person has deliberately shed blood. Some say this is a blood sacrifice to demons. Hmmm… They can also create ungodly ties to the person who did the job. After all, that was God's original intention, that a person's ear was pierced, submitting ownership as a permanent slave, to the person doing the piercing.
  • Lodges: Generational history of, or personal involvement in... There are many prayers out there for this. It MUST be dealt with.
  • Image of an abuser: Where abuse has occurred, we often ask that the image of the abuser be surgically removed from their soul, and replaced with the image of Jesus.
  • Blood covenants: Even through childhood pranks. Repent, renounce.
  • Pornography: Among other things, there will be ungodly ties to the people in the images. I believe that pornography is probably one of the biggest - if not the biggest problem in the church - and no one talks about it. We only talk about our problems after we have overcome them, and we haven't overcome this.
  • Cars: Cars can be cursed. I once had a car that could not stay away from an accident. It was an accident magnet! Those curses probably came from words spoken over it by past owners. Ask God’s forgiveness for any ungodly words spoken over it. Pray off any curse. Bless new and used cars.
  • Children’s imaginary playmates: Can be demons. True!
  • Ungodly soul ties: Apart from the usual things to pray for, when a close friendship is broken, it seems that there is a tearing of our spirits. A small part of each person is left in the other. When cutting these "soul" ties, ask that any part of the other person left in them be taken from them, and any part of them in the other person be brought back. This can be dramatic! Often, and unexpectedly, the other person will attempt to make contact shortly after praying in this way. This may be a phone call, a suggestion that they get together sometime, or a visit. It seems that they recognize that they have lost something. We have seen this often.
  • Has anyone in the family died without having a proper burial? eg. In war, lost at sea, still-born, miscarriage, lost twin. Pray and ask God to take the spirit of the person to the place that He nominates. No, I don’t understand it either! And in truth, my jury is still out here... The effect on the people alive can be dramatic.
  • “Haunted” houses: These can be either:
    • Demonic, or
    • Spirit of a person. (Again, my jury is still out on this, but we have prayed in this way, and it has freed the house)
      …and it may be from disturbing bones that were previously buried on the grounds, or from actions occurring within the house.
      Ask God to empower his angels to take the spirit of any person to the place of His choosing.
  • Cursed objects: in their posession or in the home. Masks, figurines, buddhas, hindu gods and goddesses (eg, Shiva), suspect garden statues, wall hangings, pictures of foreign gods, dragons. Often objects bought in small shops in third world countries will have been prayed over, to “bless” it. ie. It is cursed, and has a demon.
  • Sicknesses: Read Henry Wright’s book, “A More Excellent Way”. He gives many keys for prayer for sicknesses. I believe that all long-term sicknesses and injuries will have demonic attachments. They get their kicks from the pain. They need not have caused the problem, but they will piggyback on it to get their kicks. They will then hinder healing. It might be a good idea to firstly identify any demonic involvement and get rid of these before praying for healing. A summary of his findings is in the "Prayers" section, towards the rear. Preferably, read the book.
  • Deliverance: Probably the most effective ministry sessions occur when deliverance takes place.
    • I think that most Christians are like me, and do not have a “gift of discernment” where they see the spirit world in full 3-D, living panoramic colour, with surround sound! (some do) I get the odd nudge, and that is all.
    • So, to determine the cause of any problem, one option is to ask Jesus to take the person back in their mind to the critical memory, then deal with that. If nothing is revealed it may be generational.
    • As well... follow the method in the “Prayers” section above, (roughly, sixth last page). Here, we command the demons to reveal the relevant information. Read it. It works.
  • If demons don’t go…
    • Bind the strongman. Jesus said that we must first “Bind the strongman”.
    • Isolate and cut them off from all sources of power and authority from outside.
    • Seek the reason. There are still grounds for them to stay.
    • Command the demon to reveal the cause, with a word, a thought, a picture, a feeling or a memory, and to speak the truth, “as the true and living Lord Jesus Christ knows the truth”.
    • Command that a demon’s power and authority be taken from it and given to Jesus, the source of all power and authority.
    • Perhaps the “demon” is a part. (DID/MPD). Be careful!
  • Never step outside of your authority. Know your limits.
  • There is no need to raise your voice. Be authoritative, yes. But yelling? No.
  • Demons do not have any rights that can’t be negated through the cross.
  • Animals and birds can be demon possessed.
  • Regarding territorial spiritual warfare, Jesus did not model it. I can’t take back stuff that others have given demons authority over. This includes:
    • Towns / cities / areas,
    • Streets,
    • Shops or houses where I have not been asked to pray,
    • High accident areas on roads,
    • High places.
  • I believe that you can only pray for things that you have direct authority over, such as yourself, your house (owner or rental), or your property. Equally, when others ask for your help, they are giving you their authority. Sometimes I will ask, "Do you give me your authority to pray...". They always say, "Yes." While they may think I am crazy, I would rather be careful, than be inneffective or get hit. For myself, anything beyond praying through other people's houses, I don’t really want to go there, unless God shows me very clearly that I must.


"I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven." - Luke 10:19-20



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