We are taking
the quantum leap
from the third to the fourth
dimensional reality.
From separation to Oneness.


We are presently in a time known as the Great Shift, the completion of a cycle that began nearly 200,000 years ago. It is recognised by all ancient traditions around the planet and has been joyfully awaited for many life times. Planet Earth and its people are going through a huge change or shift in consciousness and perception of reality. We are awakening to a new level of consciousness.


The purpose of this website is to share understanding and insight into the Shift from Third to Fourth Dimensional Reality. The Shift to the fourth dimension is about breaking the control of the 3D conditioned mind over us by becoming aware of ourselves as the Witness, which observes life as it is. When we become sufficiently identified with our Witness, the soul starts to function in our life and experience. Through meditation, listening to the 'still small voice', we become aligned to the 4D Blueprint and corresponding Laws and Truth Principles, because meditation provides the portal from the 3D to the 4D reality and enables us to make the quantum leap into this new reality. With this in mind, I would like to share my article called THE GREAT SHIFT with other seekers who are waking up and remembering. It was published in the March 2006 issue of the Australian magazine 'Insight' as well as in the March 2007 issue of the UK magazine 'The Seeker', for which it won the best article of the year award.

I am writing a monthly blog to share my journey with you and to clarify points made in the main article as I go along. I welcome your comments and questions.

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My intense search for God started at a young age and resulted in my being led to the teachings of Joel Goldsmith, called the 'Infinite Way' in 1967, when I was in my early twenties and living in London. Its non-dual Truth Principals introduced me to the discovery and understanding of the 4th Dimensional reality and helped me deal with many challenges on the inner journey through this new perspective.

I have also been very interested in many other Western and Eastern spiritual teachings. After working as a Life Line telephone counsellor here in Australia in my early forties, my next big turning point was learning about and studying the Psychosynthesis (spiritual psychology) teachings of Roberto Assagioli, who included the Higher Self and reincarnation in his teachings, along with all the sub-personalities. These teachings helped me to accept myself as I am, warts and all, which resulted in accepting others in the same way.

I became interested in Spiritual Healing and eventually ended up on the committee of The Australian Spiritual Healers Association NSW Inc. I held different office bearing positions including Secretary and Treasurer and was the editor of their journal 'Channel' for seven years. I have articles published in various magazines, including 'New Vision' in the UK, all which has brought me to the point of my soul path, which is to share and exchange my insight and understanding of the great transition taking place on this planet with other seekers, during the inner journey home.