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Lightworkers Starseed Journal


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INTRODUCTION: This is a new series of important and clear messages for humanity that I have agreed with higher realms to publish. They replace my Earthbridge Newsletter, plus some daily emails sent to some of you on similar subjects. We are on the cusp of a new civilisation, and as you should be aware, there has been much misinformation and disinformation from so-called “lightworkers” and their websites for some time now, plus relevant information from other sites has also dried up. Please don't be concerned about how these Journal messages are obtained, just concentrate on their content. Try to read them with your heart and an open mind. Initially, individual Journals will be emailed to you approximately weekly. Hard copy journals will follow as collations, to others. Meanwhile, don't bother making medium-term or long-term plans! Please circulate if you wish. Enjoy. Tony, editor - August 21, 2012.

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Message # 1 - August 13, 2012 - SANAT KUMARA THROUGH ARUBIA

(Sanat Kumara is the Sovereign Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light)

Good afternoon Tom, good to see you dear man, brother. We are of course many of the Galactic Federation of Light. We speak for all, we are Sanat Kumara. We thank you brother for coming today. We bless you. It is good to meet directly with you without interferences from other areas. For everyone at the moment is trying to cut down the system, knock off all the connections, so that nothing comes through, but this will never occur of course. It is not possible. We hold the major power situation. The others believe they are fully in charge, but this is not the case.

We desire today to talk about many aspects of the current and forthcoming events. These events, that will be given in our words are of correctness and truthfulness. There are no lies to be had here, for we desire that the Galactic Federation of Light gives to all humanity the full knowing of circumstances of what is the truth of everything.

Many times prior to this of course, there have been massive changes in the channellings. Many messages have been misconstrued. Many have been caught up in other words and thoughts of the beings who are channelling. So therefore it is not of pureness of the transmissions, and messages have been misinterpreted. So as this vehicle that we speak through has no knowledge of the full goings on of everything, and has only learned from yourself of small things of inner Earth, and today of what has been spoken, it is better that we speak through her, for she is still clean and not contaminated.

So now we will head towards what is coming. Currently it is of course the early stage of August. There are many things to be done yet. We have been sending out transmissions and pulsatings to many lightworkers and will continue to bring this more forward now wih the energies being changed to a higher degree of vibration, and also of pureness.

We desire not to allow others to believe they know everything of what is out beyond the universe, the perimeters, the dimensions. These ones have come to the stage that we feel it is necessary to pull them back because they are not giving the correct information and energies, and also thoughts of being kind to each other, lightworkers to lightworkers. Many are on the wrong pathways and we now desire that these ones, as we say, pull back from their abilities, for it should be that no lightworker despises or puts down another lightworker, through jealousy or anything like this.

For lightworkers are of pureness and of love, and are of the truth of what they know. It very much upsets us that we see this happening. For what is coming, all lightworkers need to be together and working on the same pathway, but right now there are many who are not. So we will be making necessary subtle adjustments to these lightworkers.

Lightworkers of the future, after the December 2012 period, will be very different to the lightworkers that are here now. Their abilities, both physically and of energies of harmonics and vibrations, will be of a much higher degree, and connected to Source in a different way. They will be able to handle things much better. It is necessary that all of this be done to allow the transition of all work to flow smoothly for the betterment of themselves as well as humanity, who will, after December, be seeking out lightworkers more.

The lightworkers will only be those with the abilities similar to yourselves, of healing, of being able to do the so-called “readings” although we would like to change this word in the near future, it is now outdated. We would like it that these ones of the future, the lightworkers, will be doing everything in a different format. It is time that these changes must occur now, and must happen for more light to come through.

The centre of Earth, the central core (inner sun), is holding well, and we are continually monitoring the situation of Earth itself and many things. There will be more turmoil. We are sorry for the Middle East, but we have to take people out, and of course this is one way to do it. So some of the population are now returning “home”, and being given a chance to know themselves, and also to have rest, and love and light given to them.

The days ahead in August, September, and October will be filled with much anguish. There will be moments of humanity suffering depression. We say moments, but what is a moment? It is a second, a flicker of nothing. Many will be angry, aggressive, as we say, but it is unavoidable. The ones who have the knowing, the feeling, will be further opened and will be brought to light. They will seek out and search the likes of other starseeds, lightworkers, and many more. There is only a percentage of population who are lightworkers, who are knowers and have the feeling. Not all the population is this way, it cannot be so, otherwise it would be a total imbalance.

The darker ones have been approached and re-approached, again and again, and are refusing to budge. But we expected this and we realise that the battle will be a tough one. It will not be easy by any means, yet it is part of the evolvement of this realm, of Earth.

Many of course are watching, the Pleiadians in particular play a major role as they are the Family of Light, as we all are, but it is in line with the planets of course. They will be coming, still watching from the outer areas now, but will be coming here. Craft are already in the border areas of the dimensions just waiting to come through.

Many others are also here of course and coming through the United States, England, and other countries. Australia will be the last port of call, the Pacific region. We are very excited about the prospects of these areas seeing us, realising that there is more than just living a daily life of existence.

The violence in the Earth is increasing as humanity is not seeing itself as it should be seen. The darker ones are infiltrating through the Internet and through the information that is placed there. The young ones are suffering badly. We do not like to see the young ones suffer. Many children have returned “home”, under sad circumstances of suicide and bullying. We have watched this on the big TV last night with the vehicle we are in, and it breaks our hearts, but these times in December 2012 will bring about the massive changes.

It is not just about energy changes Tom, it is about the actual feeling, of the knowing, of the pain and anguish that the dark ones have contributed to humanity, and lowered themselves to get right in under people and stopped the light penetrating. But this is part of how things have meant to be, to allow man to feel hated, loved, war, anguish, peace, but it is all part of the process for the elements of everything to come together. The Source has created us to all be this way. Yes, we are all extraterrestrials. Yes, we are in the human vehicle, but we still have to go through this to evolve, to be lighter, to be enlightened, to ascend. It is all part of the process.

And again of course in the future times we live in peace, we live in harmony, we live without fear, we live without anxiety, depression, disease, all of these things, and therefore Earth will find herself. Yes, Mother Earth is there, the great inner central sun, everything is there and when December comes, those who walk this Earth will know the true answers. Those who do not wish to desire the answers or know, will suffer greatly, but it is their choice. They have the free will.

The plans are still laid and underway for December. Many expect the 21st of December dear man, but it will not be the 21st. We may give them a little shake-up on the 21st, to give them an insight as to what is to come! Mayan Calendar will be the main time. This will be the moment of truth, the moment of the light, the moment of action for when everything will happen. And we would like to discuss it, but as you are aware, there are things you cannot put in this channelling. The average people who will read this will not comprehend.

There are those out there who are fully aware that there will be the three days of darkness. There will be no light, no electricity, no gas, nothing. So, we tell you to prepare yourselves, but then the lightworkers will be cocooned. They will be safe, but the ones who are not, will greatly panic and fear. And the rest as they say will be part of history. Yet it must be done. We have to clean up this place. We cannot go on any further.

The future for the Earth will be greater and far better. We wish we could draw you a plan, but it is not permissible. It is meant to be given to you through light and love, and the knowing. You will just know that the things that will fit into place will be right for the future. We desire not to paint a gorgeous picture. We desire to tell the truth, to give the light, and to make people aware that please do not forget that you are extraterrestrials; but as you say, to get the point across to them is very difficult.

Even the best of the mediums, and the psychics, and the spiritualists, and those who are desperate UFO seekers will want something, but still cannot fully accept the fact that inside this vehicle is an extraterrestrial being of light and love, of Source, Creator, God, and therefore the many – Sanat Kumara, Buddha, Jesus – the list is endless, we do not need to go on. However, we wish to ensure that people know we are here for them. We are just not messengers for the sake of big-noting ourselves. It is not about this. We are one family, and that is what it is all about.

Now you must have many questions to ask us, so please ask.

Q. I would like to know what were the approximate times of the great civilisations known to be the ages of light, the golden ages. Where there any before Lemuria?

A. There was one, it lasted a long time, but corruption, dark ones again, same situation, infiltrated and took over, destroying many.

Q. Was that about 65, 000 years ago?

A. Very early, very early, two million years ago. But that was a different “time”, a different type of corruption, not like today. Dark ones were there and they had already laid their plans unbeknown to many others, to take over.

Q. So after that was Lemuria presumably? (Yes) What sort of time span was that? There have been many things put out, like 900, 000 years ago.

A. Too soon. (No further information available here, not wishing to discuss “history”, but current events.)

Q. What is happening about Creator Source and his appearance in our solar system as a sun, are we allowed to talk about that?

A. Yes, we can talk about that.

Q. Okay, the videos I have seen that may be that sun, appear in different positions and sizes. In one (seen from Russia) it is close to our Sun, and about two thirds the size. In others the second sun is further away. So is it rotating around our Sun?

A. Yes, it is rotating around the Sun (cloaking and uncloaking). It is how it is going to be, on and off. It wasn't always there. It will come closer in so that humanity can see, part of the structural shake up. It will open many eyes, scare the xxxx out of them!

He (Source) wants them to be aware that this is just the beginning, to shake them up, because this is the start of the lead-up now to the Great Change, and it will be a big change. It will be so massive like nothing else that has happened at any other time, not like any other changes.

People will get down on their knees and start praying. That's how big a change there is going to be. Many will be terrified, many will cry, many will ask to find him, many will ask to know him. Some will ask for forgiveness, some will just go and hide under things.

[Arubia: I see a pair of hands with rosary beads on them.] [Source of All That Is briefly takes over the commentary here.]

Source: Many will pray, but the prayers will be meaningless. Too late, too long gone. They have forgotten me, and my Family of Light and Love. Mary, the great people, the greatness of love, that flowed from us to humanity, has been swept aside for daily “living”, for greed, jealousy, failure to care for each other, failure to say “I love you”, and “Can I help you with your shopping?”, all the small things that matter. They help to make your life precious, and the preciousness of that life of the love which humanity should be offering each other, instead of the take, take, take take.

It won't work. What they expect to find, and what they will receive, will be two different things. They have the ability and the knowing to know, but a high percentage of the population has swept it away, and it will just not return. These ones are the ones who will suffer in the three days of the darkness, and they will suffer greatly. For they will really know fear and anguish beyond your wildest amazing feelings. It is sad to have to do this. But the general ascension and awakening of lightworkers and others is okay, yet even amongst them there are some who don't believe it, don't want to know about it, don't want to know about the three days. Even they unfortunately will feel.

[Sanat Kumara continues] We tell you these things so that you will be aware that you must look after yourselves between now and December in matters of health, matters of the mind, keeping all negative things away, helping others with small things. It doesn't have to be big, just a little kindness here and there will make all the difference. Cherish the moments.

Yes, so we say give out the love, pour it out to the Earth. You may feel exhausted on some days but we will replenish you with higher energies coming in. Energies will be from many sources. Fom Source himself, he will send out energies, Atlantean energies and energies from both areas that will resurface in the future.

Do not under-estimate what is coming, do not think of them lightly because it is going to change, the planet, the surface, the waters, the oceans. What was there will not be there. What isn't there will be there. Many things will be brought from the bottom of the ocean back to the surface again. Land will be reclaimed, land will be rejoined. Other land will be reshaped. Oceans will be different. Even there may not be any oceans, there may just be a land mass.

There will be less people on the planet, to allow breathing space. The new children that will be born will be very different from the current children. The new ones will be in full light and knowing who they are. Those who will walk on the planet will be very different as well. There will be many beings seen who will be accepted as they are, for who they are, of lighr and energy. The planet will be surrounded by bliss, harmony, and high vibration. Frequencies will be different. Those who are left will seek out lightworkers for help and assistance. For they will wonder and and want to know what has happened and why. They will be very apprehensive, even after the three days of darkness and the light returns.

Instructions of how, after the three days, will be automatically embedded by Creator Source into the light beings, lightworkers, so they know what is to be done. Many already have glimpses, but not the full glimpse.

Q. Will we still be going into a mini stasis and later a larger stasis, as has been suggested?

A. We think at this stage it may be changed to one big stasis, we will not muck around with playing with a smaller session and then a larger session. But again, it will depend on Creator Source. What we feel through his words already, that it will be of one large one, but cut into quarters and segments of the planet. Portions will be “stasised” in different times, but it will not occur until the late December period. The reason being that all must go through everything right up unto the last moment, for the full effect of the total experience. And those who are of the darkest of the dark will feel and know power of Source, through the galactic light that will radiate from the sun which will be around the Earth, for the sun will be Source. Source will make himself known to all in the sun shape, vibrations, harmonics, and in other ways.

(End of Sanat Kumara message.)



A discussion with Creator Source ensued. Here are some details:

Don't be concerned with governments and media activity. A lot has already been discussed in other channellings. They will come down, they have to come down, there is no need for them to be around anymore. They have done their damage. Churches and similar will fold up.

Earth seen from above will be very different. It is absolutely imperative that the old Lemurian and Atlantean land masses come back now, partly because of energy fields shared with pyramids and the like.

The inner Earh people will walk amongst us. They have gone away for now, a few are still left down there to tidy up. They will come back, humanity will not be here on its own this time.

Source is going to show us what we are really about, and who we really are. Many amazing things will happen. Many people will be mixing with those from the Galactic Federation of Light, the Pleiadians, and particularly our relatives who will come on the starships.

It will be a magnificent time of restoration. Restoration of all that is, and ever was, and ever will be. The doors of the dimensions will be opened, and many from the dimensions who have been watching here for a long time will come as well. It will be a joyous time. More stars will be seen, and nebulae.

Humans will be different within themselves. Our bodies will be of light. We will see better. We will not have the bodies that we carry now (many people will be thankful for this). The flesh body and the light body will be combined, as they were ages ago. The new body will be androgynous and around 7 feet (2 m) tall.

Animals will be different, there will be cats but no dogs. Cats are more gentle, dogs are too aggressive because they are starting to “feel”. It is the dark energies coming out of them now; they are starting to turn on their owners. They are defending themselves because some of them are so dark inside. Even very small dogs are going to turn.

Many older people are in very poor health, those infirmed in nursing homes and those who are being cared for elsewhere, will pass over soon. The remaining ones may go during stasis. They will all be welcomed back “home”.

Those who have awakened, or are awakening, need to meditate and connect now, get cycles going between themselves again, get energies going, and stay focussed. People who ask for spiritual readings, tell them everything. However, the average person doesn't have to know it all. They couldn't cope with it anyway. Healings will help.

This is the time of the awakenings, the knowings, the knowing, of the true selves. Because of what is coming up, everything has to work fast now. The Wave (interdimensional energies) is going to floor many people, in particular it is for the lightworkers, to bring out the others.

The cats are covered, the dogs won't be around, birds will be very beautiful. Elephants will be smaller, and different, to pat and cuddle. The whales, mantarays, and dolphins will be removed to go back “home” to how they used to be.

Crocodiles will leave. Reptilians are out. Creepy-crawly stuff will go. There will soon be things only of beauty, harmony, and peace. The Magnetic Pole reversal will be “pretty soon”.

Everything is planned and there will be no changes, no adjustments, no need to make excuses, no misgivings. It is laid out, and that is all that it is about. It is going to happen.

(End of Creator Source comments.)