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Message # 2 - August 30, 2012 – THE COLLECTIVE THROUGH ARUBIA

(The Collective is the combination of Source, Siraya, Christ Michael, Esu, Thoth, the Pleiadeans, and All)

Times are getting urgent. We are working extremely heavily in the outer dimensions, heavens, and realms for everyone to come together, and to bring more light here. The light is penetrating at an enormous rate, however we are still being bombarded with the negative energies. And of course in Syria and Turkey and all these other places it is in full flow.

There will be inevitable consequeces in these areas shortly. Believe it or not, China will be drawn in, and so will Russia. It will possibly be one heck of a big bang-up over there. We really do not desire it to be this way but they have created it themselves, and therefore they must finish the job themselves. We are hesitant to step in and assist. We feel it is better just to let it run the gauntlet and to see what will transpire, but many will be taken out in the cause of returning families back home to all their loved ones. And as we say at this time, it is a necessary clean-up as well. It must be done and many things worldwide will now come into play. Again, there is more financial and government pressure on the people who are not happy of course, but this is all part of what is to be done.

It is of an awkward nature but for us to all step up to the next highest of all levels, the next dimension, these are definite times wherby all of this is part of the plan, and has been for eons and eons, to come to fruition now.

We who speak here today, we are of many, many of the stars, the systems, dimensions, realms, to come here. We cannot give a specific name. We are all of one collective, the higher consciousness, higher selves, and therefore we have all picked an appointed time for these things to occur in the Earth's society, and it is of course now.

Changes will affect greatly all the universes as we have mentioned, and therefore life in general, and all for the sake of saving this planet and many others. If this did not occur, everything would be totally wiped out and reset and recommenced from the beginning again. We do not desire that you will want this, and therefore the reset would be of man's own doing, in the sense of atomic warfare, total annihilation. Why annihilate what has been created, which is of beauty and perfection, and of love and light, and then have to start again? The patterns are laid, everything is here, we wish that all be continued. The learning curve is very high. The expectations are high, and so we are all attuned to what is going on here, and to humanity, through their inner self which is that part of the being of light, the angelic. So it is better to be here and to ascend from here to the highest point of knowing and high consciousness, rather than take everybody out completely.

As time gets closer, many will be transported and just zipped out of here, and therefore the sensation will be of no harm, for the density of the body and the lightness of the light being together, will be joined as one and will be taken out. There are those ones who will do this, and there are others of course who will go in disasters.

The weather, as we have mentioned, will change dramatically. That is still on correct course, and the Earth will get drier. There will be no rain in this region (inland south-east Queensland) and there will be dry storms of thunder, of lightning. We do not anticipate rainfall, and in America they will also be feeling this, with bushfires of course.

Horrendous as it sounds, it is all necessary. It is better to do this than to have a nuclear holocaust and have the whole planet totally destroyed. We could allow a massive asteroid to come from the stars and not stop it, and take the whole lot out this way. However, this is not on the books and it is not part of the Divine Plan to have this occur.

Yes, the other planet is here, and will be seen again, “Nibiru” [Tony: Only for those who want it to be Nibiru, as previously stated, this will actually be Creator Source himself] and of course the frequencies will be massive, expansive, higher vibrations to a point where people may find themselves dropping on the ground. They may not be able to stand. It would depend on the inside of the being of light as to the vibrations and frequencies there.

Of course many have not let go, many have not stepped forward, even though the light is of high intensity, and on the increase, and therefore is being bolstered continuously daily. So it is difficult, but we are managing to assist and to bring everything around. We anticipate that by the end of November the situation will have eased a little. But December will be extremely critical. There will be no mucking around in December, it will be gloves off time. By then disclosure will have either happened then, or late November. It is very close but there are things to be done to bring in more craft from the planetary systems. All are now integrating together with telepathy and all speaking and all knowing, and therefore the instructions are being carried out as desired and as needed.

(End of the Collective message)




Q: Is there anything we can do to lessen the changes?

A: No, it is how it has to be, leave it to mother nature. You just have to ride the changes.

Corruption is on the move now. The dark ones are getting desperate. They are looking at all levels to create havoc, the Internet, messages, channellings, all are manipulated. What we bring you here is not contaminated, as we have spoken before. It is untainted and direct from the Collective.

Q: After the big stasis, with people coming back in new androgenous bodies, does that mean they will have already ascended to a higher dimension?

A: The answer to your question is yes, but as such, the humanity body and the light body will combine together. It will only be these ones who have gone through the ascension process. It cannot be everyone because there is much work to be done. Therefore the ones who do not come to the knowing will have to be helped. So on Earth there will be two types, the light body beings (androgenous) and the humanity beings. Therefore the humanity beings will seek out the light body beings who will then assist them through re-teaching the energies of working with chakras and healings, and then with many other things that will be conducted and done.

It is not desired that we race into this process for we desire that humanity altogether (what there is of humanity) go through a process of restructuring and finding themselves, or that part of themselves that is there, but it needs to have the keys in place to open the doors. And this will be done by what you call them now, the lightworkers, who will be of both the light and body together. Does this give you the answer that you desire? (Yes, thank you.)

Q: It has been suggested that the percentage of humanity who will be here after the changes will be around 15 percent of the population. Is this correct?

A: It will be very low indeed. It cannot be afforded to go through the massive amounts of humanity that are currently here. It would be too much overload.

Q: There has been talk of new currencies coming in the immedate future. I cannot see how that can be done?

A: There will be no new currencies.

Q: So we will do away with money altogether?

A: That is correct. There will be no need for money, or any other types of shares, stocks, or commodities. All of that will be totally gone. For that brings back greed and we are dissolving all of these things and they will be inconsequential.

Q: Now because there is going to be more panic attacks in the general population as to what is to happen in December . . . .

A: Panic attacks? It is going to be incredible. They will be going to doctors left and right! But it is unavoidable. Society will go that way. Unfortunately, those in “foreign” countries will find they cannot access drugs.

Q: Will they be downloaded with energies that will help them get through it?

A: Some will get a little, but some will not. Mainly it is for everyone to experience. It sounds rather cruel in fact but this is how it has been designated, to be done this way. Because eventually, as you know, there will be no drugs. So why continue the ball rolling? We are now easing back. Eventually the drugs will not be manufactured, equipment will be shut down. And no one will have any idea what to do with the equipment.

It will all shut down, power plants, nuclear weaponary. Uranium will be disintegrated, it will be broken down back to the ground where it should be and it should remain, and will stay. There will be no need for it, ever again.

Q: That is all I have in questions, unless there is something the lightworkers and starseeds need to know?

A: Yes, let us talk to our beloved lightworkers now, and give them some exciting things to think about. We desire that all lightworkers now continue their work of course, and we also wish that they speak to people in the streets, talk to everyone, and give the light from handshakes to the people. We desire that when they are on the Internet and connecting with their friends and families that they place their energies on the screens and this will transport in their words to their contacts, and they will receive the light in this particular method.

The light is being stepped up now so that the energy is much, much stronger than it has ever been, and therefore it will penetrate into these areas where we are utilising technologies and are making it work for our benefit, not for the other benefit. So we ask our lightworkers to enjoy the energies coming through, to float with the energies, and to allow it to give them that wonderful feeling of the bliss of what we know as God, to enjoy.

There are even many of the lightworkers who are not fully conversant with how they should be feeling, and it is a little difficult because again it comes back again to many books being read, many transmissions from others, and many that are filled with so much that their minds have too much in them.

So we now have envisaged that the lightworkers, with the information and energies coming through, being of a higher and purer nature, their knowing of themselves, being of lightbody, will be entirely different. It will be like a fresh page is beginning.

Of the starseeds who are out there, we desire that they also now find and connect to everyone to effect energy-shifting changes, again in a different sequence, for these are the ones who are starting to discover, to feel, and to know that something is not quite right on the home front and around themselves. We are therefore asking them to connect to their inner self, as well as to the stars, because when they see what is there, stars flashing, UFOs (they used to call them that), the celestials and angelic light beings, ones who are in hard format down from the ships, to view them in awe and to question, and this will also bring more light to them.

We who are of many of course are back on this Earth as well now, and also there are those of us who are in the outer dimensions, realms, planetary systems, and heavens who are also speaking now. Those of us who have been here before are now assisting those who ar doing this work. We are, as you know, all interconnected and there is no other explanation except that in itself, of interconnection, a collaborative collective, working as One. And we are yes, definitely on track for everything to occur.

About your area of Toowoomba, craft are here, light beings are everywhere. They are not quite showing themselves as yet, but are very close, any day now. You will see things that you did not expect to see. You will see things yourself but before, you being the logical man that you are, you will no longer look at things in a logical way. Like Mr Spock in Star Trek, you will not be that way. For it is time you also have a different energy flow and sequential vibrations coming to you.

In the future, New Zealand will increase in land mass, coming up from the bottom of the ocean, very rapidly. It is to happen, but not yet. There will be earthquakes in Western Australia. Mines may crumble, and fall in. There will be dramas at Ipswich, a hole, fire.

Earth will not be touched anymore for any mining resources, by any equipment, it will be finished.

There will be an exodus from Toowoomba, many people leaving by car, going inland. People will be guided. There will be water to the bottom of the range as the result of a massive tsunami which has been predicted for some time on the east coast of Australia. There will be an underground shift of plates between New Zealand and Australia. These land masses will be rejoined, as all land masses will be joined eventually, so that all will come back to be One Earth, One People, no more segregation.

As previously indicated, December 21 will be the start of the final run home, the most critical of all shifts, of all changes, of dimensions. This will be the shift of humanity, of the ascendings, of the non-ascendings, of the universe as such. After the shift and changes, the heavens will not be in the same positions. People will leave quickly, some will go aboard ships. Ships will land, and those who have not been seen for eons of time will be here with others.

Now, there are some lightworkers who really don't “get it”. They are still “shut” and they will have to experience the shift. They will not go forward. Many have massive egos, and the egos have not yet come to terms with what is going to be happening. They believe that light will be the same, just a shift in energy. We tell you this, it won't be that way. It will be very different, as we have spoken of. These lightworkers will have a very difficult time of it. It is their own doing. They cannot blame anyone but themselves. Everyone is responsible for their own actions.