Lightworkers Starseed Journal - 3rd  Edition - 

September   2012


Lightworkers Starseed Journal


News of Truth, Justice, Freedom, Love, Peace on Earth, and Ascension







Message # 3 - September 21, 2012 - THE ANCIENTS THROUGH ARUBIA


(The proposed weekly messages have been disrupted by strong flu-like symptoms since the last message. Today is also difficult due to magnetic storms in the region. There appears around Tony's head and shoulders a band of pale lilac, moving down to lavender, and then purple.)

We are here now. Greetings to you Tony, beloved brother. We, the Ancients, wish to connect today to speak of the values of freedom. A touchy subject we have not yet spoken of, but it is time though to talk of this. Humanity has been bound for so long now, but it can no longer be bound. Each living being, creature of this Earth, is at a stage whereby the ties must now be severed and cut free to release freedom. The freedom of the knowing of who you are, of who is of the spiritual light being that resides within, of the spark life force, God, Goddess, Creator, Source, All That Is, the beloved Father.

It is the time whereby humans, whether they are spiritual or non-spiritual, desire now to go forward to meet this freedom. The freedom awaits, it is there. For some it is a long draft. For others there is no measure of time, it is but just there.

There are many things that we have expressed will change. At this stage there is no revision of the changes but the pace of of the frquencies within the human body, being that of light body, soul, are now being sped up at a greater pace by the Central Sun [actually the Central Universe/Paradise], and many will now start to feel the energy coming into them. The energy and the vision is now coating the whole of the Earth domain, and is coming in one direction, being of golden light radiating the whole of this plant. The light will initially expand to create an outward sphere that will encase the Earth. This part will not occur until we are into the period of December, about the 20/21st in time. For this is when the expansion, the golden light, will then be shaped to envisage a pyramid of golden light around Earth.

The energies are now fired up with atomic particles, neutrons, frequencies, you name it and it is being put through. This will radiate the much stronger rays of energies which we anticipate will clear much of the debris of the dark ones, but will also commence the transitions and changes towards the end of this year's time.

We speak now of many things that will probably occur, that are not yet registered in or through many of the channelling people of the community of lightworkers. [There is a break in communications here, as a rain storm passes over.]

Freedom of the soul for all eternity is the freedom of humanity to become eternal and to walk the light of All That Is, that we are part of, to embrace the light and to be one of the light.

We that watch planet Earth, the educators of the higher realms and dimensions, will come forward once again to assist and to educate the lightworkers, who will come then in turn to educate those who are here. For the slate will be wiped clean and everything will start for a new beginning. The word will not be spoken but will be connected to the telepathic psychic mind through the knowing, through the feeling of the energies, all will be connected through this format.

We have already worked on this and started a long time ago, but now everything is in place for these communications of the future. We do not, and shall not, show you the future. We do not desire to do this. We desire that you awaken to the future, in a spectacular blaze of golden light colours and wondrous so-called sparks of light. You may call them fireworks. For this will be truly be the greatest occasion of all times.

We do not wish to express the three days of darkness, as they call it. There is much confusion about this, and it is meant to be confusing, for we do not desire that the fullness of it be revealed. For humanity in its sense of human parts, particles, the mind, could not cope with this and many circumstances. Many lightworkers of course will have visions from time to time, but only snippets, and will not be given the whole scenario. Why should we put you through pain? There is enough pain on this planet as it already is.

It is time now for healing, restoration, awakening, and for spirituality, for psychic activation. The younger ones who are awakening are looking for lightworkers. The mature ones who are awakening are also looking for lightworkers. And we ask now that all lightworkers open their hearts and minds to all these people who are seeking them. Do not turn them away. If you have a feeling that when someone says they would like to make an appointment to come to see you professionally, but cannot afford it, well then slice a little off the price, or see them for free. It is a time of giving now. It costs nothing to give. Your energy costs nothing to give. So allow yourselves to assist them this way. Do it for love, for humanity, for love of God, love of yourself.

Education of the future will be much needed, and it will not be spelling, arithmetic, and all these things because these subjects will no longer be needed. For the future will be of the learning of so many amazing new different things. There will be of the psychic powers, sacred geometry, art, paintings, colours, light, restoring health, restoring wellness, restoring light, giving light, giving energy, harmony, transformation of inside information from telepathy to telepathy, travelling, yes travelling to the stars without a craft. And in some instances you may even have a craft. Manifestation will play a big role.

Anyway, now you are at a point in time where you are able to manifest and desire certain things you may want. You will have to put a lot of effort into it though, and a lot of energy, but it can be done. Don't forget to love yourselves. And this is very important, do not let people's darker energies embarrass you, throw you out of wack. Remember, you do not need them. Push them away. Come back into the light. Be in the now, right where you are. And remember, we are moving forward. Now we move, and as we move, don't forget you cannot believe everything that is in the newspapers, or what you see and what you are told, but your knowing will provide enough for you to just feel that this is right.

The information that is given here is of clearness, is precise, and it comes direct from Ancients, the beginnings, the high ones. Call them the Elders, Ascended Masters, everybody, including Sanat Kumara, Jesus, Buddha. And everything is given by All That Is, is given with the most love that is possible to give up to all. For love is in the words that are given.

We bless you, we thank you for working as hard as you do, and living your daily lives as you do, although both sometimes are not easy. For you can get side-tracked along the way. We ask yourselves to laugh, to hum, to sing. For now is the time for good harmonics, and good vibrations will make a difference. Stay grounded, put your feet in the grass, roll in the dirt if you feel like it. If you want to do something totally silly just remember it is not always you, it is us behind you, pushing you along. And before we know it, we will be there.

Now, we send our light to you all, with all the colours of the rainbows, in the blues and pinks, and reds and oranges, but remember we are also there for you, just ask and we will be right beside you. We are light beings, celestials, extaterrestrials, if you desire to call us these things, but we have all walked in different dimensions, planets, and universes throughout time. But as you know, time as such does not really exist.

With regards to the light ships, and many of you will of course be wondering what is happening in the sequence of Australia. There are more being seen, and now is the time to increase the amount of light ships appearing, for this will be done. The higher commands of heaven are now fully working, and you will see many exciting things in the skies. This is just the beginning, and look in joy, and love, and wave, and sing with the light when you see them. And connect with them, speak with them through your telepathy. Remember they are where you once came from!

Just wait to find all those particles of yourself who are part of you, who are waiting to connect with you. Can you not imagine the joyousness and the parts of the particles that are your higher selves and the higher beings you have been at different times. You will be overwhelmed, you will be astounded to know who you have been, what you have done. We speak of this because Tony, our beloved writer here has shown us today a beautiful picture that has been drawn by a gifted one. And as we look at the picture, we could see that this most magnificent person is still carrying the most magnificent light with him. He may not say too much but he has had extremely wonderful times throughout universes.

So be reminded of all that awaits you beloved ones. It is not worth giving up. It is worth going forward for, and fighting for, because there will be a great big fight, and we shall win.

Ancients, beloved ones here, we shall now depart the vehicle we are in and communicating with you through, and bless you. We thank you for your good work.


(More information given a little later in the day)

Some people think it is going to be all rosy, rosy, right through the December period. They think it is going to be all peaches and cream, but it will not be peaches and cream. There will be very rough roads, very, very rough. For even those who are like this, they haven't fully awakened yet. It is very frustrating for us to explain because we want them to know, but they are still shut down and they think, “Oh yes, well here we are, these three days of dark, the downtime, it is only going to be this, this, this!” They haven't come to accept it in themselves, and this is where the problem lies. If they accept it, they will cruise through it. They are not getting the right information. It will be totally different.