Lightworkers Starseed Journal - 4th Edition - 

September   2012


Lightworkers Starseed Journal


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Message # 4 – September 27, 2012 - VARIOUS ENTITIES THROUGH ARUBIA

We are coming to a time now where the higher ones can no longer tolerate the Earth environment. Space ships are being moved even closer. Don't be surprised if things change very dramatically, and it won't be broadcast to the world through any sequence of psychics, telepathic waves, frequencies, or in other ways it could be done. We feel it may be necessary to do this. There is a lot of debating going on at higher levels, a lot of ifs and buts and question marks.

We will speak about the future. This vehicle is not well, lungs are full. Hello Tony, it is good to see you. We are many of course, today. Different ones speaking to you who have been waiting at the sides to come through, and many different messages will be transmitted, in higher frequencies of ones who are ascended masters and those of other dimensions.

We wish to advise you that the world as such is creating further massive destructional waves of frequencies of the humans and their thoughts, and therefore, as we have just said, it is time now that things be discussed further in a more hurried pace for the changes for the future.

Personally, we would just like to take it out right now and make one big swoop and finish it all, and then get on with the business of rebuilding the structure. The new structure, it is easy to say, is dynamic, incredible, and magnificent, but it depends again on humanity, their thought-provoking ways, their patterns, their lifestyles. All of this will be taken into consideration for the future, and the future being for the type of world that humanity will reside in.

Excuse us, we are having trouble with the body. I am a rather a large person and am stretching everything to fit into this smaller vehicle. I am at least 8 feet tall, an extraterrestrial and light being of course, as we all are, of Creator. It feels rather strange to be here, in this confined space of house and home. Where I normally live, is very spectacular, green leaves, rivers, pure water. You can see the magnificent moons around the planet. We have three moons that line up to a pramid shape which is quite wonderful, this we love. The skies are blue and white, a combination of both. There are not many children on our planet. We have a portal nearby where we can all come and go as we please. For we will continue to come and go, and will be on Earth for the future.

Oh, by the way, when we speak of here on Earth, the planned changes to Earth are many and may not be obtained. So therefore Creator Source has a divine plan that perhaps a new world should be created, and therefore the change may swing this way. It is all here, there, and everywhere at the moment.

We are beings of peace, of harmony, we do not make war although we have experienced it, and it is horrendous. We do not desire it for anyone. Many of our craft are circling your planet. We have lived in various other places as well, not just our current home. We are a bit nomadic some times. We pick ourselves up and away we go. For the last time frame, 2000 years, we have remained on the planet where we are. We are quite well established. We do not desire to grow things, we more or less manifest what we need. We are very tall, we have long black hair. We have both male and female races. We do not create the same way as humanity does, but in a different gestation period.

We are the Zorons, this is the name of our people. We are highly cultured. We like to read, we like to discuss, to debate, we like to sing. We have hamony. We are high frequency vibration beings. We permeate the air with colour, so therefore the colour that surrounds our planet is quite frequently changed by our frequencies to suit our desires.

Anyway, enough of us, the main thing now is to come back to the track of things. This is our first experience of this vehicle. We have been through this before, spoken many times in the past changes. It is good to speak to someone like yourself who is do desirous to know of how everything really is. Your devotion, your generosity of your work is endless and is much loved by all. We hear the words and the healing you do which is so very important to so many people. We also have great healers here.

(The Zorons live in a two star system, have been here in the past, and are here now because of what is happening here is also affecting other star systems. They also have their fingers in the pie to assist, their ships are very big and will take many people from Earth.)

The darker ones are in panic-stricken mode. They are working hard in Syria, creating more havoc, killing more people of course. The UFOs have been seen over Syria a few days ago, there are videos.

Now that the ley lines, the grids, have been opened up around the pyramids of Egypt, the activation is expanding. It is going to hook in to allow the dimensions to further open and come through with more craft, more of everything. We are tired of debating. We have had enough of humanity creatures, everything in the way they are, and their thought patterns, we have had enough of how they are going on. Therefore, just be prepared in case of a moment's notice where the whole thing is just pulled apart.

Nothing to fear, there will be a massive re-arrangement of frequencies, energies, matter, protons, neutrons, the whole kit and caboodle. And then it will all be re-done, but it won't be re-done in five minutes. Everything will be put back in the cupboards so to speak, and then shut down. And then slowly, strategically, re-planned and everything put back together in order of how it should be. This is again, a maybe situation, but it is done with love and heart.

Creator Source was extremely unhappy, and very much was not going to talk today, his beloveds are speaking. The love still shines off him of course, and he is still here for the problems of the province of humanity. He is not happy about the carbon tax. He does not want to see people persecuted, that they don't have enough money to pay carbon tax in their bills. At this stage, it has really upset him. But the biggest upset of all, humanity has not learnt their lesson, by loving from the heart and centre of themselves. They have gone too far into the darkness, the bog, the negativity, and cannot get out. They have not listened to the lessons from many books and articles that have been published for what is coming for the future. But come it will, with great gusto and great devastation. For it has to be done. Do we have to go over these words again? It appears we do, so we will.

It is the time when all that has ever been written and prophesied by Nostradamus, the Great Ones, the words in Revelation, the words in books – this will occur. The rich won't wake up yet. So now it will be so. The new light that is coming will be again different, like nothing that has ever been before. Light of the light bodies, light of the new frequencies, they wll be higher, and not all humanity will be able to accept them or receive them.

There will be one side of humanity that is stumbling around, that cannot find their way through, after what has happened, and will be like the lost tribe once again in the desert, walking, walking, walking, until they finally find the people in a great civilisation that will be rebuilt. They come to these ones. They will have the feeling and the knowing where to find them. And they will come to these ones, and here they will find peace, harmony, and the love of the Father, the God force, and they will also find themselves, and it will not be a five minute transition that will occur. It will take a long time, and the ones that are in the big magnificent cities will be of higher ascended masters, Gods, who are here to create and to be part of the new Divine Plan.

This will be a holy time. It will be a great time of godliness, and holiness. Again, my love, my light, my children, it will not be as it is or was. It will be all different. Yes, Atlantis will re-awake, the land masses will be changed. It won't be as you all desire to know it now. The changes cannot be stopped. The wheels are in motion and are speeding up faster and faster. Do not fear or worry for those who are infirmed, for those who are in hospitals, for those who are the little ones, or for those who are elderly. Do not worry about all these ones, for these it has all been planned and they will be taken care of.

Humanity must try to give up worry, fear, anxiety, pain, grief, and all these other things they think about in their thoughts, and give them up and let them go, and the transition will be a lot easier on them. Hang on to them and the transition will be the darkest of all darkness. Therefore we ask everyone now to meditate and pray, but pray from your heart. Do not pray from words of how Virgin Mary . . . blah, blah, blah, blah. We do not desire this, we desire words from the heart, what you feel. “Thank you for creating a flower”, that is a beautiful prayer. “Thank you for giving me my baby”, that is a wonderful prayer. This is what we desire of humanity.

There is no difference between Allah and God, the two are one. Muslims must wake up to themselves, for they will suffer the most, as many others of faith will really suffer. And man's inhumanity to man, be you woman, child, whatever, there is the biggest and unfortunately the worst thing of all, as well as what you do to the beloved animals, the cruelty there.

Everyone will pay a price. It is inevitable that the prices of your undoing, what you pay the price of, will be of what you have done. So therefore ask as humanity now turns to itself, and looks at itself, at the person, and says, “I have done this, I have done that, I have thought these things, I have just committed murder, I have raped, I have assassinated”. Pray. Simple. Pray of God, pray of prophet. We would like humanity to do this, but it is a time now where we doubt very much that they are going to be able to. So shake them up now, very much so. The skies will change colour as time gets closer. The ground will tremble. But this has been written time and time again, so we will not go any further.

However, before we go, we will say this, that mankind will now start to see things happening, in the skies in particular, both day time and night time. There will be more activity, an increase in more beings of light who will be spotted as angelic beings. Many others are starting to get here now in ships and are around the Earth as such, and in the dimensions, just waiting. Humanity will start to shake up now. Energies coming in are more charged. The particles of Mother Earth are definitely on the move, for there are big times ahead for her as well.

More planets will be seen in the skies, closer in. Nibiru is there, just waiting. (Editor: Again, I don't believe it is actually here, but will wait to discuss this further.) All the suns are lining up. The Divine Plan is kicking in as we have all put our fingers in the pie and said we would do it at this particular coming of the changes. Again, it can be done, just like that. It can be all re-constructed, like that. We thank you all.



The Mayans are dancing, even on the plateau, with big plumes of feathers, gold and blue, and large headware on. They are saying the gods come again. They have bells on their feet. There is no bloodshed, these Mayans are different from those of the old days who believed they were doing the right thing in human sacrifices.

Mountains will melt. Snows will come off the big mountains. Rivers will expand and flood. Tornadoes, big ones, will occur in America and everywhere. Bad season for snakes, they will be scrambling to get away from the vibrations they feel in the ground.

Q: Are we going to get advanced notice of tsunamis?

A: No. No advanced warnings for anything. It will just go bang-happen, bang-happen. Why give advance warning? People have had plenty of time, they did not listen.

Small meteors will be seen. The Middle East is the centre of bad vibrations, it is not safe to go there. There will be more trouble there. Iran and Israel might war, yes, fast and furious. Israel has many things that no one knows about, a very deceitful country. The people are definitely not God's people. They are of darkness but believe they are God's only people. They do not accept that all are one. Death has a strange way of changing people's perspective. That is of being necessary unfortunately. All will be cleaned up.

Mother Earth is stepping out, she is becoming more of herself as she used to be. She is getting stronger and stronger, her harmonics, frequencies, and vibrations are now not fully up to scratch but are very much better than what they were a couple of months ago. The work the light beings have been doing, a little bit here and there, is helping to resonate her and raise her up, and she is very happy. She is not going to stand for any more negativity.

Regardless of what happens, the pyramids will always be the pyramids. Not sure if they will be moved or left where they are. There are going to be more uncovered that we haven't seen before. Souls who are trapped in them will be released to go home.

Arubia was given a vision of a young Jesus walking hand in hand with Mary and Joseph. Many people might get that vision, some who accept it will know, others won't. Christ wil come again with the lamb on his shoulders, but will be speaking to everybody telepathically. There will be many others too.

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