Lightworkers Starseed Journal - 5th  Edition - 

October  2012


Lightworkers Starseed Journal


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Message # 5 – October 11, 2012 - VARIOUS ENTITIES THROUGH ARUBIA

Tony, it is with pleasure that we greet you once again. It is good that we are here to talk and to tell you of further developments. Zorons are very, very happy to be able to connect once again through this beloved person here, and we are pleased to come.

Now the time is on the move of course, everything is in its correct positioning and we are anticipating changes will be moved further forward. We all are now desiring this to be so. Again of course, as you know, there are minor hiccups but they will be totally, shall we say, dissolved is the word to use.

Humanity is still progressing, still getting there, but there are many who are not getting there, however we no longer have the time schedule to allow for picking them up, dusting them off and re-doing them once again. So therefore we have to go with the flow now as they say. As you can see, the weather/climate has changed quite dramatically. Yes, Arubia was quite correct, it will snow in your summer month of December. It will start quite lightly, and then swing into heavy snow. This is to shake everyone up! Big time shake up. And again, don't forget to look to the stars, for much will come from the heavens.

The Earth will shortly start to commence her time of the shifting of the change. We are just on the outer edges now and we do mean this in the sense of actually physically being here. We are many, now waiting patiently, for we will be needed to help. There are those who will not come through this, but again, it is their choice. But we will be here for everyone. The light that is radiating from the planet is coming out to the furthest of all the star systems and the dimensions as well.

The love, even from the most individual person, is making such a magnificent difference, and for these purposes Mother Earth is feeling stronger already. For the stars and the systems, and the beings, and the light beings who are residing on the systems, this is the most wonderful, most beautiful thing. But we have to track back to the reality of here, of this Earth.

We see there have been more deaths of recent times, but again, the deaths are necessary. The war in the Middle East is still going, as we all know. There have been sightings of craft in these areas. There will also be further, larger, fleets of craft going across these areas. The black tower that is in Dubai will start to have flaws in it and will possibly crumble or crash, depending on which way you like to say it, but there is no time span on that.

There will be many signs coming to Earth, soon. Time is very relevant here, and the signs will not be what people expect to see. It is not desirous that we tell you everything, but to still advise you that people have to go through this journey.

Lightworkers, mediums, psychics, and clairvoyants who are here, the ones who are fully connected, the ones who are desirous of giving their love to help their fellow humanity, will be in the forefront of the workers. For when all the changes are over, those who have not come forward will seek them out for this purpose.

Your requirements of healing will be needed for many Tony. There will be many doctors working with you, many great healers working with you. Many others will come back here again to work on this Earth, but in the 5th Dimension. Zoron will have many people here to help, to bring more light frequency, and most of all lots of love, and meeting the people here. For we will all work amongst them.

The signs of the banks crashing is only in the first stage. In another month's time it will start to swing in further. Everything will occur. There is no way of stopping anything now. For this is the last run home, everybody is waiting and this must be done for the fulfilment of the prophecies of Earth, of higher selves, for Creator Source to reunite with all his children. This is to have the great Ascended Masters walk and talk and be here, that the children come back to the basics of living to the goodness of the heart, to the love and care and the kindness of each other. For this is no longer about greed and give me, give me, give me. It is now about sharing, helping, and assisting. All the best ways that one can possibly do.

The policies of this country (Australia) is an absolute shambles. It is discraceful the way the politicians debate in the parliament, and there will be more massive changes in these areas in the most unexpected ways. We just let you know of these things because we are trying to help in our own respect.

The planet Zoron is shining brightly about its people. The stars are bright. We are in the light and love of Creator Source. Many of the stellar constellations of darkness are now receiving magnificent light from Source that is reuniting many as well, and bringing many cultures together that once before were not together. We too have had our share of many bad times. Now that Earth is repairing and refining herself, the people will find the love once again. It affects the Wave to the cosmic centre of All That Is and sends the light back and forth between the two.

Yes, currently your Sun is fading with the light, not enough to be entirely noticeable, but enough. This is all part of the movement towards the changes.

We thank you for your efforts Tony, that you have put in. This is only a short message today (from the Zorons). We did have further information for you but Source thought the information was too intensive, and that we should leave this altogether perhaps for our next session, when the details will be spread out in a more directed manner. You may call it a mapping of how sequences will run. We do not wish to entirely continue towards the changed time of further information of what is coming. There will be a time when all information will cease, and therefore everybody will, as you would say here, fly by the seat of their pants, so to speak.

Vortexes will be seen in the skies. Perhaps the parallel dimensions will be seen by those who are gifted. Many will start to feel effects from the changes that are coming, mainly vibrational frequency time-space continuum and so forth. Many will have feelings soon of the need to be together with other people to share time with friends, maybe even with people you do not know. This will increase as we go along.

The animal life will start to feel the effects now of the changes. Bats (flying foxes) in particular wil have an extremely difficult time. Their radars will go off centre. You may find bats will drop from the skies, and this may also stop the current health problems with the bats as well. We realise there are some parts of your country where the population is in a terrible situation with over-abundance of breeding and so forth.

There will still be further things happening on Earth. Animals like rats and mice will come out in possible plague proportions due to the fact again that their frequencies, and their hearings will be affected. Animals may also run around and around in circles, only to drop dead eventually. Others may just go off their heads. Some may just drop and die. A lot of this will happen in places like Africa. Zoos will be affected as well. The animals in tanks may also have trouble with their radars and again may just sink to the bottom in the end with overwhelming exhaustion.

More people will start to go to hospital, for they will feel dizzy and think it is their blood pressure and things like that. We have heard already of such situations. People also starting to get nauseated and vomiting, but nothing is passing. These are things that will progress, not so much right now this month but probably next month (November). Then the human body will start to change as well. The light bodies are starting to develop and have been activated, and people will be seeking you, the lightworkers, and looking for you. They will just find you.

Well Tony, our beloved friend, there is nothing more to be said. We will speak once again in the next session, and hopefully will have some more different things to talk about, of a more brighter note which you will be able to put out to everyone. We thank you again, we bless you. We are the Zorons.



The tiredness that many people are feeling is getting us prepared for sleep state, stasis. This will come towards December, don't know when exactly. We are all going to start getting a lot tireder. (Arubia sees someone at a computer, with head down on the desk, asleep.)

Same as already discussed, more elderly people will pass over, worldwide. They cannot take the pressure of the end times. They are required “home” anyway, going at a faster rate now.

Dogs and cats won't fair well with what is coming, except those that belong to the lightworkers, they will be alright because they are the psychic ones, the ones which have the ability to know, see, and hear. The ordinary domestic animal will have a rough time, their radar will be affected. We cannot do much about it unfortunately.

The Earth will start to shake. The human body is starting the transition of change inside, the light body. We are going to get tireder. Some of us may see the inner light coming through the skin surface, perhaps around the eyes, or a bit on an arm. It is just the light body showing through. Energies received on the planet have not reached saturation point yet, but we are getting close. The whole of December will be the critical mass, like a floating phenomenon. Some people may levitate off the ground by up to 30cm (I foot).

Those lightworkers actually doing the work will definitely start to come into 5th Dimension with their eyesite. Those who have been “playing” with this for ages and ages won't come into it. Those ones will have to seek out the real lightworkers for assistance.

Artistic abilities at this time are going to increase in some people, doing more drawings, simple art maybe, shapes, geometries. Some won't have a clue what they are doing but will do it anyway because it is time to be part of the ascension, the coming together of the whole two bodies etcetera. It is sad because some people do not fully expect this. Some will reject it, but that is what we are here for, the massive experiencing and expansion of the consciousness, and of the higher selves. It is more the consciousness than anything of course, but there are the higher selves or other higher parts of us who have been here who will be perceived and possibly seen through the eyes now into the 5th Dimension.

Colours will be more intense now as well. We will find that we are drawn to certain colours. The colours in general like trees and leaves will be more intense, bringing more energy forward to us. It is also time to ground ourselves back into the Earth. Spend some time with your feet there. Sit on a chair, put your feet in a bucket of water and on the ground. Put your feet on the grass and get back to the first core. Carry a crystal in your pocket when you go out if you don't take your shoes off. Place the crystal close to your skin, not in a purse. This will also help with the balance of the body for connection.

Worldwide there will be more things happening. We are concerned about the visit of your Prime Minister Gillard to Bali. We did say to Arubia ages back that there would be an assassination attempt on her, but whether this is the time we do not know. There is something in the wind, in Australia or overseas.

Q: Is she a real person or a clone?

A: A clone. The real one is in a suspended state and will return later on when everything is done. There are purposes for everything.

Q: Quite a few small meteors were seen this week. I don't know if that is what they were talking about in the last message?

A: That is a start. There will be bigger one coming in and they will make some big holes in this Earth, and they will scare the daylights out of people. They will crash into some areas that are unpopulated. These are part of the waking up process. As time proceeds, some will crash into denser population areas, worldwide. The Middle East will get a good serving of them.

Q: The Duke of Edinburgh keeps going into hospital. Is this trying to keep the old body going forward? Are they replacing him?

A: No, he will be not be replaced. When he goes, he goes. Yes, they are trying to keep his body going. It is inevitable he can only last a little longer.

Q: And the latest copy of Queen Elizabeth, is she still functioning alright?

A: Still functioning quite well, yes,

Q: There was talk in one of the recent messages about Nibiru coming back, but it is surely Creator Source?

A: It is not Nibiru. It is Creator Source, but the silly idiots down here are going to say it is Nibiru. As time progresses, Creator Source will be seen in different formats.

Q: There does seem to be more misinformation in channelled messages?

A: The messages are meant now to come through all scrambled because as we have told Arubia in the last couple of days, that by the time December comes, communications will be just about finished. Towards the end of everything occuring there will hardly be any communications coming through, and it is meant that the people who do this public work, and believed they are doing it the right way, it has to be stopped so that they will then be sailing on their own two feet.

However, with us it is alright, we will continue to put the word out, give you messages with love and with light, and until such time as the Internet goes down, you will be able to get these messages through. Eventually in the changes as they occur, people will be picking up communications in thought forms (telepathy) and this will be when things become very interesting. (Tony: Okay, I look forwad to that.)

So do we dear man, so do we. It is good to have you with us. The Zorons have of course gone for now, yet they are very pleased to make contact again. There is much to look forward to. It will be a time of much tribulation and much sadness, but it has to be done.

The new bodies have their turn about to get here to this point. Everybody who has been everybody that has ever lived lifetimes from dimension to dimension, to now where we are, we have all progressed and are now coming up to the highest stage, and it all must take place, there is no going back now. It is all one way now dear man, forward to the light. There is no pulling any stops now, all stops are out. Craft are around Earth in different positions, different places. We do have Lord Ashtar and Galactic Federation of Light here. We do have many other craft not heard of from other galaxies. And the Mars rover is doing a good job, it is definitely on Mars.

There was a great war on Mars. This is what happened to the population, it was annihilated by another population, and of course by what you see, there are photos on the Internet that this one has been looking at, showing statues and other things. We did tell her of these things before the rover even got there, and so you see that what we speak of is correct. There is no tainted work here, only correctness. Do you have any more questions?

Q: I was looking at one article this morning regarding time travel and projecting people to Mars from Earth. A number of people have reported that. Has it actually happened?

A: Reporting is one thing but whether this has actually happened is another thing. So you could leave it as an open question or you could say that people have teleported, but I would say at this stage, highly unlikely. No, no one has teleported to Mars. It is a wonderful story yes, and it does create interest. It does create thought, but when you go to sleep in your beds at night and you dream, then yes you can teleport yourselves out. If you haven't already done so, you should be doing so very shortly dear man. We go now.



In the last days of change, China will fall, big time. Tibet will be free but it will not go forward in society as we know society today. It will become a very holy place once again, a proper true holy plane, where Ascended Masters will walk again in the temples. Many will pilgrimage there to see and to be reunited with ascended ones. There will be much prayer, much healing going on to both humanity and the Earth from there. It will be a very important time for Tibet.

Now China thinks she is going to control the whole world but she is not going to control it. She is going to come down. The government will fall, their people need to be free. Their banking system will collapse. Their industry will come to a halt. Machines will collapse and break down, just won't start, nothing will work. Their navy will not even get out of the harbour. Ships will be ripped open. The energies that hold them together will just disintegrate! Don't underestimate the power of miracles of God, because it can be done.

One wave of my hand and many will come down, for I am God, you are my children, but you do not listen to me any more, for the changes must occur.

Many will be destroyed. Meteors will come forth from the heavens and will implode onto the Earth, and many will perish in this manner. It won't just be in one area, it will be worldwide. There will be a big belt of meteorites coming in, starting with spasmodic timing but will pick up.

Energy rods will come to Earth which will be energising and harmonising. It is all part of the deal. The tide will come up very high. Some dams will break their walls. This includes Wivenhoe Dam (near Brisbane). There will also be a big wave coming up the Brisbane River, a surge, a backwash. Instead of going out it will come back in and will meet the Wivenhoe waters to flood everywhere there. It won't be just a flood, it will wipe it all out. That will be later in the coming period. Expect it, for it will happen.

Lightning storms will cause more bush fires. Petrol will start to run out. Oil will just stop flowing, stop bubbling up from the ground. It will stop, Middle East for starters, and then will stop in other areas. For it is time to take away movement of people going here and there.

After the times of change, there will be centres of light where people will come to, will find their way, where there will be great healings. There will be great cleansings, awakenings, helping those who didn't make it to get it. There will be many things of the future; learning, teaching, music, things that we didn't get to do here will be done.

We will work with many Ascended Masters, beings, light beings, and all types of incredible people. Therefore all will work together. We will be back to the days when man and beings will grow their own food and start from scratch.

In this new change there will be no diseases, no death. You will keep evolving, keep evolving, keep evolving.

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