Lightworkers Starseed Journal - 6th Edition - 

November   2012


Lightworkers Starseed Journal


News of Truth, Justice, Freedom, Love, Peace on Earth, and Ascension





Message # 6 - November 17, 2012 - NUMEROUS SOURCES THROUGH ARUBIA

Greetings, it is good to be with you again, dearest Tony. Today has been very busy for the vehicle (Arubia) here, and we are the Zorons again. We have not spoken for some time. Much has happened since we spoke to you last. The planet Mother Earth is ascending in the most dynamic manner. The energies being put forth by so many of you are making a great difference. We watch the latest path of the forthcoming events which will remove those from their density into their higher selves.

The Middle East of course is the great topic of conversation. The words come doomed. The land is not owned by anyone, Palestinians, Israeli, whatever. The land is Mother Earth, the land divine of Creator Source, this land of blessed Lord Jesus [Esu Immanuel] whose feet walked the pathways. Once again a debated fight to create war amongst themselves. It is very sad, but it is the political ones who wish to retain their properties and boundaries. For no man shall have properties and boundaries in the future. All lands will belong to all peoples. Everyone will benefit from the land herself, the earth, the dirt, the growing of plants and fields, the enrichment of love to the land.

In the meantime this war will continue bloodshed. There will only be, alas, sad to say, more deaths, more sparring. It breaks our hearts to see this happen. Men have not yet, how would you say, awakened fully yet. They are still in their density. It is sad, terribly sad, that women suffer so much, and the children. But this happens with all races throughout the galaxies, throughout all universes. It is not just Earth. There are many out there who are relying on the transition here and the ascension of this Earth, to give them also the freedom to move forward in their own universes, in their own galaxies. For there are many out there who are also persecuted by others.

There have been many wars fought in the name of greed, but love will conquer all in the end, for there is nothing but love in the centre of the universe within. And that is you, children of Earth, the centre of your universe is your connection of the soul spirit, the light body, the energies. They all run through your veins, your cells, every little miniscule piece is connected back to God, Creator Source, Father. We are all connected back to him, for without him there is just nothing.

We ask you at this time once again beloved children, to meditate, to pray, pray from your hearts, pray in your own words, do not prattle words made by others, they have no meaning. Give of yourselves. This holds more light than anything else. Each day the Earth grows stronger, each day the ascension gets better, and we will be with you all. This is not the end, it is the beginning. The beginning of coming to new places, finding yourselves, knowing the truth. Truth being of your Creator Source, divine Father, and the truth of how and who you are, beings of light bodies, of ancients, of reincarnated ascended masters. Time and time again, average people, souls re-created, in many places throughout the universe. Yes, parallels do exist; yes, dimensions do exist; yes, portals do exist. And there are those who are now in the Earth's atmosphere in many craft, waiting, shining like stars in the night sky. Craft that beam red and all of the magnificent colours of the spectrum. For those are the light bodies that await you all.

We ask you to calmly focus, stay in your own self, give your light and love where you can. You cannot take on other people's lives and do the journey for them. You must take care of yourself, your bodies, your light bodies. The beauty and love they retain will radiate to all. Stay centred, live your daily lives as best you can. Smile, laugh, even in the worst moments. Do not be influenced much by the news reports of the world. Remember there are many negative energies out there, and we wish to share the light to the negative energies, to have them walk with us. But again, whether they accept or not is entirely up to their own free will. This Earth is a free will zone. We cannot interfere but just sit on the sidelines and be here for you. Please ask us for any help you need, or assistance, again through your guides, your beloved ones. Do not forget, you are not alone. We treasure you, for we are all part of the one, the divine. Amen.


(Next – source not named.) The light forces are connecting with governments. Prime Creator is working with many assignments on Earth, connecting to them, in the divine light, to those who are working undercover in many parts of the world governments.

The awakening time is being further brought forward, as are other changes. Humanity will be shocked. Already it has commenced. Mother Earth is in line with all her grids for the further events, disruptions which will be of magnitude. There is no getting out of this or going back.

Arubia continues: I can now see a great big spear of white light crystal [with an expanded double conical point]. It comes down from the heavens. It is a beam of light coming to the centre of Israel. This beam of light will destroy the place. It is going to make a great mess, radiating out. It is not a killing machine but it will destroy by vibrations, harmonics. It will level the place, like when the walls of Jericho were supposedly flattened. There will be a point in time for this to occur, not just yet, but soon enough.

Christmas this year in the holy land will be very different, for it is no longer the land of holiness. I see light trying to escape and come forward, but it is sort of blocked by dark parts. It is trying to come through but it is difficult. It is in the hearts of men, I am being told. The great wall that is called the Wailing Wall will come down. Their own tears will bring the wall down. The Dome of Jerusalem I see with a big round light coming down to it. I think it will crumble. Yes, it will crumble in.

Another holy place there will fall. The power is the kingdom and the glory of God, but there is no glory over there at the moment. It must go back to nothingness. There is no light there, it is trying to get through but there is nothing there, even though the angels have come to try to help, they have not been able to be successful. Everybody is too full of themselves over there. Everybody is too busy, “I'll fight you, you fight me, this is my land, this is your land”, and they cannot see it, they have lost it all. Bacause they cannot find who was God, in the Jesus, all are in the wrong places over there.

It should be one blessed community of people, not just there but worldwide, yet the old ways of duality and segregation, kept separate, have not left, still there. Choke up must occur for the transending of the light into the hearts of men, women, children, and the knowing of where they are from, and who they are, and what they are really part of. Come back to humbleness, come back to the unity of the family, but not like it used to be, differently now.

Back to the androgynous part of ourselves, and to the loving of each other in the proper spiritual way that we have been before we ever came here. This was a period of being with our fellow brothers and sisters, beings of light who were here and walked the Earth in the ancient days and came through the portals and dimensions, carried through the wonderness of the pyramids, through the sacred doorways and chambers that were created for this purpose. In all pyramids throughout the world they are just not monuments of building, they are light centres which are opened to the world beyond. This is how we have travelled back here to the Earth in times gone. The abilities to activate the centres has been long lost, but now the centres are awake once again and many will come through the centres as through the doorways of the dimensions and the portals, and will return to the blessed Earth, even if only for a short time.


(A new energy) From the deepest areas of space we come, we are of many collective consciousnesses from the outside areas of the Milky Way [which is actually the Seventh Superuniverse]. We are beings of light of course. We are from places which you cannot even pronounce the names, it would be too difficult. We are from a place of mountainous terrain and lakes filled with blue water. We are loving people. We are here and also watching your time here, your ascension. Your energies affect even where we are.

We are not known to you, to your astronomers, your star people. We really do not want to give a name as it is not really relevant. We wish to tell you, you are not alone and we thank you for all of your light work, your energies, your persistance to stay on track, to come forward bravely and to work for the whole universe as a total, for one, not just separate individuals and minds together, but radiating all of your minds, your spirits, energies, and the love you are putting forward in reaching us. It is helping many who have been in wars, with peace and calm. Many are questioning why the need to fight, and you are helping us evolve as well, for us to find ourselves as well.

So you see, dearest people of Earth, you are not wasting your energies. Your love is dramatically helping us. There are parallel universes, there are time doorways, there is time travel, there are so many wondrous things to discern, to learn, to have knowledge. It is amazingly beautiful, enlightening, and this is of what we all are. We are helping each other, to know each other. We do not need to question the whys the wherefores, the what-ifs, for they are no longer necessary. We love you all, and your love means so much to us.

We all shall meet, whether it is now, or when you may be in another life time, or when you may be in another solar time, reincarnated or whatever, but our pathways will all cross. So it is inevitable. We thank you again, with all our love, be in fine peace, for it will come to all. Embark on this journey. Know yourself first, for then you will discover us.


(Next) Butterflies we are, for we are the Butterfly People. We have come to talk to you, to tell you, to be with you as well now, as many others. We too are watching, and we wish to say thank you for all the great work you are all doing right here. You are setting us free. Once again we will come to the Earth and to lighten and brighten with our wonderful Butterfly People. Please try not to kill butterflies, even the poor old cabbage butterfly, for there is a job to be done by them.

We care for you all greatly. We are in many places of the universe, but we have been through quite a lot as our homes are not what they used to be. Yet our homes will be there again for us, be renewed through the renewal of yourselves. You are also likebutterflies, for you flap your wings and the light glisten and your angelicness shines. The sparkles, the rays of the divine, the Source Creator, who has created us all with the purpose of being together, of learning, of knowledge and unification of one great family of light.

There are many colours of course. We are blended, some of us are pinks, some blue, some yellows, all colours of the spectrum. We are endeared to coming here today to talk. It is many eons since we have connected. Your world has changed so much. You have gone through much, but once again you have all created this yourselves. Yes, there are those who have suffered, have gone to the places of purgatory. There are those who have gone to the doomed places.

So walk in light, be kind to each other, give a hug here and there. Give praise and thanks to people. Try not to be too nasty to yourselves. It does not become your race, for within yourselves you are truly unique. A little bit like us butterflies, we are unique as well to carry the light just as you do. For now it is time for all of us to radiate the light.

We look forward to the future, for the future will withhold many wondrous things for all, to yourselves, to us, and all those of God's creation. For he walks wih us at all times. He never misses anything. He always listens, as do many. Remember, if you need us, you only have to ask for help, for assistance, for guidance, for the healings, and we shall be with you. Never feel you are alone as we do not feel ourselves alone, for you are here.

Please look after yourselves, your families, and take care, for the days ahead will be a heavy burden on you. Stay in the light, focus on your love, and be kind to each other. Greetings from the Butterfly People.


(Next, “Here comes a white feather.”) What we have presented you today is a white feather. You are now part of the White Feather Brotherhood dearest girl. For it is time for you to know of all and to step up. Greetings Tony, we are happy to see you once again, as we are every Tuesday.

We are the beginnings of the Whie Feather establishment that was started so long ago. We are happy that you are part of this wonderful group and we do love to sit with you on Tuesdays.

Greetings to our dearest Lynne and to all the other members of the group. Many things now have changed in the way that spiritualism is presented in the world for those who are mediums, the clairvoyants, the healers. We have come a long way and now there will be further new ways of working, ways that have not yet been brought forth, but we wish to let you know there will be different energy shifts, many further connections, and many more of course walking in the light and becoming lightworkers.

There wil be those out there who seek to find you all, and we dearly express our wishes to you all, that you open your doors and hearts and assist them, and teach them exactly what we are all about. This is the beginning and start of the new generations of the lightworkers, the children who are here, the young ones have the knowing and of course they will seek you out as time progresses.

We wish to thank you for your beloved work. Madame Blavatsky is well and sends her regards to you all, and all the others who commenced the group. We give you our blessings, and we thank you.

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