Lightworkers Starseed Journal - 4th Edition - 

December   2012


Lightworkers Starseed Journal


News of Truth, Justice, Freedom, Love, Peace on Earth, and Ascension






December 7, 2012


From Tony:


I have been advised by higher realms that there will be no further messages in the current series. Everything is about to start, whatever that means.


I understand there will be worldwide snow and darkness by the end of this month. If it takes longer, then that is the practical or appropriate action for the timing. So far, little has happened as previously suggested, but please at least re-read what has come through Arubia since August.


So, stay centred, help those you know, be aware many people will not accept your help and could be aggressive. Use your intuition.


I will advise you of anything that I feel is important.


Love, light, and peace.