Lightworkers Starseed Journal - 8th Edition  

April  2013


Lightworkers Starseed Journal


News of Truth, Justice, Freedom, Love, Peace on Earth, and Ascension





Messages from the Pleiadians, Council of Nine, and Others

through Allannah April 27, 2013


We are here, greetings dear ones. We wish to give you messages of divineness of Pleiadians, and how beings are now coming along. Mother Mary also expresses her love to you all as well.

The Council of Nine wish to advise, of course as you know, the world is starting to see more craft now. It is looking extremely harder than ever before for transition to occur, for the light to come through. Mother Earth is really feeling it presently. I ask that you contain yourselves, have faith and hold on to your beliefs. It is not necessary to hold back now. All are watching, the eyes of the multiverses are upon Earth.

Much of what has been said before need not be changed or inter-related. Now is the time for people to go within themselves and find divineness, and to help and assist others who need to be awakened. Just be there for them. We ask that you do your best. Try not to feel frustrated.

The energy levels shall change to such a degree that the vibrations of frequencies will almost be that you will feel yourselves jumping out of your skin as you say. Once again, allow the sequences and the vibrations to occur. Each one's vessel knows the inner core or vibrations of what they are doing, how they work. Do not be fearful, trust, love, and even though it is hard to say for you, enjoy, we ask that you do.

The future is coming, the new beginnings are here. The new days ahead will be very different. How can one express what is different, for there are no words to say of the divineness, of the oneness that humanity shall again be who they are. We are ready, all be it.

This is just a short process, to recall. [End]


(Next) For you, children of Earth, the centre of your universes is your connection of the soul spirit, the light body, the energies. They all run through your veins, your cells, every little miniscule piece. It is connected back to God, Creator Source, Allah. We are all connected back to him, for without him there is nothing.

We ask you at this time, once again beloved children, to meditate, to pray. Pray from your hearts, pray in your own words. Do not prattle prayers of words made by others that have no meaning. Give of yourselves, for this holds more light than anything else.

Each day the Earth grows stronger, each day the ascension gets better, and we will be with you all. This is not the end but it is just the beginning, the beginning of coming to new places. Finding yourselves, knowing the truth, truth being of your Creator, Divine Source, Father, and the truth of how and who you are, beings of light bodies, of ancients, of reincarnated ascended masters, time and time again, average people, souls we created in many places throughout the universe.

Yes, parallels do exist; yes, dimensions do exist; yes, portals do exist. And there are those who are here now in the Earth's atmosphere in many craft, waiting, shining like stars in the night sky. Craft that be red and all the magnificent colours of the spectrum. For these are the bodies of light that await you all.

We ask you to humbly focus, stay in your own self, give your light out and love where you can. You cannot take on other people's lives and do the journey for them. You must take care of yourselves, your bodies, your light bodies. The beauty and love they contain will radiate to all.

Stay centred within your daily lives as best you can. Smile, laugh, even in the worst moments. Do not be influenced too much by the news sources of the world. Remember there are many negative energies out there, and we wish to share the light to the negative energies, to have them walk with us. Again, whether they accept or not is entirely up to their own free will. This Earth is a free will zone and we cannot interfere, but just sit on the sidelines and be here for you.

Please ask us for any help you need at any time or assistance, again through your guides, through your beloved ones. Do not forget you are not alone. We treasure you, and we are all part of the one, the divine. Amen.