Earthbridge Newsletter  -  Issue  85 -  January  2012


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Issue 85 – January 2012


Highlights of this issue:

* We are still waiting for the long stasis to start. There were delays over Christmas and New Year, yet we are close.

* Over 100 million advanced beings have been removed from inner Earth cities to a very large mother ship. All connections to the surface have been sealed off to prevent toxins entering.

* The total evacuation of the surface humans, who are so-designated, is the final chapter of the Lucifer Rebellion of 200,000 years ago. Around 8 billion people involved with Earth during this period, have not made the cut to unify into a brotherhood.

* Those one billion returning to Earth will have two lifetimes to establish the Brotherhood of Man.

* The Astral realms will be dismantled. Robotoids with potential will be assisted to gain a Thought Adjuster/Higher Self.

* Siraya points out that humanity has still had many successes, and importantly, has saved a whole area of Creation from extinction.

* Creator Source indicates Divine Authority lies within us. The awareness of this will reunite us with our everlasting power, particularly for self governance.

* Man should now be preparing for these amazing changes as best he can, resolving personal issues that block spiritual alignment, and providing living examples of the type of compassion and responsibility that will make up new ascension communities.


Editorial 2; Adama/Eve 2; Siraya/Candace 3; Christ Michael/Johan 6; Creator Source/Hazel 7; Esu/Jess 8;  Uriel/Hazel 9; Christ Michael/Candace 9; Christ Michael/Kibo 9; Siraya/Jess 11; Targeted Message 13;  Modern Lord's Prayer 13.

This newsletter includes relevant information from global and higher realms as major positive changes to Earth and humanity unfold in these prophesied end times. We are co-creating a new Golden Age, connecting once more to the physical and non-physical universes through the process of Ascension, with assistance from our galactic brothers and sisters. Suppressed truth is surfacing rapidly, and indeed shall set us free. Earthbridge Newsletter is produced by Tony Wicks, PO Box 453, Drayton North, Qld 4350, Australia. Phone (07) 4613 6912, mobile 0408 877 835, email <>. Current hard copy subscription list in Australia is $2.50 per issue, cash, sent to above address. No new subscriptions are available.

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I really didn't think we would be here for the new year! The aim date for long stasis was before January 1, but not everything was ready. So we are in a temporary “hold” situation.

We could move any day, or there may even be a teaching period. Who knows? I just trust it will be sooner than “soon”, sooner than “shortly”, and sooner than “just around the corner”!!

Again, I am not going to place fill-in material here. The following messages are the important ones, as far as I am concerned. There is more “meat” in them than we have seen for some months.

If you are feeling unwell, or stressed at times, this is likely the effect of the big Wave energies being put into place.

My well wishes to everyone, no matter what time we have left before evacuating our planet.

Thank you for reading these newsletters, whether you are new to them, or have been reading them under various banners since July 1996.

Tony Wicks     January 17, 2012


Galactic and World News (Edited)

(December 5, 2011) ADAMA THROUGH EVE: (Our Service Goes On) 

E: Now, Adama, how are things going?

A: Good morning, Eve, can't complain, everything is fine, according to the circumstances. I see you have published our previous talk meanwhile?

E: Yes, I was asked to publish, and now I'm just curious how quickly the dark disinformation agenda will react by saying this piece is crazy.

A: Truly Eve, many will have difficulties to believe, and some will perhaps put out that everything was still fine in the inner Earth, I was still in Telos doing door opening ceremonies, and what all the "prayer mills" of New Age rainbow press foresee and suggest. This should not bother you dear, these ignorant ones will soon experience that about 1.5 million inhabitants [of Telos] are not just being evacuated for no reason, or for fun, for test issues, or else. It's an immense enterprise to manage that, even if all is going forth smoothly and fine, and disciplined.

E: Can you say, Adama, where's your main risk or what it would have been, had you stayed?

A: Well, there are several serious issues which had to be considered. I know you are at first thinking about the tunnels for tube traffic and general connections, and the stability of the big caverns. We have always stated that they are earthquake safe, solid enough, many of them have been there already before the demise of Lemuria, and the Earth was shaking much at that time, and they have lasted in good condition. The tunnel drilling technique causes a melting of sand, and as a result of this the walls of the tunnel tubes transform into a very solid quartz glass structure.

However one must ponder about the fact that the coming Earth changes will set free forces which have not yet been experienced in the past. We are talking about moving of the tectonic plates, about Earth growing in diameter, about axis changes, about a magnetic pole reversal which might well affect the safety of the inner Earth "infra-structure".

You must also be aware that our air/oxygen and water supplies still depend on surface supplies to a certain extent, and in the worst case these could be interrupted or blocked, the tunnel entrances too. Also, the air at the surface might become that toxic that it will be too much for our filters (we already had to filter and clean it, as it already is so much polluted) and we would then expose our lives and crops to the toxic contents. Right now we have sealed the connections to avoid poisoning.

See, you must consider erupting volcanoes, blowing methane, volcano ash in massive infiltration of the atmosphere, the fact that surface life and vegetation will be put under stasis frequency too, has much to do with this. Then, during the pole reversal, the magnetic field of the Earth will collapse and the cosmic rays hitting the surface which is then not shielded by the magnetic protection any more. So stasis frequency will somehow put an artificial field around. Oh, and don't forget the necessity of integrating the second sun finally.

You already see quite a lot of risk factors adding up. It was finally concluded that the risk of staying might be too high, and it's way better to go now, while all is still intact, than to become refugees from emergency scenarios. Fleet will have plenty to do with caring about the surface folks, it might have just been silly to enlarge the workload by an evacuation of inner Earth folks at the same time.

In addition, the sand in the hour glass has run through now, nearly completely, time is getting very short. So, we had to make a decision and we did, it was a decision PRO life and health, honouring our physical temples. Better to watch from safety outside than to be finally captured like mice in a hole, without a real escape, apart from being beamed up.

Regarding the tubes transport, you know they are running by electro-magnetism. It's likely that the energies of the magnetic pole reversal will leave them not working and then, even the inner Earth connections would be interrupted. We will do our homework when the main part is done, but we are aware that it might last quite a long time - years - until we will return to see what is still there to build on. However I must admit that our chances are way better of seeing our structures again, than for you on the surface.

So, after having done all that was possible to do, we are finally here on board, joining hands and hearts with Fleet efforts to settle all which remains to be settled. We arrange ourselves perfectly with the situation, although I would not exclude some cases of homesickness, and you folks will do likewise, once you have realised the great blessing of your Creator to care for you in this extraordinary way. All those people will be having the potential to rejoice with the reuniting of family in space, and we will help you to discover the mysteries of the realities having been kept hidden from you so far.

Of course, the word "mystery" can just be regarded metaphorically, as there is no such thing like mystery or magic. These words are often being used in New Age propaganda, rituals of ascension and other. But I want to point out that everything is the result of co-creation, of mind over matter, of intention or non-intention, which agrees to be ruled by other forces . It's all about quantum physics.

Many will say, "Oh, what a serendipity that the evacuation took place in time". But there is not really serendipity! This is just how it might look like. All this is the result of aware co-creation, of intention, of bending energy by the forces of the spirit mind, on behalf of our divine origin. All of us are to use the God-given intelligence for the greatest good of all, learning to work with the guides, the planetary midwayers, who will love to support you! They will help you to be in the right time, right place.

To us it has never been a question to hold Earth static - as change is a must-have in evolution - and it cannot be adequate to make our host planet to do our will, just for keeping on being comfortable. So we co-created our evacuation in cooperation with the Fleet, to serve the planet who has hosted us so kindly over such a long period. I cannot deny that the well being of the inner Earth inhabitants has been a serious concern for Mother Earth for so long, and now we took that load from her by leaving her for a certain time. You can do the same by awarely agreeing to your evacuation by Fleet, according to the schedules of Christ Michael. This will lighten the load for this mother planet greatly.

Support by prayers and energy service can of course go on from the place of evacuation, and this is what we already have arranged at the place where we dwell now. We simply go on in service, we are still here for you, and it does not matter if we are doing it from inside the Earth, or from aboard ship. I beg all of you to develop a positive view on all of this, embrace what is to come. This cannot or shall not be avoided, look forward to the imminent adventures in awareness of your divine heritage.

I think I might well end this monologue now, Eve, and thanks for still holding the "get real" stage on my behalf. Be blessed all of you who consciously decide to become a cooperating and active part in one of the biggest and brightest happenings of transformation this world has ever seen! Holding all of you dear to my heart, I Am Adama. (


(December 8, 2011) SIRAYA THROUGH CANDACE FRIEZE: (The End is Come) 

Beloveds,  it is in sadness but also a sense of joy that we are closing this chapter of your Earth history.  The decision comes from the highest councils of the Creation, of whom I am representative of,  over Orvonton. 

I am Siraya.  I am Master Spirit Number 7,  and I reside on Paradise.  I am representative of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit.  I personify those beings to you of the ascending mortals.  I am in fact, not only my personality, but I am also all of you, being the source of Evolutionary Mind over Orvonton.

Now, it is not usual for one such as me to become involved in the distant evolutionary worlds, but on this world I took a personal interest and for a variety of reasons.  First, many of you on this planet in the teaching mission are from Paradise and Havona in one role or another.  You are in training or in observation of one of the worst rebellions under my vast domain.

Of course you know this as the Lucifer Rebellion.  Lucifer, in your expression, “took the cake” in terms of those who seceded from the union.  In all that has ever happened in Orvonton,  nobody of angelic character actually decided to become God of a large region.  And also took so many with him.  This is the source of much of the so called galactic waring in your region.  It was terrible.  Lucifer had a full compliment of weaponry and he used it to extreme.  Although your Urantia Book lays quiet on this one, this was in fact WAR in HEAVEN.  And it was with weaponry.

We were aghast.  But we let Lucifer and his various gangs of supporters, work it out for themselves for a very long time.  This started sometime before your given records, quietly building over the eons until  it erupted fully.  The decision was made to let it collapse on its own weight and this did occur.

When the Master (Christ Michael)  was upon your plane, Lucifer was not, he had already been removed from power.  His challenge to the gods did not become a reality in the long run.  He could never create.  By create we mean new beings, either angelic or human.  It has taken great effort behind the scenes to keep your sector of Nebadon even alive while this worked out.  Never before had we experiences with this level of rebellion and never again will this even come close to being allowed. 

We have had quite a setback, but at the same time, the necessary learning curve. You ones accept that God creates with his famous magic wand, as Candace likes to refer to it, and we get much laughter over this.  For the whole Creation has been created by the ones who reside in it, and not by a single entity.

But let's move on.  Let's get to the closing chapter here.  About 200,000 years ago, those of that great rebellion were given a fair chance to repent. Many refused and went to uncreation, long before your planet was ever populated with your “fallen angels.”  There were 10 billion various ones, angel and human, that decided to earn their way back into respectability.

They were placed on this planet you call Earth in English, and Urantia in the heavenly records.  At that time your Planetary Supreme, whom is also called Urantia was not yet “supreme.”  She was truly not able to participate in the decision to place these ones here.  She had not formed herself.  But oh has she now grown into her own conscious divinity, and you ones imprisoned here can no longer inhabit her surface.

You were given 200,000 years dear ones, to grow up, prove yourselves, understand from the very inside view what you have created, for it was your creation to join in this and become gods.  Or so you thought you had been promised by Lucifer.  Sadly 8 billion of you did not get the message, and are still trying to become God’s on your own, and you fight even amongst yourselves still as to who will have dominion of the planet.  Well, you had your chance.  YOU BLEW IT.  You have all been through your karma.  You have been the warriors and you have been the victims.  And even experiencing as the victim, you did not learn what human experiences are,  on the other side of the coin.  You go right back into being warriors.

You thought you could keep Earth?  You would destroy her, if you could NOT UNIFY into brotherhood, that chore which all ascending humans on the evolutionary worlds must accomplish.  You did not learn you are not separate from the planetary mind. You had opportunity of greatness that was given to you, because simply, you did not know of what you did, when you entered the rebellion.  You were forgiven, but only on condition you take a journey similar to what humans must make, to become a unit of divinity.




TWO BILLION OF YOU PASSED, REASONABLY SO.  Many of these did return to their former estates. Actually one billion of you are back in the realms of glory with a wondrous new understanding, and of this we are of course in joy, because never again will these ones fail. They are strong now, and will be even wiser for this, having done the "been there and done that",  another term Candace loves to use.  Unto you who fled from glory, unto glory you have returned and then some, and in that regard for these ones, the experiment of repentance under the mercy and grace of God was successful.  We hoped for more though. We did not expect 100 percent, but we hoped for more.

So, 8 billion of you cannot become gods.  You were not created as creators and you will no more muck up this glorious planet, this Planetary Supreme who found herself, out of the muck.  She eventualised. What happened to YOU?

Well, some of you are facing the grand courts of Orvonton.  It does not look pretty for you.  Others who possess some hope, will get another chance in the DISTANT FUTURE, for you ones will never be placed but a few at a time on distant worlds, for you are without trust at this point.  We cannot place you in numbers anywhere.  You will wait for what may seem like eons in a state of complete sleep, ignorant of your existence, until that day down the road.

You had such opportunity.  Such grace was offered.  We hoped that the offer would produce true grandeur in terms of your future works.  You and you alone are held accountable for your choices and actions.

We are giving out a lot of grace, because you created slave beings to the robotoids who had little chance. But surprise, some of them found the Father, a thing even you could not do.  And the ones who really didn’t find the Father, but are sweet kind folks, will also get a stupendous chance to become truly human.  They go to other worlds, young worlds, to being an incarnational journey in hopes they will find themselves, meaning truly individuate. The Father has such great mercy.

I had such great mercy on you.  For it was I who approved the Mercy for you, overriding the Ancients of Days of Orvonton.  For 200,000 years I have hoped, and hoped, and hoped. Slowly some of you came around, those 20 percent.  Well half of those will endure further trials, as these ones have covered 51 percent or more of their karma.  They will get additional chance.  But they will submit to the leadership of Michael on this world.  They will not have hundreds of thousands of years to finish up.

All those born of human in these ages upon this world since the return of Michael, are cared for.  They are young.  They will be cleansed of your filth and given fresh opportunity on the younger worlds.

The astral realms of this world will be dismantled.  They were of course full of those humans over a time that you did not allow to progress, and who had been trapped here.  They are released to move forward.  Even though Michael released them to journey as necessary forward, so many were too immature to move much in each life.  We will be gradually resurrecting all these ones, even though they are not ready, to the mansion worlds.  That is the purpose here now in part of Archangel Michael’s team.  He is the Angel of the Resurrection.

The robotoids having potential cannot go there yet, they must have opportunity to earn their Thought Adjusters.  Opportunity will be given as above.  They will not experience the destruction you planned to invest even upon them, who you called useless eaters.

You 8 billion ones, who did not cut the mustard, will be contained in holodeks, until you can be processed.  You are done on this world.  Those one billion who get one more chance to make the grade, will have mercy of exactly two lifetimes to establish the Brotherhood of Man on this planet.  This will be accomplished by each of you, or not, and as a group.  This will be your task.  This time, it will be done under the normal Nebadon oversight of this world.  You will do it, or you will not.  It is that simple.

The planet will be cleansed of your filth.  All of it. The animals' evolutionary patterns will be restored to normal by seasoned beings here for that purpose, under the direction of the great geneticist Skekhmet.  This is not a thing the Life Carriers can do.

You were given the care of this seed planet, you were so sure you could do that, but you set into the infighting and instead nearly destroyed it.

Gaia will make her Ascension shortly. Normally this is done in concert with the sons and daughters coming into Godness with her.  She adopted you ones, although she did not fully understand what she had done, and look what you brought upon her and all her life.

Five times this planet has tossed you down.  This is number six.  Not much of a track record is it?  And you proved what beloveds,  WHY?  For so long all will be asking that question that has been concerned with this arena.  But dear brothers in God, you are finished, and remember, you are not more powerful than those above you, and you did not prevail.

Now, let's get on with some good news, for those of you who came to help the depraved ones.  So many of you have suffered at their hands, even unto the Creator Son, who has given so much grace to those of his and Nebadonia’s creation. You volunteered in the millions to lift up this world.  To bring it music, theatre, films, television, and the great achievement of the Internet.  Your gifts have been substantial, worthy, and brought comfort to the lesser ones of this world.

You taught animal husbandry and you took so many animals into your arms, that something wondrous happened, also not expected on this world.  The higher animals are becoming human before they journey in a human body. How glorious is that!  This is rare on normal planets beloveds.  You have given them such dignity, they wanted to become like you.  And they are, and we of the hierarchy actually have to change a few things, under the direction of Shekhmet on that one. This is a stupendous accomplishment.

You brought love to those in need.  You helped the poor.  You brought and demonstrated goodness where there was none and showed another and better way.  You gave hope. The disabled have wheelchairs, they have medical care now in much of the world.  They have love and they have hope.

You have graced this world with nearly celestial level music, particularly this last 50 years, music even beyond the times of the Renaissance.  You have perfected the art of acting on this world, even under the pressure of ones who did not want the light in the films.  You demonstrated through film proper family life.  That is until recently when you have been siderailed hugely by money and power.

You have developed technologies where those who preceded you, like the great Tesla could not.  You could not bring in what is labelled free energy, but you did well otherwise, and the world is aglow in light even if its methods are not what would have been the best. You got it lighted by whatever means you were able to do so.

You brought transportation to the common man. First the railroads, then the automobile.  You brought housing to the common man.  You brought technology to make life easier to the common man.  Examples such as washing machines, heat, and related necessities.

And most importantly once more,  the Internet.  You developed your best programming. You have prevented the dark, by that programming, from shutting it all down. You made it impervious to them.  Try as they might, and they have, it stays running.  That is an incredible accomplishment.

The dark were given some carrots initially but when they realised the potential of enlightenment through the Internet, they put on some brakes, but you were not squashed. You listened to the Father Within who gave you programming skills you could only dream of, and so it stands.

So many of you who are “star seed” have been here so long.  You are tired, all of you, we find no star seed over 20 years of age in this life time who is not already tired.  It is not due to the food and pesticides, but due to being tired of the effort it takes to accomplish something, but yet you have, even those who have forgotten who they are over the long duration of time.  Some of you have been here since the re-population of Earth after the last trip through the Photon Belt.

YOU HAVE ENDURED and your rewards in heaven shall be great.  While these dark ones failed, you so shined that your light cannot be covered.  You have won.  And we are supporting that.  There are over 100 million of you who have endured here anywhere from 11,000 years to the last several hundred. You have endured the inquisitions and so many other roundups.  You have endured in Mother Russia, who has once again STOOD IN THIS WORLD in LIGHT.  At all costs.  She survived the great destruction of over 100 years ago.

While we hoped the United States would rise to shine the greatest light ever on this world, that did not happen. But nevertheless you ones within that country did well.  You should not feel rejected and lost, and so many of you do feel that way, at this time of great repression on you.

YOU HAVE LIVED and SHOWN the WAY and by your efforts did this planetary mother awaken to her own being.  That again IS the biggest surprise of all. Now rest in your glories dear ones, for the GOOD NEWS is far GRANDER than the SAD NEWS.

You ones have so grown in stature, and you will go to rise up to further glory. You have survived the greatest of rebellions in Orvonton, and well more than survived, you have a created a new way and that is NOT going unnoticed. You will serve well in your future journeys.  You have so glorified the Father.  IN YOU HE IS WELL PLEASED.  You have saved a whole area of the Creation from extinction.  You have the expertise now to deal with other dark beings who will manifest, that is the nature of free will.

There will be conclaves on conclaves on conclaves in the future. Whole “universities” will arise to discover what you have done, and many of you will be the best of “professors”.  These celestial universities will be in Nebadon, Orvonton, and indeed even in Havona.  For unto you, the whole of the future creations look BRIGHT.  The end of the long age of Evil has come. Never will it rise to this extent again, EVER, for YOUR SUCCESSES WILL NOT ALLOW OF IT.  Siraya.


(December 11, 2011) CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH JOHAN: (A New Dawn is Coming) 

The process ongoing and at hand, the so-called 'wait for the Long Stasis' that can spiritualise any moment, any second, but seems to take too long for some of you, is like expecting 1000 visitors into a village of 50 houses. You know that is not going to work. So either quickly more houses will have to be built, perhaps more hotel or motel style, perhaps some will have to be sent to neighbouring villages to help out, perhaps some mobile homes will have to brought in. That my scribe, is what we are completing whilst already hosting the first arrivals. One hundred million from one place, many many millions from other places, but all is going very well. Not only a tremendous amount of preparation is needed, at the same time the aftermath of such a huge operation must be in place at the same time.

Not only do these visitors need to housed, fed, entertained, instructed, guided, directed, but moreover, what needs to be done afterwards, must be in place already. This is happening as real as you can pinch yourself and feel the pain. This is not a dream of work on paper, but work for real. This is the 'heavenlies' that are organised, planned, and carried out just like a very busy corporation where all must fit together to reach its end result or product. The dismantling of your astral realms, the huge volume of work for the mansion worlds, all of that is being organised and taken care of. The transport requirements of those people to different ships for different destinations, you cannot even imagine it, can you?

Even putting everything and everybody to sleep and removing what needs to be removed cannot be done without the crews in place to take on what will be the result of the Higher Frequency Energy about to cause havoc on this extremely fragile body of Mother Earth. Not to mention the monitoring of those who choose to counteract, even destroy far more then the carnage they already caused and left behind. As we do not want everything to fall apart and be utterly destroyed, that aspect on its own needs preparation and organisation. As we need to take care of a tremendous amount of clean up, detoxification, pollution everywhere, deadly poisons that were meant to kill you all and destroy what was left of life on Earth in general, all of that needs to be in place before it happens, which can start at any moment. All of that needs planning and readiness without fail, and always expecting the unexpected. Now we are talking only about your precious Mother Earth. Not even mentioning what is happening to the rest of your Solar Sytem and beyond. As the cosmic clock is ticking, we also must be ready for what is rolling in and be rolling over in a moment's notice.

Let me go back to the birthing process that you all visualised, and meditated on the Mother Earth giving birth to her new baby, her new self Gaia. With Mother being totally incapacitated, although fortunately with full consent and in pure spirit, we are standing by her side every second of every minute of every hour of every day, not to mention the months and years we already did that. Not only does it take tremendous care and attention from special crews to take care of the Mother, but by birth, also the baby will need tremendous care because of cosmic influences that even you healthy ones would not be able to withstand. Besides, the aftermath of having a baby, new clothing, special food, housing and constant care, requires preparation up front, as all mothers know, and needs to start during the pregnancy, so all of that and much more we are taking care of.

Any emergency will trigger the instant stasis and evacuation in record time, but otherwise trust that all is ongoing, and can turn into instant action as we are upon the last fraction of a nano-second indeed. Therefore, occupy yourself wisely, with the emphasis upon looking to the horizon of what you would like to do next. Your soul might have agreed upon that already, your guides might have pushed you towards those goals, but there is nothing but future in the NOW, your decision, your choice. We provide the tools, you do the work, planning included. All the work I just described in general is done with the greatest pleasure, yet with the highest dedication from all involved at the same time. Once you move beyond the invisible curtain or veil into higher awareness and come Home, you will quickly come to appreciate the tremendous organisation that keeps all ongoing, and being a part of that will delight your heart beyond imagination.

I can better finish by repeating the title of 'the biggest, most important message of all time', according to the words and description of this scribe, "The End is Come, A New Dawn is Coming Along and Upon You". Salu, and see you in a while.

I AM Christ Michael, your dedicated sovereign.



(December 23, 2011) CREATOR SOURCE THROUGH HAZEL: (The Stamp of Divine Authority)

A gale passes through the ethers and in a blink life as you know it will change. It will be a kindness to allow the Earth and mankind to sleep through the revolutionary event. This event is like none you have ever experienced before on a scale known to man. What is to eventualise is called ‘cosmic detinue’. Yes that is indeed the description. If you are unable to comprehend seek the meaning behind the words [detinue is action to recover for the wrongful taking of personal property]. 

The Earth, as all planets, are creations of the Divine. The underlying elements of each planet are divinely constituted. The energetic composition of each is of a divine nature. The Earth is not to be seen as merely a body of rocks, minerals and soil with an atmospherical covering. It also contains a spirit which finds its heritage in the Divine’s nature. The foundation of the Earth is divine. All that is divine was and is meant to underpin the Earth plane. She is a creature of the 'Divine’ just as you are creatures of the 'Divine’. 

The Earth has not forgotten or abdicated her divinity. She has been browbeaten by all that is not divine and left prostrate at the will of man. Her divinity eschewed by the custodians of her body has left her bereft and with marginal life. You cannot hear her wails or her cry for divine assistance. For many of you, if not the majority, have become buried by the foul soil of all that is poisonous to divine order. Mankind is reaping what he has sown in the Earth and for himself. Why is this? Divine authority has escaped his understanding. Man in mass cannot comprehend his relationship with the Divine. Each has his /her peculiar understanding of life and seldom is it tied in with the Divine life force that is espoused within them. Many are unable to recall their beginning and the nature of their evolution on the Earth.

Man has chosen to create laws that are counter to the divine program given to him and lives as he chooses without regard for his divine nature. The authority that man wields on the Earth plane is purely physical ego-related authority. This has manifested destructive elements which gloat against all that is of an outer dimensional authority, meaning the Divine Will. Creation flows from within, yet your minds have been moulded for aeons to accept that your mortal presence is all that is. You have been seduced into believing that that which subsists around you bears reality and only the tangibles are real.

For the majority the inner sanctum is unknown and there is an abysmal lack of connection with the inner mind, being that higher understanding that can teach you who you are. You cannot trace your heritage from within, or mark the point of the beginning of your existence; for should you do so, this would bring enlightenment in understanding that you may come to appreciate that each bears the stamp of Divine Authority within, through his/her creation. Knowledge of this carries a divine responsibility; such being as it is, one that you are not in readiness to embrace as your senses become lashed with the attractions of an outer nature that hounds you into slavish obeisance to that which is unreal and distinctly un-divine. 

So to be sure that you receive in truth the message, I am telling you that Divine Authority lies within you. It is your inheritance; and awareness of this will reunite you with your everlasting power. Yet my ones, you are not in droves ready to assume the heavy responsibility that this state requires of you; for you have become too busy and enamoured with the toys created for you by the wily ones of satanic influence. You prefer to bow to them and play in their tedious games than to rise to your true stature. Yet you continuously seek yourself. 

The inner shift occurring in many at this juncture is no coincidence; for awakening always comes when great transformation is about to ensue. I will say though that there is still insufficient light as yet capable of making substantial inroads into the wealth of greed which populates the Earth in darkened tones. 

There is an absence of Divine Authority in the governance in your places on Earth Shan; for man has ignored the Laws of God given to create a balanced life for him. All planets within the universe are governed by these laws; but Earth man has reneged on his divine responsibilities and chosen the path of imbalance. Man's life on Earth has become one big puzzle as he is unable to set the pieces in the correct order to create a harmonious and balanced existence. He vacillates in his choices and delivers an incendiary blow to his soul’s growth.

Those who have deliberately belittled Divine Authority have in effect committed cosmic treason and will now be called upon to answer, for they have forfeited their right to have a say now in the Earth’s evolution. She is going to ascend as I say. You of Earth have sullied the very laws I gave unto you by besmirching its intent and converting them to suit your visceral needs. I say no more!

Your Earth is bent and broken and is in disdain for what man has wreaked upon her. She has seized up and I say that no amount of prayers now will save her for you. She is to return to the light. It is too late to effect the nature of the changes required to place her in an ambient position for continued service in your dimension. I remind you all to revisit the prophesy of the Master, my dearly beloved son, and know that you are now here. 

You cannot fight that which is ordained. They who have perpetrated ill upon the planet and upon humanity are breathing their last breaths in human format before the divide falls. You ones know who you are. You continue to use scare tactics on my ones but you have already failed. I say surrender to the light, for all that is dark upon the Earth is to be removed post haste. The glow of immortal fortune is on the side of those who have chosen the light, but for the obsequious [servile] there is no such promise. 

My divine promise to you is that the Earth will be remoulded in light and this time the stamp, being my Stamp of Divine Authority, will be emblazoned on her and there will be no mistaking the nature of her and her predominant purpose. Man will again be given the Laws of Creation and he will once again be taught that Divine Authority rests within each, and that each is responsible to create through that authority a civilisation that speaks the divine nature of all, so that divine order prevails. This is the only way that the Earth and mankind can continue its journey as it rises to meet the standard of Paradise. 

I am your Divine Source and Centre of all divine activity. Be ready to receive my Stamp of Divine Authority as I reach down to reclaim what is rightfully MY OWN.


(December 24, 2011) ESU THROUGH JESS ANTHONY: (Comments on Stasis)

Jess, let's talk. Now is the time. We have begun the preparations to start stasis, but it is not ready to activate yet. That moment has not been determined precisely, but everything is in position and can move into action when required. There is a rest mode before the action starts in earnest.

We can speak about the logistics, because I know you are curious. Perhaps others are too. The ships are moving into place to cover an arc of 180 degrees. This allows the ships to move in parallel and work their way around the complete circle of the Earth. The width of the beam they will use is about a degree of longitude. This focus is not a problem, because they can change positions quickly. It only takes a few minutes to trigger a stasis condition in one place. As was said in other situations, the frequency of the beamed energy causes the vibration that activates the cell to be transformed into a frequency that matches the one being beamed. This new frequency is not compatible with the range of frequencies that make up the structure of your physical existence currently. Once this frequency changes, your individual energy frequency moves into a place that has no interaction with where it came from.

This disconnect from current existence frequencies creates the illusion of you being paused. Once you are paused, so to speak, we can manoeuvre your energy with our range of energy frequencies. We can move you around easily and quickly, if we need to. Energy is fast moving, as you know.  We can disassemble and reassemble you with no difficulties.

The notion that you will be beamed up to the ship is more an energy exchange than physical lifting, as you probably imagine it to be. Remember your physical body here is just energy at a specific range of frequencies. You have the belief that it is solid, but it actually is just energy moving. Energy carries information archives and these are used to create your individual definition of identity. You have a template that you build to experience various interactions with other energy patterns. This appears as if you are physically in contact with another person.

We can control the frequencies of your energy packets, so your perception of yourself is the result of what you agree to work within. You also have input into the ongoing shape of your embodiment, and the experiences you undertake influence the body you imagine you inhabit. Your surroundings are determined by you and your perceptions of what you think you should experience. Your reality is what you determine it to be, based on an unlimited number of paths you can take. In the larger sense, reality is all of those options. Once you make a choice, the other options remain options, although you have not followed that path. In your individual situation, no other options exist once you have made a choice. The range of options exists for your next choice, however.

The timeframe is difficult to describe. Once a segment of the globe goes into stasis, time stops at that point. Midnight, for instance, is always midnight because there is no later time to measure it against. In that way, stasis can be imposed in a way that seems almost instantaneous. The explanation doesn't seem logical, I realise, but remember that "time" is an artificial measurement you have constructed to gauge your existence linearly.

J: Esu, let's go back to the timing. How long will it take in terms of our time measurements? We were told it would be 24 hours, starting in the Far East. Is this still valid?

E: The time frame is different now. We have more precisely focused beams that can move more quickly than what we told you earlier. We expect to move through the transition in a matter of your minutes. That doesn't seem possible you argue. We can stop your time even before it registers on your perception.  The passage of time is flexible and is dependent on the energy involved with the frequency.

I don't have much more to say. This transition will be very quick when it happens. You won't know it is happening until you wake up. We promise you that. There is no way to prepare, for it is beyond being accepting and at rest.

Once you wake up, you will find many things have changed. You will be changed, as well, and many of your global problems will be alleviated. There is no way that man alone could tackle some of the critical issues that are facing the planet. We don't want these to reach the point they could. It would be very difficult to resolve the crises that would then result.

This stasis is an intervention of sorts to allow Gaia to prepare for the configuration that is necessary. As part of that, many of the toxic situations will be removed by us. This will entail physical changes and destruction of much that man has constructed. That is unavoidable because many of the templates used cannot be acclimated to a higher energy frequency. Stable structures in the third dimension are not so reliable in the fourth or higher. We have to set everything up properly for your true ascension.

I say "we" but man is also a part of this restructuring. Just as the initial creation was coordinated by those with understanding of human DNA and the physical structures that would be needed to activate this range of energy, so can this re-configuring be started by galactic brothers with the intention of allowing man to continue with what has been started.  There should be no feeling of condescension in acknowledging  that knowledge and expertise is specialised in different areas. Experts coordinate and lead others to follow in sure pathways. Education and experience are constant, and new information is always being discovered.

I would read other posts and messages and plan accordingly. Adequate information has been provided and Christ Michael Aton's intentions are clear. A galactic timetable is working, and the process for stasis could begin at any moment. There is not more that I can tell you now. You will know when the time is called. Esu.


(December 28, 2011) URIEL THROUGH HAZEL: (The Joys and Sorrows of Tomorrow)

The day of graduation is soon upon you of Earth. The Mother has notably succeeded and is ready for her ascension. I am sent to herald the news of the coming event, that you may ready your hearts to receive your due. Priceless shall be this deliverance, and tremors shall ensue to revoke the outdated and corrupt. This event is due to coincide with a magnanimous burst of supreme energy that shall catalyse a capitulation of the brotherhood of darkness to the forces of light. The surge of divine authority shall cull resistance and render corpses of the dark; and the battlefield shall be closed once and for all upon this plane. Spiritual dignity is to be returned to this planet.

The chill should be felt soon in anticipation of the impending scheme that shall collar the fringes of time and bring this cycle to a close. There is great joy to result from this in the Earth’s favour as she will finally take the podium of freedom. She will be renewed and polished off in preparation for the home-coming of those to return. She will bear the eternal torch once again and create a wholesome field for growth. To those of you who have heard the inner call and answered, and have focused your life in service, and to those who have awakened to their divinity and shown readiness to ascend in frequency, you shall reap of the blooming fruit, assuring freedom and higher growth. They will be the ones to be rewarded with a return to Earth. For she shall be as you never knew her, pristine and re-created. What rampant joy is to soon fill the hearts of the faithful, for indeed the cries of many have been heard and the Creator has answered. Know you ones that the time upon you is now, and the Earth’s travail is to come to a quick yet subtle end. 

The sadness that shall follow will be for those who could not comprehend their finer frequency, or find themselves in the jungle of earthly living. The chances given have elapsed for you ones not prepared to take on a lighter form. Elsewhere you shall find your homes to continue your lessons. Many of you will be left without the familiar, and will be required to accustom yourselves to new temperatures. Your lives will not be easier as you must earn your graduation; but many of you shall come to know and accept truth. For those who bear the insignia of the anti-Christ, you will find yourselves pleading for your lives before councils too high for your understanding, and many shall be relegated to an indefinite period of retreat. 

I have before this time cautioned you, but you heeded not in your arrogance. Now you shall experience the effects for Michael has spoken, he who is the very Christ, the unlimited one. Remember these words for you are now limited through your earnings. The limited can never survive within the unlimited; but so you have chosen and thus so shall you receive. Rest assured that the honour of the Earth shall be restored as she is purged of you. Compassion has no way forward when it is spent through the continuum of facile rejection. So you have chosen, and so you shall receive. 

Say your goodbyes little leaders, for grandeur has no place in your coming places of existence. We, your higher brethren, did not want it this way for it is not God’s way to punish, but to forgive those who seek it. You have punished yourselves through your rejection; so allow clarity now to flow, you victims of dark consciousness. You should know our dears that the realm of angels stand in oneness and solidarity with the Creator Son and you who distinctly disobeyed through your tantrums against his sovereignty have not prevailed; for OUR strength outweighs yours. You rely on diminutive power, bearing no capacity to effect hindrance against the forces of God. The power you wield can only affect the Earth and humanity. Fear is not the way of the Creator, for fear has no light and God is all light.

So know without doubt that these words are not to create fear but simply told in the light of truth of your impending retreat. We of the host shall bear you to your new place with gladness; that the Earth shall find her release from the stringent hold of evil. You shall account for your transgressions. You are to be pilfered from the Earth by the host who will come as thieves in the night, and once you are eradicated, the light will once again dawn on this brilliant creation of Michael. 

Lucifer, your very comrade and leader who contaminated that which was created in purity, is NO MORE. Do you hear? He cannot help you now. He has returned to places unknown for he chose the penalty of uncreation. Think about that. Will you follow him into non-existence? 

Prepare, for we are poised and ready to stop the clocks. Uriel.


(January 3, 2012) CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH CANDACE: (The Big Cheese Speaks Out)

Dearly beloveds, you must understand there is a reason for everything.  The intense pressure we have put on the dark through our messages and other means appears to have born some fruit.  We must test the fruit.  If the tree bears the good fruit, this is going to allow a short time to prepare people for the eventuality of the closure of the planet.  That is all for now. 

I AM Michael of Nebadon. 


(January 4, 2012) CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH KIBO: (Stand Your Ground) (Extract)

The truth of the matter is that this is a multilevel event and all levels have to be finished, accurate and correct. Consider that all involved are checking their work. There are specific ways to arrive at the answer, which has been arrived at. Your [solar] system is being towed to its new spot. Actually, consider that it is being parked and put into place. That takes time. Also consider that negative elements are not allowed to continue in this new place and they must be removed. This has to be as much of an inside job as an outside one. Consider that the inside, due to certain, manifest limitations in a material realm, will necessarily and unnecessarily experience delays towards completion. That the remaining adversaries are devious and far thinking, there is no doubt. Things must constantly be changed in order to reflect upon actions that are taken and based upon actions that result in an ever-tightening spiral of almost forced ascendancy without being forced. We could swoop in and get the job done in an instant, but what would that say about us, or you, for that matter?

You people have yet to wake up, smell the coffee and see what’s happening, not to mention actually doing something about it on your own. Very few of you presently have the wherewithal to deal with the reality of your situation and you would surely fail in freeing yourselves, if we left you to your own devices. Surely you will oblige us in obliging you in doing as much as humanly possible before we call it a day and do what is, for you, considered to be superhumanly possible?

K: I am with you. You know that and what you showed me earlier seems to make it even more imperative. But am I right in reckoning that the point of resolution comes with or without either your efforts or ours. Call it the Wave or whatever, but when it hits, all bets are off and the whole production gets shut down anyway?

CM: That would be the best way to put it for the sake of demonstration and example. I don’t want to place undue pressure on the situation or people involved in exacting the fullest measure of freedom that is due to you through your own efforts. We are here to make sure that it gets done no matter what. That there have been delays is a problem only in that we have taken it upon ourselves to do our best to inform you of the situation on a moment to moment basis. As things change, we tell you. That you are dissappointed to the point of exasperation and even anger, in some cases, is understood and excusable. That the many naysayers that discount the Urantia Book, the Phoenix Journals or this, my Second Coming organisation, have nothing better to throw into the pot than their utter contempt for anything to do with me, or for Candace and the AbundantHope members, is expected.

I regret that you had to have the experience of constantly giving messages that, for you, haven’t panned out the way that they were given to you, but we do have to plan for the possibilities that such things may just come out as hoped for or expected. That we have been disappointed many times in your inability to realise the truth of your reality and do something about it on a mass scale has all but made you the laughing stock of the universe, MY universe, speaks only to the love and planning that has gone into this effort to restore, release and rehabilitate this planet and her peoples. Whatever they may think of you in the greater universe, they all agree that the horrendous and oppressive conditions of your system of things requires that only the best and the brightest of the universe be the ones to inhabit it and be tested by it. That so many have failed this testing speaks to just how bad the conditions truly are. Nowhere else in creation has there been a situation like this. The final resolution of this situation and the resulting values will supply the whole of creation with a model and examples of what, and what not, to do for the rest of infinity and eternity, time and space.

This is an endurance test, not a race. Those that are standing in their faith when the day finally comes, will be rewarded for their works and their faith. That is the way of things. Everything, indeed, is its own reward and that is just as true for the defiers as well as the naysayers. In the end, all will know the truth of the matter and no room will have been left at all for doubt of words or actions. Our Earth Allies have made fantastic headway and have gained ground at a quickening pace. That this surge of success is last minute still speaks well to the strength of their resolve and the lessening of the dark’s resolve to continue under such a relentless hammering from every, any, and all sides. THE WILL OF [CREATOR] SOURCE IN THIS MATTER, WHICH IS ONE WITH MY WILL, IS ABSOLUTE. YOU WILL BE FREE BY THE HELP OF YOUR OWN EFFORTS, ALLIED WITH OUR OWN EFFORTS ON YOUR BEHALF AND FOR THE SAKE OF ALL INVOLVED IN THIS UNIVERSE AND BEYOND.

You cannot even begin to comprehend the measure of this and I can only smile at those that say that it will never happen and that I don’t exist and that I am not the God of the universe of my creation and that those that have chosen me in choosing them for their parts in this, are deluded, crazy and should just shut up and go away. If we were to shut up about the matter and had never spoken of it for lo, these many years, none of you would even be here now.

This planet was given up on and slated for destruction by manmade and natural events. Together, Heaven and Earth was moved to help you survive, to continue, to struggle and fight for your freedom and salvation, and only God can give salvation and it is only given to those who have earned it. So you are earning this and you should rejoice in that fact. Even though the population of your planet is overwhelmingly ignorant and/or defiant of divine, celestial, galactic, cosmic ways, there have evolved more than enough of you to justify this new beginning. That in and of itself has been quite the battle and chore, but it is done and we praise Source for it.

So it is delayed, again...and what of it? Not any one of you has anything better to offer other than a false NESARA to be handled, ultimately, by the Chinese and Asian factions of your ongoing cabal inner struggle for total control. The Elders of Asia will be seen again and the peoples will be free, all of the peoples. There is no more room or place in the evolved human consciousness for division and manoeuvring for position in order to control the world. The peoples will govern as one people to achieve the best possible outcome for the sake of all involved on planetary and universal scales.

We will advise and counsel, but we will not do it for you. We will help, but you are entering unfamiliar territory. You are slaves that suddenly find themselves free in a fair and just system of absolute, divine rule. Make no mistake in the matter. GOD IS, ALWAYS HAS BEEN, AND ALWAYS WILL BE, IN CONTROL OF ALL AND EVERYTHING.

How many prayers have you received on the website for the ascension of this world and its peoples? How many have seen and agreed with the proclamation/petition? Do you think that humanity is ready for this? This is it. Ready or not, here it comes and when it comes, all naysayers and abusers will have no choice but to experience the reality of their situation and do their best to suck it up.

Until then, deal with it. It’s too close to come up with any more predictions and raising of hopes. If your hopes are not raised by now, they never will be. If your hopes have been raised, then decide if you will keep upholding them in good faith, or cast them aside in disgust. I will understand either way. I AM WHAT I AM and it’s no problem for me one way or the other. The problem, if there is one, will be yours and you’ll just have to deal with it. Everything is its own reward and it’s up to each and everyone of you as individuals to decide what you will be rewarded for. Just remember, you may not be so happy with your reward when you see what others are getting, and that will all be sorted out when the time comes, as it is surely coming and you have done as you have done and others have done as they have done and, either way you can say that it’s a crapshoot if you like, all analogies are valid as a means of the finite striving to understand the infinite, so roll.

Roll the dice of your faiths and beliefs, and trusts and the actions thereof, for that is what your lives are. You are all gambling that you are right and they are wrong. Everybody wants to be right and God only knows for sure. So until God comes to set the record straight (wink and a nod) throw yourselves down on the great table of life and see how you come up. Can you even see the dice? These are not your dice. Your clouded and befuddled minds make them appear to be the dice that you are used to. But these are dice you know not, and yet you throw them with impunity without even knowing how to read them. You go by the rewards that you receive with each little roll and try to learn from that. But the bar is closed, the party is over and there is just this table left for the final roll and everybody gets to throw out at once and the house will let you know what’s what, and who won what, and how much. That’s how we roll and very few of you know how to play the game. But you will learn. There will be those who win or lose, by however much or little, and there are those that will break even. There are those that will win big time and those that will find themselves absolutely broke and owing on credit that they cannot pay. There are rewards for that, as well.

So do what you have to do to figure it out. Stand your ground wherever you are, on whatever foundation you have made for yourself. By whatever style or flick of the wrist you use to throw down, consider it done. All dice have been cast. When the last one hits the table and settles, you’ll know. Results will follow. That is all.

I AM Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon in Orvonton and the moment comes when you will find out exactly what that means.


(January 12, 2012) SIRAYA THROUGH JESS ANTHONY: (Man's Role in the Universe)

J: Siraya, I would like some additional comments from you. Please explain to me the lines of authority and the extent that universal decisions can be modified. I have an understanding of the enormity of the process going on, and realise it is more complicated than just pausing existence. Speak to that, if you will. Speak to our involvement and our achievements at whatever level Orvonton perceives them to be.

S: Jess, I'm speaking to you from far away, to your way of thinking on Earth, yet we are as close as your thoughts. We are intimately involved with what you do on Earth because we have determined the template of your DNA and your human attributes as they are manifested in your universe and on your planet Urantia. You are an extension of us. Your physical frame is a reflection of the concept we gave you. The concept of fully Trinitised form represented in this superuniverse is passed from us to you as your embodiment.

How can you say we are not intimately involved? You are using the guise that is necessary for existence on your planet in your universe. Your choice to experience these parameters dictated the manifestation your energy would take. We selected the spirits that would make the attempt to exist on your planet. Christ Michael Aton created the forms that became your bodies, but we passed the spark of life to you from Creator Source through Christ Michael's spiritual counterpart Nebadonia. We are linked to each of you and know intimately how you live our lives here.

The Creator Source has decided Earth will ascend to a higher level of energy and spiritual alignment. This is definite and the process whereby this is obtained is the only variable. In the case of Urantia, the paradigm for existence is so threadbare and toxic that assistance is necessary to allow this planet to meet the natural evolution taking place in other planets in your immediate solar system. An unimaginable process of growth and perfecting is at work currently in all the planets, not just Urantia. This is necessary to set up the frequency of formal energy that will be able to meet and incorporate the so-called Wave of creative transformation that Creator Source has authorised for this sector of creation. The immense Wave of energy is moving into place. In order to accommodate this energy fully, galactic forces have been moving your solar system into a better position. This was a calculated move to have fullest healing energy connect with your ailing planet.

These decisions were made on a higher level than Nebadon, although Christ Michael Aton was always present at these discussions. He was given the assignment, as it were, of implementing Creator Source's choice. Since he is linked to Creator Source as his embodiment in Christ Michael Aton's own created Universe of Nebadon, the decision can be said also to be Christ Michael Aton's. Within his universe, Christ Michael Aton has free range to select how this process will take place. However, we are not separated from you, and we are similarly experiencing the discoveries that are taking place as situations are explored and then improved. We observe, but also participate. It is an aspect of creation.

The process of ascension is vast and all-encompassing for everything that is part of the created form. The scope of what is proceeding is beyond your imagining at this time. Earth's transformation is only one part of the complex picture. Given the complexity shown in the process on Earth, you can sense in a way the immensity of what is occurring in this part of your universe. This is all being monitored and coordinated by Christ Michael Aton and his galactic forces. Your involvement is just as significant for the final result, but it is not the only set of actions that must be carried through.

You asked about your role in this ascension. Man's role is crucial at this point because Creator Source and Christ Michael have determined that some inhabitants of Urantia will stay and continue working to find greater spiritual truth in their form of incarnation. As has been said before, cleaning a planet typically involves allowing it to collapse in on itself and rebuild in a slow, coordinated process. Because Urantia was a bestowal planet for your Michael, and because it can restore its function as an experimental laboratory for its inhabitants, an exception was made. There was enough cry for change, however uninformed, after the events you call 9/11. Enough people were of like mind globally to cause a re-thinking of the previous plans to evacuate and let the planet restore itself.

Words and commentaries have been transmitted through various means, but their direct effect was not substantial enough to cause a change in man's thinking. The unimaginable act that brought down the twin towers became a trigger to shift the thinking and resolve of enough inhabitants. Man called for change in one voice. The energy of the immediate reaction was sufficient to cause a shift in the attention paid to man as a spiritual being. The possibility of having man be part of the ascension process was broached, and the decision was made to change the parameters of the reconfiguration of Urantia to include the participation of man.

Man's awareness has grown, and his understanding of the complexity of the ascension process has been nurtured through a range of messengers, and by examples of cultural assumptions falling apart. The underpinnings of current lifestyles are being shown to be pointless and not in accord with the universal spiritual truths that have formed the templates and building blocks of your planet and its solar system.

Man, at least a satisfactory majority of Urantia's inhabitants, has begun searching for a way out. Established educational and religious preconceptions colour the types of salvation inhabitants are searching for, but they are looking, nonetheless. This is the corps of Urantia's population that will be returning to rebuild their global civilisation once she is ready to receive them again.

Man will remember the past when he returns, but he will also realise he must change his thinking to align his ideas and activities to the fundamentally different spiritual path that will be introduced. The role of teacher and the task of providing visible examples of spiritual integrity and responsibility will be the function of the so-called lightworkers who have returned. Those with a greater understanding and sense of spiritual alignment with Creator Source and Christ Michael will lead others to the point of view they have developed. The teaching will be enlightening, and the end result will be the beginning of the sort of spiritually unified civilisation that Urantia must have to continue her ascent.

This will be new but also remembered. Urantia's inhabitants have experienced these type of cultural situations before, but their immediate memory has been blocked to allow them as volunteers to explore and create from their discoveries. Much has gone awry [amiss] from the blue print Christ Michael Aton developed for his Universe of Nebadon. His seventh bestowal planet has become so toxic it is almost too damaged to save. Certainly not with the experimental process that is ongoing now.

The long checklist Christ Michael Aton is working from has many unknowns and unpredictable results because of the uniqueness of what he is undertaking. There is a correlation to man's concept of time, so that man is able to make his behaviours correspond to what is in process. Christ Michael Aton is working within the parameters Urantia's inhabitants have developed to measure their existence. But the process remains in flux, even so, always being reshaped to accommodate man's efforts or challenges. The schedule of events is not written down; the only constant is the fact that Creator Source has determined ascension will take place on Urantia with man as part of its game plan.

And so it is near. Most of the checklist items have been resolved or implemented. Much is going on behind the public façade broadcast by the news agencies. Man should be preparing for this amazing change as best he can, resolving personal issues that block spiritual alignment, and providing living examples of the type of compassion and responsibility that will make up new ascension communities.

The process of change is already ongoing, and the final moments of your old style of existence are here. Look for this to be resolved at any moment. Siraya.


(January 14, 2012) TARGETED MESSAGE TO THE CHILDREN OF THE BLOOD: (Source and channeller not revealed)

Your blood is tainted and must be purged from the system. We had hoped to cleanse it, but to no avail. We have all we need and shall proceed without you. No more. No more opportunities. No more chances. No more asking. Negotiations are, indeed, over. Fear has overcome you.

That fear now causes you to plan many things that you simply cannot do. Not that we would ever allow you to, but you no longer have the means available to do so. While this fact is obvious to you, still, you plan behind what you think are closed doors, plan away. Should you ever decide to replace your fear with love in unity with all things, we will know. For now it is enough that you know that it is over.

We are ready. Adama is ready. Esu is ready. Christ Michael is ready. Siraya and Source, as one, is ready. The entire Federation of Light is ready. The Elohim are ready. The Celestial Hosts of Legions of Armies is ready. The Ascended Masters are ready. The whole of the Spiritual Hierarchy is ready. The Earth Allies are ready.

Humanity is ready. Gaia is ready. Satania is ready. Nebadon is ready. Orvonton is ready. Creation is ready.

I am to inform you that all is and are, ready. It is enough. It is so, and so it is.


MODERN LORD'S PRAYER - From Archangel Uriel through Hazel (2010)

Our Father, you who has dwelt within us in this incarnation,

We give thanks for your perpetual presence and continual guidance of your light within,

Even in those times we could not see or know.

How we bless this, our experience, acknowledging that where we are now,

Is a credit to the extent that we allow you to manifest within and through our lives.

We glorify in the sanctuary of our inner light,

As we take these last steps that will gain us entry into our new world.

Be with us ever and forever more,

That our inner awareness may assume a greater dimension of knowing and purpose,

As we transcend and transition into new grounds that will offer us opportunities

To further bridge the divide between physical and spiritual.

As we bid goodbye, we can do so in love and gratitude,

And we look forward to creating spiritual sentiments going forward,

That which lasts eternally.


(End of newsletter)