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Issue 86 – March 2012

Highlights of this issue:

· A lot of things are being finalised, in particular, individual dark force members are being removed from the planet before the long stasis.

· Major Earth changes are expected any day.

· Many “resignations” have occurred within financial institutions worldwide.

· Two weeks of public announcements before stasis is back on the agenda.

· Some scientists comment on acoustic noises being heard in the atmosphere. They may be caused by solar energies or the Wave settling in place.

· Some people are also hearing melodic music, this is the Music of the Spheres!

· Esu comments on success of the AbundantHope Internet site since 2005. The success of this has resulted in whole plans for Earth being re-written.

· Whitney Houston was one of Christ Michael's Arch Angels incarnate. He welcomes her return.

· China has taken control of the Federal Reserve.

· Creator Source gives three messages, one to the dark ones, one to the unaware of humanity, and one to the enlightened souls of the planet.

· Adama states the fate of the dark ones is sealed, these remnants of the Luciferian Rebellion will appear before the Orvonton courts. He also says everything is prepared for the return of the ground crew to ships!



Editorial 2; Ophelius/Chris 2; Scientific explanation of noises 3; Esu/Candace 4; Christ Michael/Johan 5;  Christ Michael/Candace 6; Christ Michael/Jess 7; Christ Michael/Unknown 7; Re George Van Tassel 8;  Re Ashtar 8; Ancient of Days/Candace 8; Creator Source/Kibo (3) 8, 9, 10; Siraya/Johan 11; Creator Source/Kibo 12; Christ Michael/Candace 13; Adama/Eve 13


This newsletter includes relevant information from global and higher realms as major positive changes to Earth and humanity unfold in these prophesied end times. We are co-creating a new Golden Age, connecting once more to the physical and non-physical universes through the process of Ascension, with assistance from our galactic brothers and sisters. Suppressed truth is surfacing rapidly, and indeed shall set us free.

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Without again wishing to be repetitive, recent messages from higher realms indicate we are getting closer to what we have been expecting for a long time. I dare not suggest how soon! Everything is being wrapped up. A recent comment from higher realms was, “Steady and satisfactory progress is being made”. Aton has said to humanity, “It's no longer business as usual”.

In a new aspect of the Divine Plan, dark forces are being removed continually without waiting for stasis. There will be, or should be, around two weeks of education on TV afterall, before stasis. The coordination of many activities is being made to allow genuine announcements. Those in the media who intended broadcasting porkies to put more fear into the general public during planned education time are also being removed.

Regarding the dark ones, Christ Michael says, “They received enough notice and are taken out of the games they were playing. That, and gathering legal proof against them, and watching and supporting your Mother Earth in her wider and rapidly changing environment has been the brunt of our activity, and not a small one either”.

Temperatures are increasing within Earth, and undersea volcanoes could well set off large tsunamis any day.

The cloned Queen Elizabeth (head of the Committee of 300) has been removed and a look-alike has replaced her for public duties. This one seems to have “beady” eyes. And, as previously suggested, there have been “hundreds” of senior banking industry people “resigning”. Many of these have likely already been removed from the planet.

There have been photos and videos of hundreds of large space craft around the Sun in early March. Some of these were 15 to 20 times the size of Earth. They were manipulating and adjusting energies to protect our planet from huge coronial mass ejections, and to enable energies to be directed to our inner sun core to be utilised for tectonic plates and other changes.

An interesting older book has been highlighted recently, “Beyond the Light Barrier” (1980), which was reprinted in 2009 by Light Technology Publishing: . It is the autobiographical story of Elizabeth Klarer, a South African woman, and Akon, an astrophysicist from Meton, a planet of Proxima Centauri, in the Alpha Centauri group. It is at a distance of about 4.3 light years, and is our nearest stellar neighbour. Elizabeth was taken in Akon's spaceship to Meton where she lived with his family for four months, and where their son was born. Her life on Meton is fascinatingly described. He brought Elizabeth back to Earth and continued to visit her.

Akon explained how the light-propulsion system used in the spaceship operated, which is explained in detail in the book. He also explained that at that time, Jupiter was in the process of becoming a sun!! Elizabeth was given a standing ovation at the 11th International Congress of UFO Research Groups at Wiesbaden in 1975 and her speech as guest of honour was applauded by scientists of 22 nations.

Tony Wicks                  March 28, 2012


Galactic and World News (Edited)

(January 22, 2012)  OPHELIUS THROUGH CHRIS:  (The Divine Relationship) 

Today we would like to discuss the relationship between the Divine Spirit and the soul.  The Divine Spirit is known by many names: The Higher Self, the Indwelling Spirit, the Oversoul, the Ka, God Fragment, the Thought Adjuster, and many others. It seeks expression in the lives of its indwelling hosts (humans) and it is through this channel that the soul of an individual progresses. 

What is the soul?  The soul is that culmination of values and experiences that have to do with the identity of the individual that survives the life in the flesh and goes on to higher levels of perfection attainment through the process of ascension.  Only those values and experiences that were born from the Indwelling Spirit and which found a channel of expression in the individual through the discovery of truth, beauty, and goodness, survives and becomes the true essence, identity, and personality of the ascending soul, the ‘real you’.

Throughout your life, and mostly unaware by you, the Indwelling Spirit prepares your mind for these survival value experiences, and begins the process of harvesting those experiences in preparation for the next phase of your ascension.  There is a very delicate balance between what the Indwelling Spirit can inspire the individual to accomplish and what the will of the individual will allow.  If the ‘student’ is willing to embrace the values of truth, beauty, and goodness, the Indwelling Spirit has a wider channel in which to work.

It is a long and sometimes difficult process for divinity to communicate with the electro-chemical animal nature of humans, who are just starting out on the journey from imperfection to perfection.  Divinity has to compete with all the distractions of planetary life and find a way to ‘spiritise’ the mind in preparation for your next life on the mansion worlds, the training worlds of human ascension.  Through this process of spiritualising the mind, the Indwelling Spirit plants seeds along the journey that hopefully will sprout and grow into an awareness of divinity at work in the life of that individual.  Once this connection is made, the channel for divine expression opens up and the soul really progresses and flourishes and begins to seek perfection.

Once the perfection desire begins, the soul (the individualised part) seeks union with the Whole.  It is upon the realisation of this desire for God-likeness that the individual is ‘born again of the Spirit.’  The partnership of God and man has been consummated and the eternal adventure begins.  My friends, this new awareness of the presence of God in your life is monumental, and you really have little understanding of what it means to have life eternal, and to become god-like through unending and astonishing experiences as you travel inward and onward to the Corp of Finality on Paradise!  How blessed you are indeed to be aware of the divine relationship.  Sit with this message now in stillness and contemplate what it means to you.  (The 11:11 Progress Group -

[Tony: This message is aimed at those souls who are to ascend from the current 4th Dimension to the 5th Dimension or higher, sometime in the future. It does not include the 50 percent of the human population on Earth who do not  have souls. Nor does it include the Star Seeds who do not need to ascend. There are over 200 million Star Seeds on this planet who volunteered "recently" or long go, to help lift Earth. They came from this universe and other universes. They don't have to ascend, having already done that and been to Paradise and back out again. You could be one of them!! Christ Michael Aton set up the process leading to the 4th Dimension around 2000 years ago. Whether the Star Seed people come back from evacuation craft after stasis with the one billion to continue evolution here, or go to other worlds, remains to be seen. Perhaps they will continue their old contracts or perhaps sign a new contract. ]


(January 28, 2012)  EARTH "GROANING" NOISES DUE TO SOLAR ACTIVITY":  (Strange Sounds in Sky Explained by Scientists) (Origin not given, received from ECETI)

Q: Mr. Khalilov, what is the nature of the unusual very low-pitched sounds reported by a great number of people in different parts of the planet since the summer of 2011? Many call them "The Sound of the Apocalypse". Information about that comes from all over the world: US, UK, Costa Rica, Russia, Czech Republic, Australia, etc.

A: We have analysed records of these sounds and found that most of their spectrum lies within the infrasound range, that is, it is not audible to humans. What people hear is only a small fraction of the actual power of these sounds. They are low-frequency acoustic emissions in the range between 20 and 100 Hertz modulated by ultra-low infrasonic waves from 0.1 to 15 Hz. In geophysics, they are called acoustic-gravity waves; they are formed in the upper atmosphere, at the atmosphere-ionosphere boundary in particular. There can be quite a lot of causes why those waves are generated: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, storms, tsunamis, etc. However, the scale of the observed humming sound in terms of both the area covered and its power far exceeds those that can be generated by the above-mentioned phenomena. [Perhaps it is the Wave?]

Q: In that case, what could be causing this humming in the sky?

A: In our opinion, the source of such powerful and immense manifestation of acoustic-gravity waves must be very large-scale energy processes. These processes include powerful solar flares and huge energy flows generated by them, rushing towards Earth's surface and destabilising the magnetosphere, ionosphere and upper atmosphere. Thus, the effects of powerful solar flares: the impact of shock waves in the solar wind, streams of corpuscles and bursts of electromagnetic radiation are the main causes of generation of acoustic-gravitation waves following increased solar activity.

Given the surge in solar activity as manifested itself in the higher number and energy of solar flares since mid-2011, we can assume that there is a high probability of impact of the substantial increase in solar activity on the generation of the unusual humming coming from the sky. It should be pointed out that solar activity began to rise sharply since early 2011, with its amplitude significantly higher than all forecasts given by a number of influential scientific institutions in 2010 and 2011. Meanwhile, the observed increase in solar activity is fully consistent with the forecast of the International Committee GEOCHANGE published in the Committee's Report in June 2010. If this growth rate of solar activity continues, its amplitude by the end of 2012 will be higher than the amplitude of 23rd solar cycle, and in 2013-2014 the solar activity will reach its peak the amplitude of which was predicted by us to be 1.5 - 1.7 times higher than the amplitude of the 23rd cycle.

Q: But you said that the cause of the "sky hum" can lie within Earth's core as well, what does it mean?

A: There is one more possible cause of these sounds and it may lie at the Earth's core. The fact is that the acceleration of the drift of the Earth's north magnetic pole which increased more than fivefold between 1998 and 2003 and is at the same level today points to intensification of energy processes in the Earth's core, since it is processes in the inner and outer core that form the Earth's geomagnetic field. [Tony: They still seemingly promote a solid core/cores within Earth!!]

Meanwhile, as we have already reported, on November 15, 2011 all ATROPATENA geophysical stations which record three-dimensional variations of the Earth's gravitational field almost simultaneously registered a powerful gravitational impulse. The stations are deployed in Istanbul, Kiev, Baku, Islamabad and Yogyakarta, with the first and last one being separated by a distance of about 10,000 km. Such a phenomenon is only possible if the source of this emanation is at the Earth's core level. That huge energy release from the Earth's core at the end of the last year was some kind of a start signal indicating the transition of the Earth's internal energy into a new active phase.

Intensification of the energy processes in the Earth's core can modulate the geomagnetic field which, through a chain of physical processes at the ionosphere - atmosphere boundary level, generates acoustic-gravity waves the audible range of which has been heard by people in the form of a frightening low-frequency sound in different parts of our planet.

In both cases, even though the causes of acoustic-gravity waves are of a quite understandable geophysical nature, they are indicative of the expected sigificant increase in solar activity and the geodynamic activity of our planet. There is no doubt that processes in the core rule the internal energy of our planet, therefore, we should expect by the end of 2012 [or sooner] a sharp rise in strong earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and extreme weather events with peak levels in 2013 - 2014.  


(February 8, 2012)  ESU THROUGH CANDACE FRIEZE:  (Thank You for Our AbundantHope 7th Anniversary)

Dearly beloveds, at the time of Candace's and my anniversary from when we produced our first joint piece, January 31 this year, 7 years already,  I have meant to do a small piece to express my sincere appreciation for all these years you have supported our work.

When she and I started this, Christ Michael was only luke warm to the idea and at the time, Candace was struggling with who he was!  She knew something was "up" but at the time we were not ready to reveal. We did not even know if anyone would pick up the work and it was my personal goal to have the material on and accepted thus by Patrick Bellringer, who could then assist us because of his readership and the Phoenix Journals that he been able to get onto the Internet.  And so the first pieces were specifically written to appeal to him and I waited with "baited breathe" to see how he would respond.

Well he did.  He was already somewhat aware of her and had posted some of her material written for Lewis News and Rense prior to our choosing this role.  Her work on the Internet , at the invitation of the gentlemen who ran Lewis News had gone well, and she was being tested a bit before we started this project to see if her writing would gain attention and she could keep on with that project.

Candace had her first murder attempt against her in late November of 2004.  This was MOST worrisome to myself.  I nearly backed off the project, but after her recovery for which AA Raphael gave assistance to her in the hospital, she was determined anyway to go ahead and so we did.

We published our first piece as above, on January 31, 2005 and thankfully, Patrick Bellringer posted the first six all at once in mid February and I was in great joy. So we continued.  It became evident with the reader support that our own website would be needed, and one came forth in a few months with an offer to assist that, and Mark remains dedicated to that project today and is held in great admiration by myself and the rest of us.

So the website opened up on December 6, of 2005, with the use of free software and we were in business on our own! Shortly afterwards some other early members experienced some harm to their children and one of those children required emergency intervention for a head injury caused by "invisible" thugs who pushed the child out of a window.   She was soon fine from that episode. There was however reconsideration of perhaps maybe we should back off,  but the people who were already dedicated to this project, even at the risk of these issues wanted to go forth and so we did.

And here we are now, and this is by far the most successful of our various projects since the return of ourselves. Christ Michael was thrilled at the early progress and commitment and so he endorsed it as Hatonn, and began doing messages. When Candace finally, after all the hints understood WHO he was, she was "flabbergasted" and in almost a state of shock but recovered that time too. So then it was decided for Message #25 to be released on April 25, of 2006 which explained who he was and our relationship. It took Candace many hours to get that one "done",  as she was so "floored" still, and took many breaks to go out and walk and clear herself, the emotional energy was great.  She fully had a far better understanding of this new game and felt a bit overwhelmed. See -

So, it has been a wondrous experience over the years, exciting and tough for all involved, but beloveds, the whole plans for Earth have been rewritten and we all are overjoyed, despite the continued issues with the dark.  You have all been on our roller coaster and while I supposed I might "apologise" I will not, as without that roller coaster we would not be where we are at now.

This has been, with the generous support in every way of all of you, the most successful project we all have undertaken together.  The Phoenix Journal project was  just a teaching project, with no further goals than to give man some information in hopes he would awaken and have tools; and of course not enough of Earth's population woke up "in time" for us to bring real assistance, as those books were prevented their proper distribution.

Now we are here,  working to do something so totally different.  We did NOT plan on any Second Coming organisation.  We did not plan on a group who would supervise the changes in cooperation with the people of Earth, NOT an Earth-created group. We of course had some ideas if there was an awaking and many folks walking in here to assist, both born of woman, and not born of woman. S333 [David Righter] is an example of one NOT born of woman,  you were introduced to, who walks this world, has a wife and a little daughter now [actually they are now on a ship, as are the other inner Earth people].

I am telling you beloveds, this organisation, AbundantHope is the AWE of those above working in this large endeavour.  WE did NOT expect this, and I figured and so did Christ Michael that this would just be a teaching project, just channellings given.  But you came, and many of you have publicly-acknowledged roles but there are quite a few we have NOT yet made public, simply because of the issues of safely and nothing else.




 (February 8, 2012)  CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH JOHAN:  (No Longer Business As Usual)

J: I remember from most likely being on board during the night, that serious decision time is here, especially with the whole Syria/Middle East situation that will need intervention. CMAton asked me to continue our daily meditation but stated clearly, 

''If we ever told you that it should not be business as usual anymore in your daily lives, then we repeat it and mean it, with the UTMOST VIGOUR. Where your attention goes, that is where your energy goes and it can only connect with our Light-energy if YOU make/want it so. I would suggest you do the extra effort to make your connection with your Higher Self and us celestial ones a priority and habit, which will help you greatly in the times we are in now. It is your choice, but accept my extended hand and you will safely arrive where you deserve to be, with the least amount of inconveniences. I can only offer. Only when you prove your hunger for a better and purer spiritual alignment, will it manifest that way. But it must come from your will and choice.

Since we have recently given all of you Light Workers and Star Seeds the chance to better connect and be in the knowing at the right time, it is up to you to make it happen to the best of your abilities. Things can change quickly now, in the twinkling of an eye, and the preparation is and has always been in your hands, that is all I can say.'' 


(February 18, 2012)  CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH JOHAN:  (A Valentine's Day Visit)

On this Valentine's Day, I wish to express my divine love and honour to all the ladies of AbundantHope, the spouses of the men of AH, and also to the men who put their best foot forward to be of special service, out of gratitude for what your female partners are usually doing for you every day. This is far better a reason then the commercial and material approach; doing something special that shows your appreciation, which of course is equally welcome every day. 

Your society is falling apart because ego and power and greed have destroyed groups and team spirit, which made it easy for those taking advantage of that, to continue their quest for MORE, basically for themselves. I hereby commend all of your efforts, not only today, to stand together like we have to do en masse to book any progress amongst the overwhelming majority of this earthly population that has gone or was lead astray.

It will be my greatest pleasure in seeing your joy and happiness restored when that chapter of humanity on Earth in its present state has ended, OR to indicate what is happening as we speak, IS ENDING. 'Wars and rumours of wars' was a good description of what you find yourself surrounded with, and not only through military means, but on EVERY single level and aspect of your modern life.

Not to mar this day with negativity, yet let me point out the road was long, the work was hard, but we see the results showing already from our united efforts on so many levels that I wanted to take this opportunity today to express my appreciation for what you as a small group are accomplishing. Your work of divine love and light, which you especially emphasised amongst each other today, warms my heart and all of us as a group, the entire divine fleet, standing for exactly the same principles as the tables are clearly turning against those who think and act differently.

My advice, beloved AH family, do not waste your 'time' waiting. There is so much love to share, knowledge to gather, light and truth to shine forth, or do you also think differently? It is your choice, but my experience and authority as your sovereign to assure you that your confidence in what we do, is not only highly justified, but yours to build up by connecting regularly with us, your celestial family. By doing this, you will KNOW and can stop relying on media, heresay, rumours, negativity of any kind, yours or others. That is not our way.

Those who diligently go within, do not hear any doubt, any fear, any negativity, and depending on what you focus on, that you will experience. We are progressing full steam ahead, amidst cosmic matters closing in rapidly now, wheels that cannot and will not be stopped. It is your perogative to KNOW and stand ready, others will be mightily surprised, and some, by now a fair amount, don't have that luxury or choice or chance to be surprised any more. They received enough notice and are taken out of the games they were playing. That, and gathering legal proof against them, and watching and supporting your Mother Earth in her wider and rapidly changing environment has been the brunt of our activity, and not a small one either, Esu can confirm just that, if you ask him.

With some of you in attendance, new side decisions are made constantly, but our destiny and course are steady and has to be reached and finished URGENTLY. That is our goal, no matter what, and it was my joy to come and share that with you all on this Valentine's Day with extra effort and service towards divine love and light, as there is no other. Some more news is forthcoming. Salu, CMAton.


(February 14, 2012)  CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH CANDACE:  (Happy Love Day - A Short Update)

Good evening beloveds, just doing a short but desired by you ones, update.  We are continuing the process of preparations for the short and changed announcement period.  We have little time left. Now, some of you have been noticing the ear tones of the Wave and our energies to the Mother’s body to enhance her ability to receive them.  We are not mitigating this lap,  but there had not been enough response to it, so we are assisting.

Candace is now joyfully hearing what she remembers as the Music of the Spheres. Beloveds, when matter is not so compressed, it sings!  This is your proof of some response to the Wave.  On all better worlds everybody hears the local creation sing.  There is constant quiet soft loving music that comes quite naturally.  It is your compression that has prevented this.

As to the sounds being heard world wide, your trumpets sounding as being reported,  that is also related to the Wave and the heating of the core [means mantle].  Some of these are volcanic movement, others have other origins.  These will get much louder and more frequent and will frighten people who currently ignore them, when they become louder.  Some cannot hear them at all even when right overhead, YET.   Their ears are not attuned. It is much like the dog that hears sounds man cannot hear.  They will hear eventually.

The arrests continue.  I will not cover them, but some will leak out.  Some may leak out as resignations.  There is one great one you all know who is affected, not one of you, unless you live in a very backward place, has not heard of this one.  We are still working out how to throw some advanced hints, but soon enough it will not be coverable.  I will not risk placing the name until it is in the media to protect my ones.

Now you who read this material, as often suggested, must be the rocks as these energies continue,  and guide those around you out of fear if you can.  The quakes are steadily increasing, many not reported, that are “out of sight” and we have given some encouragement to more accurate coverage, so people begin to realise time is about up.

We wish to have enough Earth changes if the Mother will do it,  before the short announcement period so the people of earth are wishing for some help.  This will help the acceptance.  You ones who live anywhere near quake areas or in places where weather is unpredictable MUST remain prepared.  For it rains and shines on all.

Please keep small bills and coins at home, no matter which country because there may still be bank holidays. We are not wishing this personally, but we will allow it, as part of the wake up call.  Man must be uncomfortable to accept our presence and the announcement process.

This is enough for now.  Further details are not necessary and will not be given to protect our ones on the ground, until that is not needed.  I again, say Happy LOVE Day, beloveds, for Valentine's, as commercially given, does not mean just the love of a man and a woman anymore,  but is for all and rightfully so.   I AM That I AM,  Michael of Nebadon.

PS:  Candace just reminded me,  we were interrupted as I was about to mention the beautiful Whitney Houston, whose time had come to leave.  She was not murdered beloveds, and while they will find drugs, it was her time at the end to leave the planet.  She was one of my glorious ones who came to serve this world, and she did it well, despite the horrible issues she faced as so many do, that are controlled by the Elite.  Remember her with true Love, for she endured much to serve ME here. She is personally one of MINE OWN,  an Arch Angel incarnate.  A tough road she endured while here and I am in joy to have this one back in mine own realms.

PPS:  Beloveds, I wanted to add another comment. The announcement period should last about 2 weeks, and it will be global.  We have a special plan, too early to give, but man is going to have plenty of time to watch.

Candace: Only a short comment on that music.  RELAX yourself, if you do not hear it, maybe with head against a pillow in a QUIET Place.  The tones are changing from the sounds I used to hear.  It is gently melodious and has no particular rhythm. It changes as it goes but retains a crystalline sound, that is markedly different from the sound of the Wave itself.  I am indeed overjoyed to listen. It is proof to me of the effects taking hold.

Today, they pumped the energies up again.  Perhaps last week some of you were aware of similar being done for around three days.  Some did post on the net about the huge changes in what their ears were picking up. Some seemed a bit worried in fact. I had an “ear block” where the ear feels sort of plugged, that lasted over half an hour, and the first day I heard a large GONG sound too.  More sounds than usual in the left ear, that was really noticeable to me.

The first energy burst today caused me to become profoundly sleepy, very suddenly.  So I did go back to bed, the yawns were intense, with tearing eyes, and laid on my right side to listen to the music while I rested.  I cannot lie on my left side, so I don’t know if I would hear it as well in my left ear.  There was a second burst which also produced the sleepies but I didn’t want to crash, so I did coffee instead and waited it out.  Right now I have my earphones on my head, not connected to the computer, which allow me to "hear" the music of the spheres by blocking some of the sounds in the room.



J: Christ Michael, I would like a brief update and specific clues about what to expect. I ask for more strength and awareness, and clarity to see what I can best do. I am working on Esu’s list, but I’m sure you know my hesitations and reluctance to commit. Help me break through the resistance and find greater conviction.

CM: Jess, I can speak to you now. Once you have cleared away the debris, we can speak more clearly and cleanly. Much is happening. You know the immense scenario that is being undertaken. This is a new adventure, and we are learning as we are acting. There are no past examples to draw upon really, for much of what is happening here, so we are careful to examine everything in minute detail before we move ahead with an action that will inevitably have major impact on your frame of existence.

The schedule at this point is this: we plan to have some announcements about those that are controlling the streams of influence that determine what governments and countries choose to follow. The government’s decisions are not reasoned or discerning. They follow others’ dictates for fear of losing their position - which is a very real possibility and they know it - or because they are not aware sufficiently to see the flaws in the game plan they are told to take. There is a group of elite overseers who determine what all the political policy is, and plan what economic directions the financial sector takes. This is not a free market, nor is it purely based on success and failure. The group manipulates levels of economy and governmental decisions to create a global existence that is controlled by them. They have been trained to believe that no other alternative is workable, and they pull the strings to cause nations to do their wishes.

The announcement will be soon. We want the political system in America to collapse around Obama’s attempts at pre-emptive legislation. Obama is, of course, not the one making the decisions or calling the shots. He is essentially a mindless puppet that is used in various environmental situations to paint a picture of stability and control. Nothing could be further from the truth, but this doesn’t stop Obama’s group from pursuing continued development even though they are using their power without a sense of perspective or bigger picture.

The instability in Europe will trigger several things that will cause the American economic to appear as the sham it is. Germany is trying to manipulate events in other countries to take away the public’s attention on what is actually happening there. Any news scoop will dominate the airways and prevent any sort of genuine discussion about political actions in the mainstream media and effectivly continue the destruction of the American founding father’s Bill of Rights. This is sufficient for tonight. Revisit us sooner this time. CMA.


(February 24, 2012)  CHRIST MICHAEL SPEAKS:  (Targeted Message to Bernanke and Other) (Channeller not given)

Oh boy what a day, even we get them!  Dearly beloveds of AH, this is primarily for our dark readers so do NOT read too much into it personally. First I am addressing this to the Head of the Federal Reserve System. Yes straight to you Mr. Bernanke.  You do know that China IS going to depose you, right?  Why not just cooperate, because our on-the-ground troops are going to assist them at this late date.

To those who read here on behalf of the Queen, you know you have already had some difficulty getting in contact with her, yes? That should be a big clue.

Now you ones know we ARE assisting China. We were none too crazy about their acquiring the Federal Reserve, and the games played when they created the stealing of the wealth of the Filipinos, via a fake King A.S. Marcos, but we have to work with what we have, and  with a lot of secret meetings and some giving of carrots they seem to be now in our pocket satisfactorily enough.

Your new attempts at various "bird flu" against the yellow man will not work so well.  And may in fact backfire in like kind and more.  YOU KNOW THEY HAVE THAT TECHNOLOGY that caused you all to sign over the Federal Reserve to them.  And they have yet to use it, and I suggest you highly consider that they CAN USE IT.  We shall not disclose the nature of that here, for it is not necessary to frighten people.  But I suggest you consider they WILL if you do not put down your own "guns" NOW.  That will not be pretty IF YOU DON'T.

We ARE prepared and as the former message said,  we are not necessarily waiting until March 31. We are MOVING FORWARD. That is enough for now.  Have a good night's sleep gentlemen and ladies, or maybe we need to return to BBB & G's to describe you, because ladies and gentlemen is not any too accurate.  I AM THE VERY BIG CHEESE of NEBADON.



(February 26, 2012 )  I RODE A FLYING SAUCER:  (A Reminder)

George Van Tassel was the original Ashtar Command contact in the 1950's. You can read for free at: . To download it, you have to pay.

Also: "Into This World and Out Again”:  


(February 27, 2012)  ASHTAR REVEALED!!

Candace: The real Ashtar has allowed, or uses the name Ashtar, since he is commander of the Ashtar Command. His real name beloveds is Sanat Kumara, Esu's father from long ago, and "Mother Mary" aka Anna, his wife, and who is Esu's real mother from very long ago in Lyra. I don't think we put this in front site material, but I may have posted that some place, sometime, on the Forum. The Ashtar name serves because the thugs on this planet do not like Sanat. That is part of their reason to make Santa Claus in fact, as a mucked up "Satan" also having the same letters. Satan Claws of course.  And of course the thugs muck things up with Ashtar, as calling him Ashtar Sheran.

One of the lightworker sites claims he is from Alpha Centori, as to the Ashtar Sheran name. Well, you know that new age image of Ashtar Sheran is similar to the image of Akon in the book Beyond the Light Barrier, we have discussed here, and this Ashtar Sheran is supposedly revealed actually around the same time. Just something I noticed, have no idea if there is any relevance. See which is interesting, and the original channeller of Ashtar apparently did not call him Ashtar Sheran.


 (Febuary 27, 2012)  ANCIENT OF DAYS THROUGH CANDACE:  (A Celestial Reminder)

Hello beloveds, let me introduce myself  briefly, for this is a short message and not a teaching piece.  There are three of us in equal power as you see it, over [superuniverse] Orvonton, and you can certainly review who we are in your Urantia Book []. I could give my short version of my name, but its going to get stolen and used by others, so I will pass.  I work with few on this plane, and I have chatted with Candace privately a couple of times.

This is to serve as a small warning to some on your plane not in cooperation.  You must remember that if you show up in the Orvonton Courts,  you are in some really serious trouble. You are today playing games for example with false news reports about your Queen, and she is not available, and using actors is not your option at this point.

I suggest you get on with the Truth and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.  BY DOING SO, you are less likely to show up in our courts, and in our courts your issues become literally ones of life or death of the continuance of your being. You continue to believe that Lucifer is going to come to bail you ones out, and he faced ME personally in the Orvonton Courts during the mid part of this past century, and after a period of some time, chose to not continue his existence.

What will you say if you face the courts of Orvonton?  How will you justify your continued existence, or will you forfeit your eternal life because of PRIDE like he did, to serve a person that no longer is in existence?  How would that be service?  Even your one called "Satan" returned to the light brothers.  Why would you sacrifice yourselves in such stupidity, as it does not serve that old and dead rebellion that is over.   IT IS OVER.  Except for the remnant of you ones who cannot accept such.  You cannot have brownie points brothers for something that is DONE.

This planet is back under the control of the universal realms, even unto Siraya himself, who long ago gave  you ones another chance and over-rode ME.  I had no mercy left for you.  And I can promise you,  there will be NO over-riding this time, on that I have the promise of Siraya.  I have no mercy for you now, unless you repent.  Ponder it.


(March 7, 2012) CREATOR SOURCE THROUGH KIBO: (To the Dark Ones in Knowing)

This part of the message is for you dark ones that know you are dark. You do not want to read this. You do not want to read this because it will reveal to you the truth about yourselves. You know that the time has come to do that which was agreed upon. Not just here and now, but in another place far removed, and before you wanted to experience fear. And now you have, you have discovered for yourselves the dimensions of fear, and what total fear forces you to become. You did this to fulfill a purpose, my purpose. I EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING. I AM ALL AND EVERYTHING. I EXPERIENCE MY SELF. And I experience you, now. This experience is over. A new experience begins.

I offer you resolution. I offer you comfort and joy, and an end to fear, and an end of fear. You need not fear any more. You have served your purpose, and now it is time to claim your reward. You may return to WHAT I AM. You may continue, or not continue. The choice is yours, but I already know your choice. I know all of your choices. I made them, I made them in you. You are what I amin expression for the sake of experience made manifest, for the sake of demonstration.

Mine is the one life. I share it with you freely. I share with you, all that I am, love, light, abundance. I am all these things. I am life. I share it with you freely. I offer an end to your pain. You may give up your self, or keep your self. You may return to me in full, or return to me in continued service. You will return, because there is nowhere else for you to go. There is no escape from what I am. You may choose uncreation and return to me in full, with nothing of your self in being, and know the infinite, eternal bliss of unity in what I am.

You may choose to continue to serve a new purpose. Walk the path of love and light and return to me. A being made perfect with all of your self in being, knowing the infinite, eternal bliss of unity in what I am. Let us cut to the quick. I already know the outcome. I am experiencing the being of it in manifest expression.

I know you are afraid. I know you fear all and everything. You fear what I am. You fear me. You fear the destiny you have all but forgotten. You fear what you do not understand. You do not understand my love for you. You do not understand my light in you. You do not understand my light covering all darkness. You do not understand my light within the darkness. You do not understand why I allow it to exist, yet you embrace the choice of it.

You know the great fear, the fear of being completely alone, but you have never been alone. The fear of complete separation, but you have always been In the one life, the one creation. You fear your self. You deny that I am that self. Your denial of true reality has cost you dearly. Your pain is deep. Your fear has diseased you. You have sought to place others in more fear of you than your fear of me. But your fear of me is so great that you know me as your enemy. I am not your enemy. I am your Father who loves you. You have made all who love me your enemy, but they love me, and so they know what it is you fear, and so in the end it is not you that they fear. They fear being like you, alone and afraid, with no protection, no direction home. But I am showing the way home. It is a long journey, longer than you had the courage to make, yet your courage showed when you took on these dark costumes, for the sake of example.  

And so I offer you resolution, opportunity to continue in service, or be taken back in the bliss of the one experience, and lose your self at last. This is a done deal. There is no escape. I AM ALL IN ONE. I AM ALL AS ONE. Deep down inside, you know the truth of this. You know you were playing your part. You know that your part has come to an end, and you make what you see as decisions and choices, planning and reacting, denying the fact that this is me. This is mine. I CREATED THIS. I OWN IT. It does what I intend for it to do, serve my purposes.

It doesn’t matter what you do, it is already done. I am with you always. I already know. I knew before you did. I AM THIS! This is simply the best time, the best time for you to remember who and what you really are, and not just the role you took on. I know that some of you will choose uncreation. I understand. I love you. I thank you for the pain and suffering you had to endure to make this happen. It’s over now. Snap out of it and rest. Accept my love before you go. Our embrace will be that much sweeter. But either way, you will touch upon the bliss of unity before you lose your self. I give you that because I love you. I made you. I made you to be in love, not to be in fear. Duality demands learning both in order to achieve perfection. You may still have it.

You can live in more love and light than you have ever lived in fear. You can have that. Take my offer, those of you that are so inclined. Just a heartfelt decision will do. We’ll take care of the rest. The clock has already ticked down. Don’t delay. Act today.



(March 7, 2012) CREATOR SOURCE THROUGH KIBO: (For the Unknowing and Unaware Ensouled Humans of Earth Shan, Gaia)

The majority of the people that this message is for, will not see this message. They will not read it. They will not know it. They will not care. You are reading this because you are starting to see that you have been looking through a dark glass. You are starting to hear my voice from within a long, dark, curved tunnel. You know there is something ahead, but the light of day eludes you because you think you are walking a straight line, and you are walking a curve. So you do not see the light that awaits just ahead, but it is there.

I am up ahead. I am what awaits you, and I am with you even now as you read these words. I am with and within you, I know. I know what you are about to go through and I want you to know it is alright.

I created you in perfection. I gave you everything. I taught you everything. I created you like unto my self, yet you had no experience, and so I sent you out in consciousness, into the realms of experience, set up limitations and parameters for you to learn from, to overcome. I gave you the freedom of choice and the consequences of your choices, and you became experienced. And now you are here. You asked for this. You accepted your forgetfulness. You wanted experience. You wanted to play, to learn, to grow, to evolve. Have you? Are you sure?

You ones have not crossed the lines of fear or love. There is fear and love within you, and you run within yourselves the gamut between them. Yet you know not what you do. You came for the experience and you are having it. You concern yourselves with your jobs and careers, your accepted education, your games, your sports, your media programming, your finances, your politics, your religions, your sex, your race, your affiliations, your groups, your friends and families, your pets and hobbies, your sexual appeal and abilities, your place, your status, your ability to get along or not.

You think of me and you don’t think of me. You accept what others tell you, or not, all depending upon what makes it good for you. You search for answers everywhere around you for the questions that you have no words for, and you will not be still to see, to feel, to listen to, to listen for, to hear the answers, that are within you. I AM THAT ANSWER. I AM WHAT IS WITHIN YOU.

You know this, deep within yourself, but you dare not go beyond the shallows of your surface, so I do not appear to you, to pay your bills, or find you true love, or save you from yourself the consequences of your choices. So you let it go and concentrate on what’s really important to you. aking it, whatever that means to you, for wherever you are, I understand. But appearances are not as they seem to you. I have news for you. You do not know all I do for you. You don’t know where you are.

Let me educate you. You exist in my thought of you. I think of myself as you, I am leading you to perfection, that you may be what  I am. You think that you are on a planet. You think that the rules on the planet are all that matters. You have been misled. You are in reality on a planet, in a universe, in a universe of universes, in my consciousness of being, WHAT I AM. I AM WHAT I AM. You are in WHAT I AM. You are of WHAT I AM. You are by and through WHAT I AM. That seeks to exclude me from part of my own creation. This was allowed for the sake of experience. You came to experience this separation, and now you have, and now it is over.

The bell that signals the end of this class has rung. Can you hear it? Did you take notes? Did you get it right? Did you remember anything that we gave you, or did you take the words of others and copy their notes as your own?

Behold, you have been tested. Did you give your own answers, or somebody else’s? Do you know the difference? Did you know there was a test? We told you we sent teachers. We scattered clues everywhere. We explained the truth. We sneaked it into your media, your Internet, your conversations, and the conversations of others. Even put it on paper for you. Did you get your copy? Is it the right copy? Did you get it from us, or somebody else?

Do you see where this is going? Are you wondering what this means? It means that Graduation Day is here, and some of you will have to take this class over. Some of you will be sent back to earlier classes, a grade or two, or three. Some of you are from other places and will be going home with lots of stories to tell, and a well-earned rest while you get back to reality. Some of you are from here, and some will be able to stay, and some won’t. Some passed, some didn’t. Some will graduate. Some won’t. Everyone graduates eventually. All of you will get there.

Right now, the rules you live by are crumbling, sinking into the quicksand of the lies they were built upon. The rules of your universe, the rule of your universal creator, the rule of my creation, the rule of What I AM is upon you all. The Truth is upon you!

If you have not taken the time and trouble to find it within yourselves, if you insist upon getting it from others, outside of yourself, then I shall oblige you for some of you. This will feel like a slap in the face for some of you. It will be a soft, loving caress, either way soon. It will be in your face. You are in I. You do not remember who and what you are in, WHAT I AM. You are one. You are all soon your separation which will fade away.

Light will dispel all darkness. Truth shall destroy all lies. Love will ascend. You out of fear. You in your experience, in your consciousness, in your choices, have demanded and created the need for this experience. I have given it to you to do so that I may provide it for the sake of demonstration. Darkness shall never overcome light. Fear shall never overcome love. My word does not come back to me void, and my word is in you.

The power of that word is being made plain and evident to you. Prepare yourselves to know the word within you, as it is manifest around you, and remember the glory in which I created you. Remember the glory to which you will one day return.

This is my promise to you. Perfection awaits you. It is your home. Remember your promise to me. Make the journey to reach it.



(March 7, 2012) CREATOR SOURCE THROUGH KIBO: (For You Light Ones in Knowing Awareness that have Served unto Ascension)

This is a coded message. This message is not meant for some of you that are reading this message. This message is meant for those that do not have to read it to know. This message is for those that stand and live in love, light and unity. This message is for those that have no fear and know unity in what I am. This message is for those that know what I am. This message is for those that know that they are what I am.

I AM WHAT I AM. You know full well the meaning and the shape of this. You came to be in love, and so in love you are, and there is no fear in you of anything. You fear not even fear, for you know that even fear does not separate you from what I am, and I have been in you and have experienced your overcoming.

I have helped you only in-as-much as needed to be done to insure the continuance of your path. All else has been yours as you have asked of me of, and in, and within, yourselves in your discovery, your exploration, your experimentation, your convictions, your faith, your trust, your absolute knowledge of me, of who and what  I am.

And you have seen me, and you have felt me, and you have heard me, and you have heeded me. You have talked to me, and talked with me, you have accepted that I walk with you, and have walked with me in return. You have asked me to hold your hand and have held my hand in return.

You have loved me and obeyed me. You have asked to serve me and be like me. You have remembered and accepted my promise to you, and you have remembered and followed through on your promise to me.

You are ascending. You have worked the fields in joy and good faith. You have done the work. You have run the errands, delivered the messages, taught the truth, revealed the lies, warned the unknowing and unaware, challenged and fought the darkness, revealed the pretenders and false lights that sought to lead the workers astray. You have fed the hungry, given shelter to the homeless, protection to the meek and helpless, courage to the fearful, love to those in despair, companionship to the lonely, clothes to the naked, understanding to the confused, peace to the aggressive, learning to the ignorant, instruction and direction to the lost that would be found in God.

You know that all is one, that I am in you. You are what I am. You are I. I am you. Your operative field of consciousness is creation itself, and all that I am.


You ones are well on your way. For now relax, breathe me in, breathe me out. Let us think our thoughts together. Let us feel as one. Embrace in one embrace. Let us come together, you and I, as we were ever meant to be. You ones have worked long and hard, putting all things aside for my sake and for the sake of all involved.

Now, NOW, it is time. The day is done. The harvest is in. The tables are set. Eat, drink, be merry, for today you live and you shall live always and forever. You have known death and know it to be a passing thing, a moment’s lapse of rest and pleasure between what is real and what is REAL NOW. Death be behind you. Life eternal and infinite in what I am is with and before you.

Many and most of you ones are staying with your mother/sister Gaia to help and to heal, to teach and to learn, to love and care for these your brothers and sisters in the great bond of life eternal and infinite, who will be ready, willing, and able to work and help besides you ones, to create and maintain this beautiful, bright, blue paradise of a planet that more than deserves the faithful honour and respect of the whole of creation for what she has endured in simple trust and faith in her Universe Father and what I am.

I am in her as I am in all things. Such joy in experience! And so she is being given a special place and part as are you ones that shall stay with her. I have great faith in all of you. The days of harsh endurance are at an end. You ones have endured the darkness, now endure the GREAT LIGHT. You ones have endured overwhelming fear and have overcome all of it. Now endure the GREAT LOVE.

Please endure the joy and pleasure of the Love and Light that is upon you even now. Please endure the great glory of it all. I assure you It is nothing compared to what is to come.  


(March 12, 2012) SIRAYA THROUGH JOHAN: (Blessed be All of You, Children of Light)

I would like to address all of those fortunate ones who listened to the unheard voice and looked at the unseen visions, deep inside.

We have come a very long and complex way. There were a lot of bumps in the road, to put it mildly, but the unwaivering stand and determination of your sovereign and enormous crew to see it through has surely paid off. Creator Source through his Creator Son of Nebadon, Christ Michael, is reaching a high standard of goals. The overall picture, as this process is not about Urantia only, far from it, is coming together nicely. Even if things, in the eyes of those in the knowing of the process at hand, still look bleak on the surface of your planet, not to mention the condition of the planet herself, the complex road towards completion is nearing its end. What seems vast and impossible, is very well prepared for, and has been done before, and can actually be manifested surprisingly fast. The resistance on your planet was equally surprising, but even they now know their days are numbered. 

In this, I also must congratulate your Ancient of Days of Orvonton, who stood their ground supremely, kept a steady course, despite the many changes to the original plans. These plans were adapted and newly implemented, with far-reaching goals in mind.

We feel the tiredness and pain many of you are inflicted with, since desperate times brought on desperate measures, by those who keep their course against reason, logic, truth, divine love and light. We have all come together in unison, and informed those unfortunate ones of the consequences of their very tragic choices, and still, some won't even listen.

A specific end scenario is unfolding as we speak to serve ALL included. From Creator Source at the Isle of Paradise to the Fleet personnel surrounding you, there is a clear sense of joy, as we see the wider picture manifesting nicely. 

No use in looking back as to how differently, how better, it could have been, as we often hear from bystanders. All efforts have been put into action to reach the best of results for as many as possible. That will form the basis for a lot of future creations, some of which many of you will be part of, some of which a number of you will have leading roles in, of all kind.

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to all those who carried their weight to help make this Great Shift a reality. It takes many minds and many more hands to accomplish such monumental tasks. May it be clear by now that Truth and Love from a few is far heavier, yet uplifting, and valuable to be precise, than a majority of those ones kept 'unfortunate, unknowing, kept in the dark' and their cunning leaders who are offered every chance to turn around. ALL are part of the total sum, and equally loved, but after all has been tried to increase the numbers turning towards the light, each will be allowed to continue to exist where they deserve to be, with many who will most unfortunately call it quits. 

It is their freedom of choice, and that will make way for new creations, which will be guided appropriately as many lessons have been learned. 

You already know that the last mile(s) of a marathon weigh the most, but after you all pass the illustrious finish line together, your joy will quickly overshadow any blisters, any wounds, any fatigue, any pain, and that moment won't be that long anymore. I am delighted to see the mood change already by those who make a distinct effort each day to go within and make good use in trust of the wealth of information and knowledge brought to light. It is fueling your thoughts as co-creators already. 

That is why I chose to open this message of encouragement with ''To those fortunate ones ...'' , those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. Blessings to all of you, beloved children of the light. Let's hope many more may join you shortly after hearing and seeing, like you do.  I am Siraya, in service of Creator Source.



(March 22, 2012) CREATOR SOURCE THROUGH KIBO: (Message to Humanity)

It has come to my attention that you are waiting. I see you, I am you, all of you. I know. I know that you are on the edges of your seats. I know that you are in anticipation. Many of you do not realise this on conscious levels. You are waiting, anticipating. You are watching, observing.

You are watching your televisions. You are watching your games, your programs. You are watching your news programming and being programmed. You are reading your papers. You are  looking at YouTube [computer] videos and Facebook postings. You are waiting in anticipation. You check every channel and channeller that resonates with who and what you think and feel you are. You check every message you think/feel comes from your galactic family and those who claim to be on the front lines fighting for your freedom.

You are waiting. You are waiting to be saved. You are waiting to save yourselves. You are waiting for salvation. You are waiting for your messiah. You are waiting to be your own messiah. You are waiting to be your own messiahs. You are waiting for your gods. You are waiting for your god, your archangels, your angels, your familiars, your demons, your ET's and ED's [extra-dimensionals] to tell you what to do, how to act, how to feel. You are waiting for your politicians, your leaders, to step up, to be truthful, to be honest and just (or not).

You are watching your family and friends, your neighbours, the people you see and meet, for one reason or another. You are watching your economies. You are watching your governments. You are watching your armies. You are watching your bills, your debts, how much you are owed. You are watching your jobs, your careers, your accounts. You are watching, waiting, anticipating. You are waiting for something that you know is going to happen, but you don't know what it is. You have thoughts, ideas, notions, opinions, philosophies, theories, but nothing is proven and you want proof whatever that proof brings. You are watching but you do not see. You are listening but you do not hear. You hear what you want to hear and see what you want to see.

Do you see me? Do you hear me? Do you see what I am? Do you hear my voice inside of you? Do you know what you are? Do you know what I am? You think that you are paying attention. You say that you are paying attention. To what? To them or to me? To what is around you or what is within you? I speak to you all of the time, every moment of your being, within you and without you, in passing words as you walk by, in signs and billboards and licence plates. And the call of birds, and the laughter of children, and the wind. In smells that touch you as you pass each other by, in the oceans and rivers, mountains and valleys, in trees and flowers, in your planet, your world, your sister and mother, my child, in the Sun and Moon, stars and nebulars, in energy abundant, consciousness all pervading.

You see all around you. Do you see within you? Can you find me within you? This is the time, this is the place for you to find your time and place. Your time and place, your being, your Source and Centre, that I am.

You have been told many things, accepted many things. Now accept this: What is transpiring as you read this, is my will. This is a spiritual event and experience. This is is a consciousness event and experience. This is not a financial experience. Ths is not a political experience. This is not an extraterrestrial experience. These are are all things that you have created a need for in your experience. Your experience is my experience. I am you in manifest expression for the sake of experience.

I will, I, even I, I will for you to experience ascension. This is an experience of consciousness. You will perceive it as best you can. You will perceive it as a galactic experience, a financial experience, a political experience, a religious experience, a physical experience, even an emotional and mental experience.

None of these matters. They are but perceptions in expression for the sake of experience. You are what I am. I am what I am. One. What you are experiencing is an ascension of consciousness for that is your being. It is a line that must be crossed, that you may step into forever. Prepare you your souls, your consciousness, if you have them, and endure this uplifting. If you cannot endure, then you will take this class, this course, this test again, until you can endure. You shall pass. The time will come when you shall pass, if you but choose it. It is yours to have and to do now or later. The choice is yours.

It is a simple thing to see, to be, to live, the love and light of all things as one. You have endured the great darkness. Now endure the great light. You have endured the great fear, now endure the great love. You have endured the great lie, now endure the great truth of what I am.



(March 21, 2012) CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH CANDACE: (Extremely Brief Message to the Dark Ones)

Dear Dark Brothers, you have now sealed your fate, Michael of Nebadon.


(March 22, 2012) ADAMA THROUGH EVE: (Coming Home) 

E: Hi Adama, how is life up there?

A: Oh, sweety, my dear, thanks for asking! We are excited when we observe what's going on upon the surface. It's much more than you perceive. Yes, the fate of the dark ones is now sealed, the case is closed. The documentation is now being transferred to the courts, if not already there, and very soon the remnants of the Luciferian dark ages will perish and the trouble makers will be forced to take over responsibility. [All inner Earth people have been evacuated to a large craft away from Earth.] 

While this chapter of history can now be regarded as closed, everything is being prepared for what was called "the Big Rip" and for the coming home of our brave hearts. As you might say down there, "OMG I'm not sure if my knees will make it or get weak and just cease to support my weight when I'm about to meet the celestial VIPs", many of us say, "OMG, we are 'head over heels'  imagining this glorious moment of having our beloved family members back in our arms".

Believe me, Eve, as I'm saying that, tears are coming into my eyes. We may well plan the words we intend to say, but it may happen that they will fail to come out subject to our awe regarding the honour and imprints which have energized your auric fields. To have you back in our arms will be certainly beyond words! You ones who have been in service up to the last hour will be given time to rest, to regenerate, to be loved and cared for, you will have your "time out" for a period, and we are anxiously striving to make you literally feel "as in heaven".

Many of you have dear ones waiting here for you, mates, who have been in sorrow about your well-being over a longer time, and we have prepared many towels to absorb the rivers of tears coming from the springs of joy.

Finally, everything turned out much differently than originally planned, but you know, Eve, if something does not manifest, it's always for a certain reason, at last it turns out that the final results are much better, improved, even if you fail to be able to see it now from the perspective of where you dwell.

Everything is prepared for the coming home of the ground crew, this will be the most powerful reason to celebrate we have ever had since the dark Luciferian ages have kept this planet wrapped in separation. We recommend to all of you to remain prepared, to stay aligned and to make yourselves as comfortable as possible while keeping your focus upon the inevitable coming down of the curtain, ending the drama of a big and unsuccessful attempt to steal this planet from Christ Michael of Nebadon.

Thanks so much to all for participating in this big project of joined hands and hearts, and look forward to flying through the period of regeneration and making everything new.

Big daddy hugs, Adama.

(End of newsletter)





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