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Issue 88 – July 2012


Highlights of this issue:


We are still looking at three days of darkness and a mini stasis in the middle to do many things, including ridding the planet of dark-minded people.

A considerably longer period of public education for people remaining after the mini stasis is now likely, perhaps for one year.

We are reminded to not rely on things of a material nature. Real wealth comes in the form of timeless spiritual assets within.

Esu indicates that everyone will be accomodated as they have decided. The time frame has ended up coincidently close to the popular dates bandied around the New Age “Mayan” conjectures. Yet nothing imagined has anywhere near the power and disruption, and beauty and devastation, that is to come.

Christ Michael conveys the importance of what is to come, “As the morning sun rises on the fourth day, celebrations will be heard world wide, the darkened cleansing will have accomplished its divine mission of awakening the masses. There will be no denying the changed energy signature within the air.”

And from Creator Source, “Greater power awaits you which demands a new-found sense of responsibility for yourself and the evolution of planet and people. The old ways cannot and will not sustain, old thinking and beliefs which fettered progress must be abandoned. New vision must be espoused, and that vision must be founded in holiness.”



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Well, that “soon” for a mini stasis has stretched again to “sooooooon”!! There are a lot of mixed messages out there. I can't really say whether the three days of darkness is quite imminent, or whether it will be later in this year or even in 2013. There always seems to be a better way of doing things according to higher realms, and this can change the divine plan, and hence “timing” as we see it. At the moment, the “teaching period” for those left on the planet after the mini stasis could be one year.

Christ Michael's advice is to keep ourselves effectively occupied in the days ahead, to change our mindset from waiting for things to happen, to making things happen. Try creating some results, as small as they may seem, by looking around to see who needs some help, or perhaps to see what jobs we haven't done yet. What is your heart telling you to do?

We are reminded of frustrations all the suggested changes bring, in two messages, one a repeat of an older caution from Hatonn (Christ Michael) in Phoenix Journal #50, April 20, 1992, Re Predictions: I would caution you as we move along here with this discussion, not to assume, as some ones project, that this is The Transition or somehow magically you will move into a 4th or even higher 5th dimension. When you speak of dimensional changes, you cannot put finite levels onto them. You are living and experiencing in what is called a 3rd or 2nd-dimensional compression.

There are typical factors involved in this manifestation. You have the five senses with which to deal. The physical aspect is totally encompassing of your being and your thought, your consciousness. You are not able to comprehend a timelessness or a spacelessness; and if you do not study your lessons, you shall not be able to understand it because there is a perfectly logical physics response to the question of, “What do we mean, that everything is happening at once?” because in your dimension, everything happens according to time.

In the outer dimensions, everything occurs according to sequence of events; therefore, it is highly unwise for ones to give a specific date to some happening because all factors can impact that date and cause it to not be accurate. Usually ones projecting a date only give the adversary advantage. Sometimes that is exactly what is planned so that other ones receiving that information can say, “Well, nothing you said has come to be”, and energy plays go into effect, to affect and effect, the coming events to either stall them, speed them up, or depending on its purpose, pull them off at the right time depending on what is wished to be accomplished. And these things can be done on the physical plane. The physical plane cannot affect, however, the spiritual plane except as man descends into that allowance. You have to agree to be “had”, in other words. You cannot be made a fool of by another. Only you can allow that to happen to you, as a for instance. [End]

And recently, a Mentori Spokesperson through George Barnard (Illawarra District, Australia) - July 9, 2012 - Impatience, So Very Human ( You are human, wide-spread all over the universes, and your many species live on disparate worlds. In some instances the duration of terrestrial life is no more than forty-five of your years. On other planets your species may well live a few centuries and a little more. Whatever their ways, lives, mindsets, and in whichever way they see themselves, this has always much to do with time, limited time. Most of you are incapable of ‘looking beyond your terrestrial life into eternity’ to always see your future existence as a continuance of life. They are the time limitations you focus on, which create your ‘so very human impatience’.

Limited time is much of what you have in which to do your planning and your timing as the hours tick away. Time is important as to when to begin a task. Time is important in determining how much time can be allocated to complete the task. Timing is important from the point of view of when a task may dovetail with what follows. It is very much the human way to work out things in time. And to a degree, the Midwayers who are many on most of the worlds, also necessarily need to work with time. It is different with Celestials above their ranking.

The way a Destiny Guardian measures progress is not in time, but in the steps his or her human subject takes and progresses in life – the circles or levels of progress. For other Celestials progress exists in looking forward to see a task nearer completion, but not in how long it takes. It is with humans that time is so important and it is in humans that patience is not always there to be found. For Celestials beyond the realm of the Midwayers, patience and impatience are virtually unknown quantities. They live by what they achieve. They see the future as a number of achievements, personal progress and that of others, as it came about in the past, and as it will come about in the future, whilst they live in the now.

So much on this Earth can be achieved when patience is king. So much on this world is being spoiled when impatience rules. No matter how yogi-like you may become in your life, you will not achieve the total loss of impatience to be entirely like your celestial brothers and sisters. Beyond this life, however, you will be functioning with an entirely different mindset. Actual times, hours ticking away, will no longer be important to you. The completion, the conclusion and the success in your various exercises, in your area’s learning experience, and in your various teaching experiences, will become the most important things. And the ‘hour’ will come when you will have changed, when you will look back at your impatience as you expressed it, or suffered from it, back on the planet of your birth. You will then not quite recall what and how you once felt, as you shrug, smile, and move on. Make patience, constantly practiced, an important part of your life divine. [End]

So, expect anything, any time, and try to stay calm, with a little petrol in the car, a little cash on hand, and a little food and water in the cupboard. Help others, stay busy, and keep smiling. Remember the painting about the real meaning of peace.

Tony Wicks                 July 19, 2012                  (The year some messages said we were never going to reach!!)


Galactic and World News (Edited)


(May 29, 2012) CREATOR SOURCE THROUGH HAZEL: (The Prophesy: Darkness Uncovered) 

There is a simple truth to those days yet to come when darkness will prevail for a time. That truth will sound a bell that will end the regime of darkness on the face of your planet. Yes indeed, darkness is to be vanquished that your lands may become lighter and lighted.  Light shall void darkness, truth shall void the lies, and understanding shall void ignorance. It will be a time of great awakening.
Many will experience the dawn of understanding as the light of awareness emerges. They will come to see how they allowed darkness to cloud their vision. They will experience a shocking revelation that outer darkness is incomparable to inner darkness brewed from an ignorant state of being uninformed, or chosen ignorance. The darkness will thus uncover the light of understanding within the minds of many.  In fact when this occurs a new feeling of freedom will be born. A weight will be immediately lifted, yet not without a sense of remorse for allowing the reign of darkness to perpetuate for as long as it did. Uncertainty will be replaced by hope.
Many will come to realise that darkness cannot be measured by outer visibility but through an inner illumination born out of knowing truth. For truth represents the light and a mind in light will see that which is averse to itself. It will perennially seek truth and thus light in all things. It will be a time of mighty reflection when light will loom inwardly, for revelations will be given in radiance.
Out of this period of darkness illumination will bathe the inner eyes of many and darkness will be lifted from their consciousness. Many however will wade into deeper waters where their fear will keep them anchored. These are the ones who will be unable to assimilate the truth as fear blocks the reality from their consciousness.
When the darkness is uncovered there will sit abundant light. See this imposed  period of darkness as heralding a new era, a new beginning where the dawning light shall be brighter and clearer than ever before. A new morn will break as the mist of darkness is lifted with permanence. I am your Source.



There once was a king who offered a prize to the artist who would paint the best picture of peace. Many artists tried. The king looked at all the pictures. But there were only two he really liked, and he had to choose between them.

One picture was of a calm lake. The lake was a perfect mirror for peaceful towering mountains all around it. Overhead was a blue sky with fluffy white clouds. All who saw this picture thought that it was a perfect picture of peace.

The other picture had mountains, too. But these were rugged and bare. Above was an angry sky, from which rain fell and in which lightning played. Down the side of the mountain tumbled a foaming waterfall. This did not look peaceful at all.

But when the king looked closely, he saw behind the waterfall a tiny bush growing in a crack in the rock. In the bush a mother bird had built her nest. There, in the midst of the rush of angry water, sat the mother bird on her nest - in perfect peace.

Which picture do you think won the prize? The king chose the second picture. Do you know why?

"Because," explained the king, "peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. Peace means to be in the midst of all those things and still be calm in your heart. That is the real meaning of peace."


 (June 2, 2012) CREATOR SOURCE THROUGH RUBENS: (Company Men and Women)

You, company men and women, have toiled with the life of many whom you considered beneath you and unworthy of your attention. On many occasions, you have called many that I have sent, the low life, who are only worthy to shine your shoes or clean the plates that you have eaten from. Little did you know that those are my faithful children who came to steer this world in the right direction so finally Urantia can regain her rightful place with many of my other children.

It is almost time when you shall repent, coming to the awful realisation, that you have become vermin, that are more than a nuisance to your brethren, who will booted off this planet to continue your learning elsewhere more suited for your childlike behaviours and many times, utter savagery.

Turn away now and I may reconsider your case, depending on its severity.  Make your last days count.


(June 3, 2012) TARGETED MESSAGE BY MONKA: (Didn't We Tell You That "Time Is Up?") 

(Commander Monka  is Quadrant Commander based on Mars) Didn’t we tell you that “Time is up?” Didn’t we tell you it is over? You sit there pondering what went wrong and why? You sit there pointing fingers at who and what?

Your assets entering from the four directions have been neutralised. Their lethal cargo has been de-activated. While your props sat and spun their distractions, we kept our ‘eyes’ on you and your ploys.

There is no escape for you. Every attempt you make we will undermine, save and except those that will provide advantage to us. You think you can out-distance us, go ahead and try, but we advise you that as vast as the cosmos is, you are actually trapped with nowhere to go.

Go ahead and try, but with every maligned effort on your part, you dig yourselves deeper. Go ahead and dig deeper, your hell awaits you!


(June 7, 2012) CREATOR SOURCE THROUGH HAZEL: (Time for Collection) 

Creation is my investment and my gift to my children. You are the assets within my creation. Your worth is measureless. You were born into wealth wearing the crown jewels I placed upon you at birth. You then decided to create lives of your own for the sake of experience but always with the promise that you would return to me with your wealth intact.

I gave you leave to explore the elements of space and time; not to seek out your fortune but to simply experience and interact with my creation. I expected that you would have invested your assets wisely to enrich your experience and know the whole and all of me, though you appeared to be separate from me. Many have forgotten their roots and cannot comprehend me. They have forgotten who I am and where I am. I am the long forgotten Source for many and for others I am a being wholly separate from them; a ruler who sits above in a place called Heaven waiting to meet out judgment at an appropriate time.  The truth being, you were and are never without me, in spite of the myriad journeys you have taken.

What many of you do not know is that I take the journey with you, for it is impossible for me to be without you and for you to be without me. The difference is that I am aware, whilst many of you are not. The Creator is always in attendance on creation, forever observing his assets as they sojourn in time and space to see whether they are allowing their experiences to rob them of their birthright, or whether they are using their birthright to maximise the experiences which will in turn yield returns and enable them to find their way home. I am constantly nudging you from within that you may recognise my presence, and in so doing, your creative ‘creator’ abilities.

Many have lost memory of their inherent wealth and seek to fill a void with that which is of a material nature, transient, as its worth is meaningless in the place where they must return to. Those who have come into remembrance and knowledge of the treasures they bear within themselves have wisely invested their timeless assets in choices amenable to longevity of spirit. Their wise investments have earned them ‘spiritual dividends’ stored in their cosmic bank accounts. For it is that which is stored herewith that will determine their next placement.

For those unable to recall their Source and homeland, I have paid special attention to mercifully recognising that they needed and are in need of assistance. I have sought to purchase their passage home through the ones I have sent time and time again to provide the vehicle for their return. Yet many have spurned this offer in preference to extending their journey. So I watch as these ones gamble their assets on unwise investments and forfeit in the process the most valuable gift bestowed upon their birth, their sovereignty.

There are those who remember who I am and who know where they have come from, yet they have chosen against me. They have surrendered their spiritual assets in favour of the material and worldly ones and seek to create a kingdom for themselves in a material world that has no reality.

It is collection time. I have come to reap the returns on my investment.  I come to assess how my assets have fared and to determine where next they should be invested. Those who have earned high returns will ascend to places where nature will support the accumulation of greater spiritual dividends.

Those who earned little during their experience as they bought into false doctrines and precepts and in so doing surrendered their sovereignty and freedom for imprisoning chains, will be freed by my hands and be given another opportunity to regain what they lost in places  more supportive to the pursuit of self awareness.

Those whose spiritual coffers are totally bare due to their malignant choices, preferences and investments in barren affairs, will struggle to survive as they flounder for the breath of life. Ever merciful, I offer a lifeline as I extend my hands offering assistance. I ask them to choose me as their new partner, that I may inject fresh capital of light into deadened assets. A few have accepted this offer in wisdom as they know that they are spiritually bankrupt. I will be their Trustee in Bankruptcy, and so will decide how and from which placement they shall repay their debts and thus begin to regain the assets they willingly abused and lost.

The rest have rejected my offer. They have chosen to forfeit further investment in experience and thus coldly severed themselves from the Source of their lives. They have rejected life, and in so doing have determined their penalty. 


(June 13, 2012) CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH JOHAN: (Today is the Day)

We cannot longer tardy and see every truth be turned into a lie and visa versa, and tons of total deception keeping the masses incapacitated and utterly ignorant, even at the risk of many innocent lives. Notice has been given one too many times already. Now we, The Light, take TOTAL CONTROL over Shan, Urantia, Mother Earth, Gaia, ONCE AGAIN.

Those in the knowing are ready as good as can be, others will have to find out through the experience of the three dark days to begin with. WE MUST PROCEED as many more alternative routes have proven to lack sincerety, and failed due to man's inability to let go of the past, of greed, of blaming, of control, of fear used as weapon, of killing like it is a sport, of lies and deception, etc.etc.etc.

In the meantime, we gathered all the evidence for the courts of Orvonton and our anxious crews stand ready for action. Without further ado, as Sovereign, I applaud you, those who stood their ground in Light, Love and Truth as we are taking the reigns of my Beloved Final Bestowal Planet once again.

Let this final chapter begin. Salu. Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon.


R: During meditation I expressed my deep gratitude to our Earth and asked the question, “How can I honour you more?” This was the reply:

Gaia: To you I say, walk with care, for I feel every footstep as you touch my skin, and through this contact I can feel your heart-beat, whether it is fast or slow, whether your heart is in love or fear, whether your intent is well-meaning or destructive.

For my cells are alive just as your cells are alive, and this information about your feelings and state of mind can and is communicated to me in a second. Multiply that by the number of your global population and you will start to understand the burden I feel; every stone thrown, every spadeful of soil unturned, every cavity blocked or eroded or exploded. I feel all activities of all people.

I am your mother in all senses of the word. I carry and feed you constantly, and collectively, you have abused this position. Retrieve your innocent childlike wonder and reverence. Start to recognise the consequences of your doings on your mother’s body and walk with me in peace. Be still. Be my stillness. Be my joy and comfort, as I am yours.



J: I ask for comments to me, as well. This has been a busy day, it appears. I seek guidance and support.

Esu: Jess, I can speak. This is Esu speaking for Christ Michael Aton. I speak for him at this moment as you speak for me. His words pass through me as my words pass through you in this message.

The time is now. The delays are finished. The end manoeuvres have begun. There is no stopping them at this point. The result will be the defeat of those who have warred against the return of the light. The rebellion by those who fancied themselves led by Satan and Lucifer is over. Lucifer is no more and the remnants of his followers on Earth have no leader. They worship nothing and follow rituals that have no power to make any lasting change.

I came to Earth two thousands ago with Christ Michael Aton to begin the shift that would manifest in what has happened. Earth forces fought against this change from the beginning. Man in his forgetfulness lost awareness of the force that created his existence. He searched for what was there all the time without recognising its availability. He turned to alternatives that prevented him discovering his Creator's spiritual plan. The time of misguided search is over. The truth will be told to man, and Christ Michael will reveal his presence.

Man will still not want to believe this message, so a context has been planned to reinforce this teaching. Light will come from an imposed darkness. Order will come from chaos and uncertainty. Man will be cut off from much of what he has come to value. This will cause fear and panic.

We are ready to impose this blackout. The conditions are present; the only hold up is Christ Michael giving the order.

Many will leave Earth, only a relative handful has requested continuing here. Many others are uncertain, but leaning towards acceptance.  Others have different ideals and wish to explore them away from Earth's evolving state. All will be accommodated as they have decided.

The time frame has ended up being close to the popular dates bandied about in the New Age culture [Mayan predictions of December 2012]. This is only a coincidence. The magic associated with certain times is nothing more than man's conjecture. Nothing imagined has anywhere near the power and disruption that will come. Man will be witness to immense beauty and devastation. There is no escape. Christ Michael Aton's followers will be rewarded; those fighting against him will be judged and sentenced. This happens now. Look to the skies. Esu.


(June 18, 2012) SIRAYA THROUGH JOHAN: (You have Very Little to Lose, but Your Patience)

Blessed be all of you, children of the Light, I Am Siraya, representative of Creator Source in Orvonton. With his most beloved greetings, I come to confirm that the "last great consultation" has finished. Out of chaos, order must come. Out of chaos, order shall come.

Your Sovereign of Nebadon, Christ Michael is assured of our full cooperation at this point in time and at this level and stage of his Divine Plan. With the final date set already and his crew fully prepared and in action already, you have very little to lose, but your patience.

If that is so, then you are not occupying yourself wisely. As co-creator of your path and that of all, you are to experience a freedom you don't remember.

It won't take long to familiarise yourself in some old and some new environments once chaos that cannot be ignored, has passed. As this scribe has repeated many times upon our inspiration "To the benefit and highest pupose of all involved, in service to others and in accordance with the divine Laws of Creation and Balance, your narrow road will proceed steadily".

A grand welcome home is awaiting you, so on those last legs, keep it together, at the highest level of divine love and light possible. Let this be your focus as it is our pleasure to see you make it through this momentous time for your  Mother Earth and all of you.

Greeting you warmly and sincerely, and with glad tidings from your Sovereign, I am Siraya, in service of Creator Source.  


(June 19, 2012) TARGETED MESSAGE BY MONKA: (You Have Set in Place the Mechanics of Your End)

Time is a construct that you use, to measure learning in these planes of space. Time is a collection of moments in space. Time is marked in space as a place. Time seems short when you are in fun and games. Time seems long when you are in tears and pain. Time seems short when you are facing your end. Time seems long in the course of the ending! It is a paradox, yes! Illusionary yet measurable, this time, in place, in space.

As such you must know, the spaces of your mind can never be veiled to us, for we imbue this space which you think is your place, and from us there is nothing you can hide! And we tell you that in spite of your arrogance, your fear is measurable, your desperation observable, your coldness calculable, making your options predictable, your power reducible, and your demise, tangible!

You have set in place in your time and space, the mechanics of your end. And thus it must be that which is in motion must outwork itself in accordance with the Laws of Life on this plane. By your thought and your hand you have wrought upon yourself that which is inevitable for your soul’s sake. In your dying moments you can ask for forgiveness.

I am Monka of the Ashtar Command, and I am here in this place of time and space, in accordance with a directed mandate, issued for this plane of existence, that must be fulfilled, which is to wrap up this mission! And so it is!

(June 20, 2012) SIRAYA THROUGH RUBENS: (Finality)

I am here to give a message of finality to all of this; yes, it looked like the message given through Johan was just that but, such is not the case.  We have offered many, many opportunities to the dark ones out of love and in their unnatural state, they have failed to understand the grace and mercy handed to them, not because they deserve it per se, but rather because love is the governing law throughout Creation as a whole.

As said previously, a date has already been set and nothing will change that at this point. I am here to remind the ones coming back to the planet to take a very careful and attentive look at their world as it stands now and understand that they will never again see it as is.

It is time to bid their adieu to all that is and know that it is all for the highest purpose.  We salute those who have been able to withstand the heat and fear generated by the unnatural ones and stood their ground until the end.  Blessed are you indeed, dear children of the highest.

There is nothing more to say than that it is done for the last time, and prepare for what is around the corner. Blessings upon you, our blessed ones and good riddance to the malevolent ones.

I am Siraya, Master Spirit of the SuperUniverse of Orvonton.


(June 20, 2012) CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH DS: (On the Morning of the Fourth Day)

On the morning of the fourth day dawn will be burning in amber hues.  The silence that had taken hold of one’s soul will still be embraced as this new day comes to light.

For during the 3 Days of Darkness the spirits and souls of humanity will awaken and be forced to see clearly their demise by which they had forsaken their truth within themselves on Earth and in the heavens above.

In the midst of the darkness the silence will be heard so loud it will echo onto them by which all will know the mighty power of their Father/Creator. Much madness, sadness and tears will present itself, for denial was at the forefront of many issues. They will no longer deny the lighted truths from within as the crevices of hiding and denying will be lighted as never before.

Shafts of lighted knowledge, truth, and divine scripture will come flooding into awareness, and the voice of their Creator will not be denied.  Fear will rise and their core will be shaken, but for these souls, the days of darkness will be their ticket to freedom. Freedom by which many untruths and lies of deception had distorted their reality of what is real and what is false.  Some will rejoice as a spark of lighted memory comes flooding onto them and some will spiral into the fear of uncertainty.

A time of reckoning has occurred, that which was predestined to come. A time prayed for by many and welcomed in dreams.  Nothing will ever be the same again!  People will never be the same again!  The nature of God will have been shown, and his lighted love will transcend unto the world his glory and oneness! Hearts will rejoice and be opened as love prevails and unites many!  The golden light of truth will flow in the air, opening all doors to the soul. Clarity beholden to eyes opened and minds eager will come to them.

Decisions will need to be made by each as to where they stand, as the lighted truths will no longer wait or be compromised.  It is the time of reckoning!  Each soul's time to face themselves and see what they are made of, as they can no longer deny or hide that which they will know within.

By the end of the 3 Days of Darkness much will have been addressed and confronted by each soul, as this has been ordained. As the morning sun rises on the 4th Day celebrations will be heard world wide. The darkened cleansing will have accomplished its divine mission of awakening the masses, and mankind will have been purged of the evil dark cabal. This will be felt, sensed, and known, and there will be no denying the changed energy signature within the air and of those around you. The hunger and thirst for truth will herald in the time of disclosure and announcements!

May my Divine Light be upon my Anointed Ones. Blessed be to All!



(June 21, 2012) CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH RUBENS: (Ultimate and Final Words)

This is your Creator Son, Sovereign of the local universe of Nebadon, your place of inhabitation which Urantia is a part of.  As you can assess, Siraya and The Ancient of Days came ceremoniously to give the dark ones a final warning, or promise; and you, who must continue the journey, were congratulated on your steadfast stand against an almost insurmountable resistance from the sick ones who refuse to let go of their illusory sense of control and power.

I must say that they have surprised us in their obstinacy and sheer madness in pursuing their course.  We have exhausted all possibilities as pertain to offering them a way out and an opportunity to express regrets and make amends.  In vain have they persisted in their madness and we must say that it is truly pitiful to see that they have wasted so much to effect significant changes on Urantia for the benefit of all.

It is now over and we must move on.  We are going to effect those changes necessary to bring about balance to Urantia and its children.  We are going to instruct the inhabitants on what has taken place on the planet for so long with their unconscious approval, and paint to them the scenario that has been placed in their face which only needed final adjustments to come to full implementation.  You, the inhabitants of Urantia would have not been able to shake the shackle of slavery that  you already had around your neck and legs.  We are about to undertake an operation undreamed of by many which will serve them as a template so that this aberration never takes place in my universe and hopefully the entire SuperUniverse of Orvonton.

You are the subjects of a lot of talks in the entire SuperUniverse and even beyond, and this has to come to fruition no matter what because a lot has been invested for a long time so we can bring it to a successful halt which is truly the beginning of a wondrous journey ahead of you.  Let this be a reason for celebration, for indeed there is plenty to be happy about.  Yes there will be many tears shed as well, but in all it is much more about success than anything else.  Let this be imprinted into the very core of your mind in order to never allow it to take place anywhere else, so when the time comes to serve again, you will be better equipped to deal with it swiftly and efficiently. 

Once again, let me remind you of the importance of this moment that you are currently living which will accelerate quickly to the end. Peace be upon you all and let the end come to an end.

This is your Creator Son, Aton the Sovereign of Nebadon. 


(June 21, 2012) ESU THROUGH JESS ANTHONY: (Coming Changes)

Jess: Esu, you said you have words. I am ready to receive your comments.

Esu: Jess, let's speak. This is a period of change unlike any the world has witnessed before. The universe itself is adapting to a new vibrational frequency of energy that brings with it many revelations of insight into the truth of the Creator's plan. The so-called Wave of photons is truth and love in an ocean of illumination. This will change Earth beyond any imaginings, and those who continue with her ascension will become creatures of the light just as the planet will.

This period of light must be preceded by the dark. This is the prophesied and foretold "three days of darkness" that religions and New Age gurus have feared and anticipated. Religions of the world dread this darkness because they know the return of the light will bring the truth. Their rituals and controlling precepts will be shown as meaningless. Those New Age believers who look for transcendence will be shown the reality of what ascension really means. True illumination and salvation means taking responsibility individually and working to be compassionate to everyone.

The period of darkness will be brought on by galactic forces. Natural causes can't produce the pause in existence necessary for changes to be imposed from a higher dimension. This darkness will be accompanied by a worldwide loss of electricity. Anything that runs on electrical current will not function. Batteries will work until they are used up. Candles will burn until they are not in stock. Water will be turned off unless the pumps don't require electricity to operate. Man will be forced to re-think his mode of existence for this period of three days.

Many will panic and revolt. It will be surprising how quickly man's civilised veneer becomes selfish and predatory. Banks will not operate and financial systems will not be able to transfer fiat digits. Social unrest will develop due to a loss of restriction and control. Martial law will be suggested. The political process will be in shambles. Food delivery and service will be minimal. Transportation will be limited. Chaos will develop quickly.

My followers and those who will be able to guide others will be tasked with explaining and coordinating events when they can. They are responsible for themselves above all, and they must reach out only as much as they are able without harm to themselves. The time for a greater re-education and transformation will come later.

Three days may not seem much, but the removal of electrical energy will bring everything to a halt. The darkening of the Sun will prevent normal activities. The loss of sunlight will cause temperatures to drop. Prepare for sustaining your existence with alternative resources.

As the traditional Summer/Winter Solstice has occurred according to your calendar, the peak energy from the Sun will wane and the Earth will move into a time of darkness when its inhabitants are seemingly cut off from the universe.  The universe is watching man's reactions and taking note. Good can come from bad. Compassion can replace selfish behaviour. Assistance and help can throw a lifeline.

Be ready and prepared. Examine your beliefs and convictions. Esu.


(June 22, 2012) SANAT KUMARA THROUGH CANDACE FRIEZE: (The Battle is Won)

Oh dear ones, it is I, Sanat Kumara, whom you know as Solar Logos of the Silver Ray, and as Grandfather. Rather than chide the dark, the purpose here is give praise to all of you who have passed your difficult testing on this world.  I am specifically speaking  to the ones directly involved in the project of raising this world, who are from the highest realms, but we are well pleased also with those evolving on this world who have made enough of a grade in progress to return here after the long stasis.

We sit in great joy that we have come to this event, the coming 3 days of darkness, which was not envisioned as being possible many years ago. Hope was about gone that we could keep this world running.  It was pretty much accepted that she would be rolled over, after the lifting of successful students and star seeds and things started over thousands of years into the future.

You have made it possible for this intermediate option, since a full ascension of Earth's inhabitants did not occur, and we stand in amazement of this accomplishment.  See the hope and light in this!  The battle is won.


(June 22, 2012) DAVID RIGHTER (S333) THROUGH CANDACE FRIEZE: (Today has NOT been a Good Day has it?)

To our dark banking brothers, today has not been a good day has it?  You are having troubles almost everywhere with your internet connections. Rest assured, we are behind it!!.

Do you remember me dear ones?  I have posted to AH before, for a period as S333 and then formally as David Righter, here and on RumorMillNews.  I am a financial lawyer from the very high realms, based actually on the Super Universe Headquarters complex that surrounds Uversa.  I am here incarnate and I have a large staff of folks walking with two legs so you are directly "reachable" by myself and team.

Your destruction of God's instrument on the world, the OITC, did not go unnoticed and those of you directly involved will have your just reward.  The courts of Orvonton are always just. Now during the interim before the beginning of the 3 days, you can expect more "interference" from us.  Let the games begin in earnest.

To readers of AbundantHope, its always wise to have cash around for "emergencies" and to not keep your bank accounts overflowing.  I am David Righter.



To my beloved sons of the dark nature.  Ponder carefully this short final period.  Some of you have chosen your uncreation and it seems fixed in your nature, but there is still a short time to experience me before it is over and you are returned to cosmic energy.  In doing so, you might, in the experiencing of my love for you, change of your minds.  For there is no changing when this is done.

Come unto me. Feel my warmth and love.  Do you really want to abandon that?  Don't you wish to consider it could be otherwise?  Eternal life is a wondrous undertaking and you will be tossing the eternal wonder down the drain, never to be experienced again.

I want you to feel my age.  I was first created beloveds nearly 2 trillion years ago.  Image that!  And here I stand today with a universe of my own creation.  There are no limits ever, placed on where you can go.  I took over the reins of Nebadon, but only a short 300 billion years ago, when mostly it was still clusters of nebulas, but the central creation, the central worlds of Salvington were done with the making of them.   The abode of the Gods had been "finished" enough for myself and teams to come and set forth our creation of Man.  And of course a lot of the angels, of necessity created for this creating endeavour.

Many of you here are my direct sons, and others of you are Nebadonia's direct daughters.  Feel my race, feel my love, feel her love, feel our love, and come home!  For glory always will await you.   I am Michael of Nebadon.


(June 23, 2012) CREATOR SOURCE THROUGH HAZEL: (Litmus Test and Graduation Message)

Behold, the litmus test is now complete and the results measured against my will. The time of revelation is present and each of all  in his individuality will know in doubtless form the results. For those who pass will be offered passage, but those who fail must repeat or abandon the course of life.

Rest easy all my ones who have obliged me, for your ascent is assured. Live in this moment and savour its joy, take a journey through the inner mind and heart and rest there for a while. Plough through the unwanted, and cast aside that which is fruitless, clear away the debris and find your rest. Allow the stillness of these moments to usher in light, see it flow in the mirror of your mind as it settles within you and you become the light. Become the light. With certainty this will serve you well on the road ahead as your days become night and night precedes further night for a short, yet what would seem lengthy, period of time.

Be like unto me, effort to be likened to me, for less than me does not exist. Peel away the layers of false perceptions, release it unto the cosmos for uncreation and observe yourself being filled with my light to replace the antiquity of falsehood. What sits in discomfort within you is false and must be eliminated to allow for new frequencies to fill your vessel, that streams of elevated awareness may begin its culture.

Make me your home, your resting place, your tabernacle, your playhouse, and I shall in turn create with you an inner dimension from which your outer world can be birthed. It is my rhythm that you must match to create as I do and as I would.  I speak these words to all who will take the ascending journey, for graduation time is at hand and I am rendering the speech that will usher you into the great halls of light.

I have thus far lent you my eyes for those who wished to see through me and espouse a higher vision; I have lent you my mind for those seeking to draw from its education and be united with truth.  I have given you my spirit that you may seek in spirit to know and become spirit. All things have I bestowed upon you of necessity that you may tend to your soul and seek its survival beyond the contemporary material octave. I have obliged you. 

As the handle of the door which separates you from a new world opens, I desire you to know that greater power awaits you which demands a new found sense of responsibility for yourself and the evolution of planet and people. The old ways cannot and will not sustain, old thinking and beliefs which fettered progress must be abandoned. New vision must be espoused and that vision must be founded in holiness. Perfection must ever be the goal and the I AM Presence the way.

What has been taken for granted in the past must be brought to the forefront and tended to. Let not limitations or perceptions of limitation gather in your force field, for they will only sour your journey and pre-empt greater fulfilment of God potential. Do not think that you know all of me, for only when you can do what I do then you shall in truth know me. Let this be your yardstick of measurement.

A brilliant era of transformation is now upon you, and you the graduates are to be commended for your resilience and readiness to assume the mantle of greater responsibility for self and planet. I entrust myself to you that you may use this timeless resource to light your way forward. Ample instruction will be provided so that when you enter your brand new classroom you will be equipped to begin your creation. The measure of your handiwork, the source of its conception, direction, focus, and goal will find  its foundation and blueprint in a new paradigm - light, love, balance, and perpetuity.

As you ascend, the gap between us will lessen and greater motivation will strike and you will plot your way ever forwards until the totality of oneness becomes your experience. I congratulate you and commit to ever walk with you on this your onward journey. I am your goal and your goal must ever abide in your consciousness lest you forget the purpose of the journey.

I am your First Source and Centre. Blessings flow from Paradise, receive and be renewed.




Re thread: Stasis, Mini Stasis, Craft, Jupiter

Now I am going to use this thread briefly to provide the education I provided for years now here on GLP. And to cover the discussion in the posts above about where the dark ones go. 

The planet is terribly overpopulated. It is way over polluted and the ecology is dying. Either you all die with it, or there is intervention. The thugs have not cooperated on any plan offered to them. They are going to be removed during the 3 days of darkness. Some of you have heard of that. It is not Nibiru or any of that new age BS. A very large craft from the very high realms of this heaven you have no concept of, is going to eclipse the Sun for 3 days. However, during the mid portion of that, the planetary peoples and some animals (those requiring human care, like milking are going to be paused, which is called stasis.

Some of you must have noticed my thread with that title by now. Any of you alive on this planet since prior to august 1992 went through a short stasis period of one week when the planet entered the photon belt. For this not to have been, meant for massive global blindness because man had not been prepared for it. This was done by God's many Sons.

Now you will be in stasis for a few days again, so the hard work you should not see, is carried out. A lot of people are leaving. They will go to many places, the population has got to be gotten down. Then, after this 3 days with the stasis in the middle, we call it a mini stasis because it is for a few days, those "left behind" are going to get a global education about all the rubbish of this world.

This will last depending on all sorts of issues for a few weeks to maybe a year. The number of dark to be removed is stupendous and will not go unnoticed. Some companies are not going to function that you work for, and the unemployment will be huge during this period, so there has been created a financial welfare program to support all those out of work. And you will not have any more mortgage, credit card, or other debt, because its going away. This is not NESARA. The banks are going to be folded, and this in and of itself will cause a lot of unemployment.

Many people of this planet are religious fools and you have allowed the antrichrist to fully manifest as the New World Order and all that goes with it.

Now, after this period of teaching, the planet will be emptied of all people for a period of many years while it is rehabilitated. All of the life including plants will be "asleep". The volcanism from the planned axis shift and magnetic reversals, even the plants will not be able to handle. Now this folks is what the management teams of Heaven do. God does not wave magic wands.

God is the consciousness that built the whole creation and is present in both matter and mind. This is what the "Trinity" is, it is the Creation. Is not the daddy of Jesus and this person named Jesus who is Daddy God's son, nor is your "holy spirit" have anything to do with the Trinity energies of the creation.

Jesus is not the only begotten son of GOD. You are all only begotten sons of God and the Catholic Church created the Trinity muyh. Its a really evil myth. It denies you are God, and you are. Every being with consciousness is a son of God, whether angel or man. This planet is a seed planet for producing new souls in fact, and the evil ones won it in war, and then you have that Lucifer Rebellion thing too. These ones which number 10 billion total between Lucifer folks and galactic thugs have been reincarnating here for 200, 000 years because of whole variety of situations and many of you are them. Did you grow up over 200, 000 years or not. If not, you are moving!!

After the stasis of some 4 to 10 years, depending, about 1 billion of you are coming out of storage, stasis, and will resume here under the guidance now of Heavrn. The planet has been returned to God. This is necessary at this time, because of the cosmic energies the planet is in, and the fact that the living Mother Gaia is a conscious person in her own right and she is going back to seed planet status as to her body and purpose and not being a prison ward any more.

You are in three energy streams which are going to forever change the frequency of matter in this solar system, and those who do not match that are leaving and there are a lot of folks leaving. Your choices are made.

This planet will eventually enter 5d, and it could have happened already, except the people are not ready. You have to have become God consciousness which is not church. Christianity is fully in the hands of evil, and it is the worst religion on this planet. This is fact and you may not argue it. You people have been "had" by your "Devil", who like God is not a singular person. People are aligned with God, or evil, period. And at the end of ages like we are in, you don't get to be a fence sitter any more. You are on the road to good, or the road to evil, you can't be evil sometimes and good other times. At the end of an age, all folks evolving on any planet are sorted as to intent. This planet has been sorted in fact at least very 13, 000 years. There are 5 previous large civilisations on this planet since the Lucifer Rebellion that bit the dust, this is number 6.

When civilisations bite the dust, people are sorted for placement where they belong.

So now comes the first sorting. Anybody still perhaps reasonably good, but still sitting the fence will stay for the teaching period, and this is an example of grace, because you have been so decieved and are getting some chance to hear the truth, but most of those left behind after the 3 days will still be moving, only you will be offered to move to other planets. There is going to be full open contact with concurrent cleansing out in the open with space craft.

You are going to meet these people from other worlds including many from the heaven you cannot concept. Everyone, even spirit beings, live on planets, or in craft. There are craft many times the size of Earth in fact.

The heaven worlds are custom built balanced worlds on which there is no war, and you do not earn the right to live on even the lowest ones until you grow up and that is how it is. So some of the darker souls here are going to other dark planets. Some will be uncreated. The astral realms will be emptied, as the souls living in the mid astral are also being sorted, and those in the low astral are sorted always to the 2nd Death [uncreated] anyway as they accumulate there after death.

The mid astral was moved to the Moon as astral realms must be around orbs, and the mid astral is affected by atomic blasts to their souls. We don't care about the lower astral, but the mid was moved. The high astral contains as residents only spirit photon beings of very high vibration, and they are not affected by nuclear mistakes. Nuclear damages the morontial soul. So those who are in the mid astral realms between lives live around the Moon now. It's far enough away.

You can bash this until you are blue in the face, it is truth and I care not one wit about what you think of it.

The entire creation is managed by the trillions of Sons of God beloveds, and planets in dire shape get cleansed of man. The planet is important. You are in 3 cycles of energy. I have covered this here until I want to vomit. You are in the Photon Belt, (every 13, 000 years for 2, 000 years) of Alcyone. Earth went into it in 1992.

You are in the gamma rays/God particle energies from the centre of the Milky Way since October 2006. For the last 3 to maybe 4 years, you have been in laps of the Wave from Paradise, the centre of the Creation. Another is coming on, these have all be modulated a bit to allow a bit more time. 

I want you all to put on those thinking caps.(of which your "holy spirit" is a part, for some of you anyway), and think for once. It will do you some good and stop repeating the religious BS. Jesus is returned and he is the commander of the game going on now. You have been turned away from the end time teachings promised 2000 years ago, by the very people high up in your churches who will not let you have them, and some of you have been told the "devil" wrote them. Really? Well God did not write your Bible, nor did the holy spirit make sure it was okay. it doesn't do that, it cannot do that in fact. How Incredibly stupid because most of you who did hear of them rejected them on that premise alone rather than exploring the material to see if it fit. Some of you did very marginally and it didn't completely match your very incomplete Bible full of fairy tales so you attacked the messengers who bring it.

Anyway, I want you all to imagine where mankind is going when the air gets too bad, food cannot be grown and delivered, and the banks break. Its going to get awfully evil, if the government falls also, even more evil than now. Ponder that, and you will then, if you are still walking the planet after the 3 days, feel very blessed for the intervention. And God with his magic wand is not here waving it. There are 10 million craft here full of both "angels" and people to assist with this big big mess man has made and allowed on this world. And you who remain are going to get this same sort of truth shoved in your faces on global TV. How about that for grace? Then the planet will be closed for the massive remodelling project.

Then those staying will come out of slumber, and with the guidance of those from "heaven", this world is going to grow up, never to be destroyed by ignorant man again. There is no hell fire, how utterly stupid to think that "god" would create such a place. There are only more rotten planets for the thugs to live on, as this one is done being a prison ward, but "god" is gracious and most will be continuing their eternal life on other butt hole planets until they get tired of it and decide to grow up. Okay. Thats the story, good night.  Peace on Earth. We are going to have it.




(July 11, 2012)  SIRAYA THROUGH JOHAN:  (What Happens Now is about Your Future Creations)



I am Siraya, representative of Creator Source to Orvonton, with the most esteemed greetings from Creator Source, the Ancient of Days of Orvonton, and your Sovereign of Nebadon, Christ Michael, I greet you and bless you all.
Just some time ago, I came to inform you of the last consultation that took place, and that you had very little to lose, but your patience. We can see your patience growing thin, as can be understood.
Even with the final date set, and a lot more accomplished by now, your Sovereign is incessantly at work to make sure the new foundations arising out of the ashes of the old, will be stronger and vaster than even we could imagine. We could have stopped him, but it is my pleasure to inform you there is absolutey no reason to, as he will all of the sudden do these honours himself.
Every single extra attempt from his part represents an extra opportunity for one of you,  for some of you, on your narrow future paths. By then, you will fully understand the basis or foundation he has layed out now for future worlds under your care. It would otherwise have taken a lot longer to reach some of your goals. What your Sovereign acts on now, is based on his future vision for all of you who have stepped forward sincerely, who stood their grounds, who sailed their ships towards the inner and higher guidance and navigation, who diligently connected and honoured the truth.
Our advice, even as sudden as Christ Michael may call it a day, still occupy yourselves wisely and constantly. Your most precious discovery might be yourself!  Inner reflection and future planning and sorting out of your dreams and desires need to be finished ASAP, for all have the chance to choose, one way or another. It is your soul's path and evolution however that is at stake. So focus on that while you still can, for once the rollercoaster starts slowing down at the top, at the end, when your Sovereign calls it a day, you will have little time to think while plunging down. And it will be a rollercoaster ride for sure, no matter your past experience. Even Creator Source looks forward to the thrill, through all of you who made the trip.
Greeting you warmly and sincere, I am Siraya, in service of Creator Source.



 (July 14, 2012) ESU THROUGH CANDACE FRIEZE: (A Small Update on Pre-Three Days of Darkness Activities)  

Beloveds, stand in your patience.  I know this is tiring, but put yourself in our shoes, or mine at the moment.  I am in charge of a very large military operation that is most necessary at this time.  You may see some odd quakes around as we are taking out more alien bases, and it is useful for us to finish that task if possible before the Three Days of Darkness (3DD). 

There are energies in them that need to be neutralised so as to not effect damage, that we do not wish during the mini stasis period. These underground bases  are powered by mostly nuclear energies and need tactful handling.  I am only reporting this to give you some detail.  We are pulling out the reactors and removing them. Some of these bases are even "normal" underground installations that run on nuclear, and they will likely blow during the mini stasis. 

There is more to occur during the mini stasis than simple removal of the dark, and these details I cannot give you at this time.  Let's just say that the removal process includes removing more than people, and let it go at that. 

There is reason that this cannot wait until the large stasis.  As you were informed with the Siraya message through Johan, this plan is related to activities that will affect your future careers, experience wise, and also affect the people that will remain during the teaching period and the length and outcome of the teaching period.  I will say the teaching period will be longer than we have suggested before, and therefore to provide special opportunities for all, we must have a "cleaner" format.

Keep your lives going and stop living in the future that is not here yet!  And always have preparations no matter where you live, for temporary discomforts, as there is still to come the likelihood of much extreme weather and perhaps some extreme quakes.

(These articles, unless origin is otherwise noted, are under copyright protection of . They may be placed anywhere on the web as long as they are not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note the rest of it can be found at the site.)



We pray to the great Spiritual Power in which we live and move and have our being.
We pray that we may at all times keep our minds open to new ideas and shun dogma;

That we may grow in our understanding of the nature of all living beings and our connectedness with the natural world;
That we may become ever more filled with generosity of spirit and true compassion and love for all life;

That we may strive to heal the hurts that we have inflicted on nature and control our greed for material things, knowing that our actions are harming our natural world and the future of our children;

That we may value each and every human being for who he is, for who she is, reaching to the spirit that is within,
Knowing the power of each individual to change the world.

We pray for social justice, for the alleviation of the crippling poverty that condemns millions of people around the world to lives of misery - hungry, sick, and utterly without hope.

We pray for the children who are starving, who are condemned to homelessness, slave labor, and prostitution, and especially for those forced to fight, to kill and torture even members of their own family.

We pray for the victims of violence and war, for those wounded in body and for those wounded in mind.
We pray for the multitudes of refugees, forced from their homes to alien places through war or through the utter destruction of their environment.

We pray for suffering animals everywhere, for an end to the pain caused by scientific experimentation, intensive farming, fur farming, shooting, trapping, training for entertainment, abusive pet owners, and all other forms of exploitation such as overloading and overworking pack animals, bull fighting, badger baiting, dog and cock fighting and so many more.

We pray for an end to cruelty, whether to humans or other animals, for an end to bullying, and torture in all its forms.
We pray that we may learn the peace that comes with forgiving and the strength we gain in loving; that we may learn to take nothing for granted in this life; that we may learn to see and understand with our hearts; that we may learn to rejoice in our being.

We pray for these things with humility;
We pray because of the hope that is within us, and because of a faith in the ultimate triumph of the human spirit;

We pray because of our love for Creation, and because of our trust in God.
We pray, above all, for peace throughout the world.

[End of newsletter]








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