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  Collated and summarised by Tony Wicks, July 3, 2002



  NESARA is the National Economic Security And Reformation Act. This is a secret act, apparently passed in March 2000 by the US Congress, despite denial by individuals involved due to treason charges if they admit it. As soon as all preparations are ready, it will be announced “officially” through the mass media. It will change the US government and US financial system due originally to a class action by US farmers against the government and banks. This action was upheld by the US Supreme Court in 1993. The government must resign and the banking system changed to one based on precious metals. The privately-owned Federal Reserve and Internal Revenue Service will be abolished. In the farmers’ lawsuits it was proven that the 16th Amendment to create income taxes was never ratified and is illegal. This is also the case in Australia and probably many other countries.

All countries around the world are expected to broadly follow suit with NESARA principles, due to certain new and established international agreements. NESARA is also encouraged and being assisted by higher intelligence which has interacted with us for thousands of years. This is a spiritual connection (not religious) that will also be enlarged upon after the NESARA announcement. All countries have agreed to a) Abolish income taxes; b) Institute common law; c) Have government leaders elected by the people; d) Live in peace; e) Bestow universal prosperity to all their citizens by using the money-making formulas and processes which have a proven 200-year record of success in providing massive prosperity. Until now, this has been kept secret by those who control us, plus their military-industrial mates.

The Secret Government/New World Order connection to extraterrestrials and the secret attainment of incredible advanced technologies over the last 60 years will also be revealed. This includes back-engineered space vehicles, and time travel. Both of which have placed humans on the Moon and Mars well before the public relations exercise of the Apollo Moon landing in 1969.



  Edited from Dove of Oneness Reports over the last 12 months and other information. The “Dove” is a lady with great connections, who puts out daily information that was originally intended for only a small group of people, but is now being read by an ever-increasing number of people accessing the Internet. She is well protected but anonymous for now. 

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[My comments below are in square brackets - Tony]

Dove - Big money, NESARA, White Knights, black ops, new banking and monetary systems, government reorganisations, dissolution of longtime power bases, all these things are reasons why the opposition (via the CIA) ordered the September 11, 2001 tragedies. I'm now covering things here that have been kept in strict secret by the world's wealthiest and most powerful people and bankers for decades. In the United States, [and the world] the controlled media keeps these things out of news coverage except for the most obscure references. Secrecy is what allowed the opposition their power to take the lives of innocent people on Sept 11. It's time for truth to ward off such things ever happening again. There is zero need for war. We who have the inside story know this. It's time to inform more people of the truth behind these travesties.

I'm using this opportunity to realign our minds to the true reality. All the talk we see about the need for "war" comes from a small group of power-hungry, greedy, ego-driven old guard. This small group of old guard has planned to cause war in these times for their own benefit. Their families have a long history of manipulating the masses with war and economic ups and downs. This old guard, mainly American citizens [many controlled from Europe] are the opposition about whom I write. The old guard centres around top level politicians. We Americans have ignorantly allowed them and their friends to hold high positions of power. Thank heaven, their power is ending.

The ones known as White Knights will prove with overwhelming factual evidence and testimony that this old guard of American citizens [also known as Faction 1] were the ones who ordered the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon. Thanks to the White Knights [also known as Faction 2], the old guard are failing to accomplish what they set out to do which was to: 1) Cause world war; 2) Steal quintillions of dollars of wealth from American people; 3) Establish a dictatorship and implement the insidious New World Order enslavement agendas in the US and worldwide. The old guard opposition are utterly failing in these Machiavellian and Draconian plots.

About two years ago, I began doing newsletters on the Internet for a particular group of approximately 250, 000 people worldwide involved in a prosperity program. This specific prosperity program began in the early 1990s and closed to new members in the Fall of 2000. It has members in many countries around the world, with most living in the US. I began to actively track it's progress two years ago shortly after the first activities to distribute the prosperity began in the US. From the beginning, the old guard opposition has been involved in trying, and failing, to stop the activities of distributing this prosperity to Americans and the world. The opposition has caused many delays in this distribution using legal and illegal means.

In doing my daily phone research with friends in the prosperity program, I have assembled a worldwide network of contacts in all the organisations involved with this prosperity program. My sources include knowledgeable people in: the US banks and offshore banks directly handling the prosperity; the IMF, the U.S. Treasury Dept. and Federal Reserve; the World Court; Congress; the White House; US intelligence agencies; US Military Intelligence groups; foreign intelligence groups; the experts in these programs; and many other powerful groups and people worldwide.

What started out as tracking progress of a prosperity program led me to discover that the prosperity distribution of these 50+ programs was "part" of a huge, global improvement of banking and monetary systems. These improvements were to be announced starting with the United States on Sept 11, 2001, followed by banking improvement announcements in other countries worldwide. In the United States, we have additional grand improvements in our federal government being implemented through NESARA [now to be implemented worldwide].

I learned in June 2000, that there was a group of powerful people worldwide [Faction 2] who had been working on these global improvements for over 20 years. I learned that some members of the top world banking families chose 20 years ago to improve the world, rather than exploit it as their ancestors have been doing the last few centuries. I learned that these wealthy visionaries of the top banking families had initiated prosperity programs for the average person with the intention of providing good-hearted people with substantial funds to do "world improvements". These wealthy visionaries of the banking families had realised their families' plans to continue tight control of the world's wealth would only lead to global disaster. For many years, 95% of the world's wealth was controlled by these powerful people. The wealthy visionaries determined that changes were necessary for the world to survive since their families were unwilling to make the crucial improvements. They realised that only people unattached to the status quo would make the necessary improvements to safeguard the world. I learned that this early group of wealthy visionaries grew to include additional powerful people holding the same vision of world improvements. I applied the term "White Knights" to these powerful, courageous, determined people. I learned that this group of powerful White Knights was the force actively pressing our prosperity program and 50+ similar prosperity programs forward for distribution.

Before I go on, let me explain how I came to use the term "White Knights." My professional background is in business and large business computer systems. The phrase "White Knights" is a term I borrowed from the world of multi-million dollar financial transactions where one company buys or merges with another company. In the financial business world, a "White Knight" is a wealthy person or company that comes to the rescue of another company which is being threatened by a hostile takeover.

In my tracking the progress of our prosperity program, it became very clear that there were "hostile" parties trying to take control of our prosperity. I call these hostile parties the "opposition". I learned the powerful, high-integrity White Knights had been working for many years to move the proceeds of these programs into the hands of the program members. These proceeds total astronomical amounts. There have been many very secret conflicts fought over these funds. The White Knights have been tacking action to get these proceeds into the hands of the rightful recipients and have rescued our programs' funds from the opposition many times over the years.

Symbolically, I used "White" to denote purity of motivation and high spiritual orientation. I used "Knights" to denote courageous people who take action. The White Knights include people of all races, all ethnic backgrounds, all religions, in 180 countries. People whose positions enable them to bring forth worldwide changes. These brave people have received many death threats from the opposition and continue to move these improvements forward. To protect them, I avoid giving their names. However, I can give you some of their titles. The White Knights worldwide include: a former leader of a major European nation; judges of the World Court which has jurisdiction and control over all 50+ of these prosperity programs; certain high-integrity members of Congress; highly-respected current and previous top U.S. military leaders; the worldwide expert on monetary and banking systems; the leader of an important foreign nation; key people in the world's monetary systems organisations; certain currently serving members of the US cabinet [some have since turned traitor, like Colin Powell ]; US military intelligence agents and US Patriot military groups; US monetary system officials; the East Coast Coalition attorneys; the Farm Claims attorneys and leaders; some onshore and offshore banking leaders; and many more powerful people whose names you would recognise.

It also includes a group of people I have named the "Divine Coalition" which includes powerful people worldwide who have cooperated with the White Knights. The Divine Coalition includes members of nearly all the top world banking families who have in recent years joined the White Knights in efforts to improve the world, rather than destroy it. The Divine Coalition includes members of the Bilderbergers group, foreign intelligence and government officials who are helping to bring forth these worldwide banking and legal improvements. Yes, I know, most of us who have studied the manipulators of the world know the top banking families and the Bilderbergers have been key manipulators in the past. However, I have seen that members from these groups have changed allegiance in the last few years and most are now actively working to improve, rather than exploit and destroy, the world. Many of these powerful people are steadfastly aligned with the White Knights and against the old guard opposition.

As I delved deeper into the history of these prosperity programs, I learned that there had been attempts to distribute the prosperity of these programs many times over the last few decades. Some of these programs began over 15 years ago! From my research, it appears that devious bankers and government officials blocked the distribution of these programs over and over again through the years. By the fact that the World Court has jurisdiction over these 50+ programs, it's obvious there were many legal battles attempting to get these programs funded and finally, the only choice was for the World Court itself to take over.

Why did people block the distribution of these prosperity programs? There are many reasons: 1) those controlling these large amounts of money found ways to make profits for themselves; 2) the banks involved benefited by keeping the money in their banks and were reluctant to let it go; 3) powerful people including bankers, politicians, and others feared the changes that inevitably come when ordinary people utilise these funds to improve the world rather than support the status quo; 4) government officials repeatedly stole large amounts of the money to use for their personal benefit and the White Knights repeatedly ewscued the money. Basically, the whole tug of war has been over power and money. All the insiders knew that when these prosperity programs were distributed, many powerful people would lose their power to control and manipulate.

As the years went by, the 50+ prosperity programs were blocked from distribution of proceeds over and over. The programs were repeatedly stuck in the pipeline by paperwork tricks of unscrupulous program leaders, bankers, and government officials. It became clear to the White Knights that in addition to distributing the proceeds, there needed to be a major overhaul of banking and monetary systems and governments. It was obvious that abuse of power and corruption needed to be cleared out of banking and government in order to support the kind of worldwide improvements necessary to ensure a healthy future for all on the planet.

As is common when divine timing aligns, a major synchronicity occurred in the 1990's. This provided the exact answer the White Knights needed to improve banking, monetary, and government systems in the United States. They knew some of these improvements would necessarily spread to the rest of the world because of the US Dollar's importance in the world economy and banking. I also think a certain White Knight monetary genius helped make certain the whole world would benefit from the improvements in the US by helping the US Dollar become the world standard in so many ways. All of us worldwide will benefit from this White Knight's genius and dedication.

This wonderful synchronicity in the 1990's was put into motion years earlier by some U.S. farmers suing US bankers who were illegally foreclosing on farm properties. I think most of us remember Willie Nelson doing the Farm Aid music concerts to help farmers save their farms. Willie Nelson began doing Farm Aid concerts to raise money for the farm families who were losing their farms in the 70's and 80's. It turns out that these farmers did some research and realised that many of the farm foreclosures were due to illegal tricks tricks by the US bankers. The farmers' lawsuits uncovered collusion by corrupt US government officials with the dishonest bankers! A whole array of farmers' lawsuits went up through the state, federal, and US Supreme Court processes.

The US Supreme Court decisions found that the farmers' petitions were valid. The Supreme Court validated the farmers' petitions for restitution from the federal government and awarded restitution to the farmers. Due to the massive government fraud, there was also a requirement that other Americans be given the opportunity to file for restitution of damages by the federal government. These historic court decisions became the basis for the process of "Farm Claims" where people in the 50 states submitted "claims" for restitution for damages by the federal government. The cutoff date of Farm Claims was in the late 1990's.

I understand there are many thousands of people who submitted "Farm Claims" although the vast majority of Americans were unaware of it. If we had had the Internet in those days, many more people would have known about it. We all owe these brave farmers and others in the Farm Claims lawsuits a huge debt of gratitude for their grass roots movement to take on the federal government and the bankers and expose the corruption and illegal tricks! We can also thank the Farm Claims attorneys and the Supreme Court judges who voted the nearly unanimous Supreme Court decision which proved the farmers' claims were valid. What we had with the Farm Claims lawsuits are Americans who took action to stop corruption for the benefit of us all! They were regular people like us, farmers and others, who took courageous action that is now resulting in the restoration of liberty to all of us and greater prosperity for all Americans! [And ultimately all humanity.]

In addition to awarding financial damages, the Supreme Court found that the farmers' claims of government fraud were true. The Court required that major government reforms be enacted at the same time as the payment of damages to the Farm Claims people. The Court's findings of the Farm Claims lawsuits are also the legal foundations of NESARA. It was stipulated that all these landmark court decisions must remain secret until the government reforms, banking reforms, and Farm Claims restitution distributions were completely ready.

Over a year ago in June 2000, I learned about a secret law that had been passed in March 2000, in the United States. This law was passed constitutionally and included a gag order with penalty of death if any official involved publicly discussed it prior to its official announcement!

In June, 2000, 15 months ago, I was told by my first White Knight contact (a military intelligence person) that this secret law:

1. Eliminates the IRS and federal income taxes; 2. Provides certain major debt forgiveness for people in the US; 3. Implements the new US banking and monetary system of precious metals-backed currency and the Federal Reserve absorbed into the US Treasury Department; 4. Restores our personal liberties and implements massive improvements in the federal government; and much more.

In mid-October 2000, I learned from a high intelligence contact that the secret law had been signed and a few days later I learned the acronym for it's name: NESARA. Because of Supreme Court's requirement to keep the lawsuit results secret, all official word of NESARA was forbidden until the corrections to the federal government, banking improvements, and prosperity program distributions were ready to be implemented. This is why we failed to ever hear about these landmark decisions and why the first official word on NESARA is the public announcement.

Over the last two years, there were a series of legally binding "Accords" signed by various heads of the federal government that set forth the conditions of how all this would occur and guaranteed the funding of our prosperity programs. The Accords are the legally binding instruments used to press forward these momentous banking, government, and prosperity activities. The opposition used every trick possible along the way to delay the completion of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of steps involved in aligning all these programs, the worldwide banking and monetary improvements, and US government reforms. The opposition used everything from unmerited court challenges against distribution, to outright thievery, to trumped-up court cases in Illinois, to interference with our prosperity programs, to coercion and physical harm of hundreds of people over the years. The opposition knows that their power and control end with the implementation of all the requirements in the Accords.

This is why the opposition ordered the September 11, 2001 attacks on the WTC, the Pentagon, and the Pennsylvania location. The opposition knew that the final word had been given notifying the networks to get ready to broadcast NESARA's announcement. This meant the end of their power was mere hours away. The opposition also planned to try to steal the funds of these prosperity programs for their own uses. In addition, they intended to try to start a war [the Afghanistan war was planned and predicted earlier in the year by the Bush Administration]. All these things were part of why the opposition ordered the Sept 11 attacks. Power and greed are the opposition's driving motives; unfortunately for them, they sealed their fates totally on September 11, 2001. [No airliner hit the Pentagon, it was a Cruise missile or F16 fighter loaded with explosives and remote controlled to take out the Operations Centre for NESARA's announcement. The Pennsylvania airliner hit its target, an underground facility connected with NESARA. No Arab hijackers were on the passenger lists. The mobile phone "conversations" were false. These phones do not operate above 1000 feet! It has been shown that the CIA planned and carried out the operations, including imploding the WTC towers with explosives, and all this will come out in future disclosures to the public.]

One good thing came out of these attacks, there has been a massive clean up of the black ops groups in our country and around the world. All of us are benefiting from this clean up.

[The debt forgiveness of NESARA covers mortgages, credit card debt, and other agreements where interest has been charged, because this is illegal. Banks will eventually have to cancel these debts at no further cost to the individual. And with no further personal income tax, the average person/family worldwide will be much better off financially and relieved of much worry. More details will be forthcoming with the true NESARA announcement and subsequent revelations.] [End]

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