NETPAG is a Subsidiary of the Australian Planetary Activation Organisation (PAO).

This is the unofficial Site for provision of  PAO and other reference material in Australia.

      Information on this site is provided by Tony Wicks and published for the internet by Peter Tacke.  


The Ummac Dan symbol is a trademark of Sheldan Nidle, founder of  Planetary Activation Organisation

You can find Sheldan's PAO site on 


Earthbridge  Newsletter - Purpose and Subscription Details

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. In our current accelerated evolution, humanity is uniting as one energy with the rest of the galaxy and beyond. We are ascending from a third-dimensional reality to higher planes of vibration, or dimensions, under a pre-determined divine or pure plan.  In remembering this, we can exist in truth, peace and harmony with the many other civilisations in this galaxy, this universe, and other universes. We have always been visited by these civilisations and are connected to them very closely.  However, our memory of this has been largely veiled until these "end-times" which is, on this newsletter, represented by the image of the flying unicorn, a magical friend from our past and future.

  Earthbridge  Newsletters includes up-to-date “channeled” and “integrated” messages from higher realms, part of the invisible universe around us which is now unfolding to us as Heaven on Earth. These messages are received by normal people, the same way the prophets and wise ones of past times brought wisdom to the masses.  Believe it. this really is happening, despite resistance from those who wish to retain control over us.

If you resonate with this material, please share it with others.  However everyone should have the right to determine what their own truth is. Each reader is encouraged to use their own discernment regarding the validity of any information presented in this newsletter.

  Earthbridge  Newsletter is researched and compiled in Brisbane by Tony Wicks, P0 Box 384, Alderly, QId 4051. Phone 0401 946 957. E-mail < > . Subscription for hard copies is $2.50 per issue, including postage within Australia.  It is published about every three weeks, 18 per year. Send $12.50 (5 issues), $25 (10 issues), or $45 (18 issues - 1 year) , Australian dollars, cash or cheque/money order payable A.Wicks’ to the above address.  

If you wish to receive  the monthly Newsletter by e-mail, please drop me  line


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