A duel session combining counselling and hypnotheraphy.

Counselling provides an opportunity for the exploration areas of concern and difficulty within an atmosphere of trust, understanding and support.

Counselling has often been described as the 'talking therapy'. It is centered on the talking interaction between psychologist and patient. 

The establishment and maintenance of a close working relationship is fundamental. 

This is a relationship built upon the psychologist's understanding and appreciation of your concerns and difficulties. A relationship built on knowledge and wisdom.

Through this relationship the psychologist evolves a comprehensive understanding of you as an individual, of your special personality and uniqueness. Of your life circumstance. 

Utilizing therapeutic skills acquired through many years of study and practice, the psychologist is able to gently guide you towards resolution. 

The psychologist is able to guild you towards change, self growth and understanding (towards happiness, health and well-being).

Counselling and hypnotherapy go hand-in-hand. 

Our sessions are divided broadly into two parts. The first being counselling, and the second, hypnotherapy.

Once that the psychologist has evolved an understanding of the difficulties that you are experiencing, or of those changes that you are wishing to make, the psychologist can then proceed with the hypnotherapy.

The photograph of the sea with it's many intricate and beautiful aspects is used here to symbolize those principles Abbotts Psychologist Hypnotherapist hold true.

Those principles include an appreciation of the rhythm and sound of the movement of waves lapping upon a sandy shore, the fresh air, horizon line, shells and rocks. Relaxation, beauty, contentment and happiness. Health and well-being. Freedom and movement towards change, self fulfillment and understanding. The jetty reaching out signals direction, inner strength, safety and security.



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