Images from Migrant Ship ANNA SALEN
voyage November 1950

The following images are stills from a professionaly produced 35mm motion picture film, believed to be the only film in existence actually photographed on a migrant ship in transit.
  1. First Glimpse of ANNA SALEN in Bremerhaven, Germany
  2. Entering the Suez Canal
  3. Dealers in Boats Surround the Ship at Suez
  4. Male Sleeping Quarters
  5. Crossing the Equator, NEPTUNE Ceremony 1
  6. Crossing the Equator, NEPTUNE Ceremony 2
  7. Compulsory Life-preserver Exercise
  8. The Captain and IRO Escort Officer and Staff
  9. Saint Nicholas Day, December 6
  10. The Man Who Made the Film, Mr. Gustav Kovacs
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