VK5APN (PF95jg)

Welcome to my Web space.

This page has been developed by hand. Using Notepad, a great learning curve in how to write HTML.

My main interest is in the Australian VHF and UHF Amateur Bands. 144MHZ is my favorite band.

My first contact was using a FT-221R (10w) into a GST-3 Dual band (2/70) vert. 3 by 5/8 wl for 2m.
I managed to work into VK4 (1608km) with this simple setup.
That spurred me to get the yagi antenna up.

Previously I had built a 10 element YU7EF yagi on a 2.59wl boom. Stated Gain as 14.6dBi.
I am using a IC-706MK2 and a Dick Smith Kit Amplifier which puts out 100 Watts.
I then got interested in building up an audio and PTT interface, to enable me to experiment in the Digital modes, especially the WSJT suite.
Initially in the Meteor Scatter mode (FSK441). Then progressing onto EME.

I like to experiment in 144MHz EME (Earth Moon Earth), it is providing me with alot of FUN.
There are things that I can do to improve the setup. But one thing at a time.
It is AMAZING my signals have been to the moon and back ;-)

Here is my EME Log Book

Here is all the info on my Portable EME attempts

How I Modified my IC-910H for seperate TX and RX ports on 144MHz

How I constructed the YU7EF 10 el Yagi's

A 10 Digit Grid Square Display - Arduino Project with GPS. Presented at GippsTech 2019

Here is my Local QSO Log Book

Here is my QSL Policy

Here is what I do to keep fit


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