10 Digit Grid Square Display

An Arduino Project to display your Grid Square Location to 10 Digits

Presented at GippsTech 2019.

I was wanting a Display to show my current Grid Square Location. But more than most which only displays 6 Digits. I wanted 10 Digits, which will be usefull for Distance and Bearing accuracy at the higher Microwave Frequencies, greater than 47GHz.

I would like to thank ON7EQ for his ideas that got me stated with this project. His display project can be found here.

The Power Point presentation presented at GippsTech 2019 is here.

The Circuit Diagram is here.

The Arduino Sketch is here. You will need the Tiny GPS ++ Library as well. Details in the sketch comments.

Currently working on improvements, and a MK2 version is hopeful soon. Stay tuned.