VK5APN (PF95jg)

To save on Coax relays, I modified my IC-910H for seperate TX and RX ports, on 144MHz.
I have provided a step by step modification list, along with supporting pictures and documentation.

(1) Remove the top lid by removing the 9 screws (5 on the top and 2 per side). Don't forget to remove the speaker cable.

(2) Remove the RF shield and some of the tape holding in the power cable.

(3) Locate C563, it's near the TX/RX relay. Unsolder C563. I resoldered it onto one pad only (pad closest to the relay).
Scape some of the solder mask from the PCB above the ground track. Solder in a piece of coax (teflon prefered).
Shield to GND and centre onto the vacated C563 pad (pad furtherest from the relay).

(4) Route the teflon coax through a slot in the rear panel of the IC910.

(5) Fabricate a bracket to mount the RX connector on (in my case a "N" type with cable entry).

(6) Fasten the bracket to the 2m TX UHF (SO259) socket. That way there are no additional holes in the IC910H,
and it can be returned back to normal if required (as you kept that SMD Cap didn't you!).

Hope this assists you. Email me if you would like further details, I'll try to help you out.

Only do these mod's if you feel competent in doing them.
I do not take any responsibility for damage to you or your equipment.
This is just a fact sharing exercise.