Portable 2M EME to various VK Grids

As I often travel (work and personal) I thought that it would be nice to play EME whilst away .

To this end I developed a 12 volt portable EME station. Thus enabling me to drive out of town to remote grids or grids not activated on EME before and operate from a vehicle.
Currently it consists of 2 x YU7EF 9 element yagi's in H polarity, a small SSPA, IC-706MK11 and other items esential to operating EME.

As the SSPA draws some heafty current from the car battery, I run my vehicle continuously whilst QRV. As my IC-706MK11 does not put out enough RF power for the full potential
required to drive the SSPA to max power, I am limited in my RF. This also ensures maximum life of the SSPA. I do run 3 small fans on top of the PA for additional cooling.

I am thankful to a number of Hams and Friends that have assisted with tips, ideas, concepts to get me this far.
Including Bob ZL1RS, Pop YU7EF and Rene PE1L to mention a few. There are many many others, you all know who you are.

I am open to both modes. If any CW operator would like to try, then please email me.

My first attempt will be to try out the portable station. To see if there are any areas that need improving, before embarking on some further afield grids.
No doubt this will be a rolling affair. As there are always room for improvement - right!

Subject to how the portable station performs (off the moon and mechanically...) and to a number of other factors, I may activate other grids.

It would be nice if my initial testing of the portable setup was in a new grid. So will travel to PF85wx. This is in the upper right hand corner of grid PF85, also being closest to my QTH.
Surrounding farmers have been notified and have agreed for me to use the area intended (actually belonging to one of the farmers). This is a crop growing area (Wheat, Barley, Canola....).

No return postage is needed for QSOs with VK5APN at the home QTH in PF95jg. But I DO require SAE and $3US when in other grids. Thanks

As I do not collect QSL cards from stations I have worked previously (from any grid), only new initials.
Then if you like, you may PAYPAL me a small amount (USD, EURO or AUD) to cover for postage to you. Email me when you have done this and a card will be sent to you
No donations are asked for, but if you would like to donate any amount to cover for future activities, then that would be most appreciated. But again, NOTHING is asked for.

The map below shows what Grids I have activated.

For further information on the activity in any particular Grid, please click on the corresponding Grid Square.

PF75 PF78 PF79 PF84 PF85 PF86 PF87 PF89 PF95 PF96 PF97 PG62 PG63 PG64 PG65 PG70 PG71 PG72 QF01 QF02 QF05 QF06 QF07 QF08 QF11 QF17

Possible future activity

Many more grids are planned. Some not so far away (time and distance). But hope to improve the setup, to enable more in the log.

So Stay tuned


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