VK5APN (PF95jg)

My QSL Policy

Every QSL card I receive is valued and appreciated.

QSLs received via the bureau will be reciprocated via the bureau. This is a VERY slow process, often taking up to 2 or 3 years.
Bear in mind I only go to the bureau once a year - maybe.

I prefer to QSL EME contacts by direct airmail post, in spite of the cost of this. Every QSL card received by direct post will be returned by direct post.
Id assume others would have this same policy. Not receive my card direct and then return theirs by the Bureau a bit cheeky.

I QSL 100% on received cards. No need for $ or IRC, a SAE is good but not required if your address is correct on qrz.com and your QSL card.

I will QSL new DXCC, WAS and any CW QSO's on EME.

I do not QSL every QSO, I do not need multiple QSL's from the one country, but will be happy to send you one on receiving yours.

Before I QSL anyone I will look at QRZ, Hamcall.net and Google the call to confirm the address and to see if there are any specific QSL requirements.
If there is none, then only a SAE will be included along with the card.

Appreciate your understanding.



My address is correct on QRZ.