My 1987 Kawasaki ZL1000 Eliminators

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My first 1987 Kawasaki ZL1000 Eliminator was purchased July 1st 2004

My second 1987 Kawasaki ZL1000 Eliminator was purchased March 31st 2005

Designated by Kawasaki as a "Performance Cruiser", these bikes were only built for one year, 1987, they were built to get off the line .. fast. The engine is the same as is used in the Ninja 1000R, but with different cams for more low end grunt and fitted with 34mm instead of 32mm carbies. They were built to beat the Yamaha V-MAX and FJ1200, and they did.

Original road tests of these bikes reported 0-100kph in 2.88 seconds, 1/4 mile in 11.14 seconds with a top speed over 140mph/225kph. 

This is how "ZL1000" number 1 looked when I bought it.

These 3 photos are the pix I snaffled off the EBay auction page

This is "ZL1000" number 1 as it is at the moment, with the original instruments, dash-panel/fuel gauge, headlight & brackets refitted.

I've fitted it with lower/flatter handlebars, a fork brace, progressive rate fork springs, braided brake lines, a Campbell X-Pipe with the chrome "cans" and a polished stainless steel radiator grille/shroud.

Since getting this bike I've also accumulated quite a few "spares" for it. These include an original "exhaust collector box" and a pair of "original" stock mufflers for it, plus assorted other bits and pieces.

I've got a few ideas/changes yet to be done to it as it's a work-in-progress.

All I have to do is stop riding it long enough to do some of the stuff .....


Below is "ZL1000" number 2 as it was when I purchased it on 31st March 2005.

I bought this bike from a guy I know who'd owned and used it as his sole daily transport for the last two years. He "cancelled" the registration on it when I bought it because he had a "personalised" number plate on it which he transferred to his new "steed".

Apart from it's daily running he did quite a few long distance runs on it, so he fitted the radio/cassette, tow-bar, rack/plate and the little driving lights.


Given this bike had just had it's "rego" cancelled when I got it, the plan is to get it registered and back on the road. The only thing it needs is a rust/corrosion hole underneath in one of the header pipes repaired. It pops/pharts out of this hole creating enough noise that it requires repair before registration. It's just had new front discs and pads fitted as well as the starter chain and tensioner and the camchain tensioner having been replaced. The guy spotted his new "steed" when he went in to pick this one up from the shop where the work was being done.

A shot of both the bikes together.